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Where Are My New Customers?

If you are asking this question again and again on social media, it means that you are sharing boring content that neither excites nor engages your customers. It also means that you are doing it all wrong! 

Introducing oGoing Social Media Pro



oGoing Social Media Pro will boost your business on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Nextdoor or WhatsApp, and get you in front of more customers, every month. LET’S GO!



From Google to Bing, Yahoo to DuckDuckGo, oGoing Social Media Pro will make sure your business is found first by your customers when they search.


GET FEATURED on oGoing Business Community

Promote your stories in front of over 100K small businesses and professionals on the leading business community by being featured each month.



Learn the latest tools, tips and hacks from our coaches to create impactful marketing on shoestring budget, and find more customers.



Get 2 immersive 30-second videos, 8 highly engaging social media posts, 10 messaging + conversations, 20 hashtags and monitoring each month!



Small businesses and startups everywhere are choosing oGoing Social Media Pro because it’s the most affordable yet powerful Social Media marketing package for a nominal investment of just $599 a month (normally priced at $999 monthly). 

oGoing team is able to offer this amazing special offer to only the first 45 customers for a limited time.

Engaging Social Media Content that Engages Customers

The Four C's of Social Media

oGoing Social Media Pro focuses on the four C’s of social media marketing that create maximum impact:





Since joining the oGoing Pro, I have not only increased my business visibility by at least 70%, but sales have increased by 77%

Charisse Lewis, MBA

Owner, MJC Consulting

oGoing Social Media Pro Marketing Boost 

A. Content that Sizzles

Our team creates consistent social presence on the major social network of your choice by sharing unique video animations and posts that sizzle and catch the attention of your prospects. Our team creates and shares exciting new posts about your products and services, and focuses on their key benefits and features. Our goal is to educate the prospective customers about the unique value proposition of your products, and how they can make their lives easier and better. These engaging posts are shared through your page and focused groups with call to action. In short, our team boosts your social media brand with compelling content.

B. Connections that Engage

Our team finds the best prospects and partners to follow, connect and build your community. More targeted connections result in real exposure for your business with more visits to your website. We take the time to find those followers who will engage meaningfully with your brand and take action. We are quite thoughtful towards disallowing fake followers and fans who neither engage nor add any value. We will make sure that we build your community of connections on social media who become your potential brand ambassadors.

C. Conversations that Matter

Social media is not just about posting new content, getting likes and gaining followers. It’s about creating authentic conversations with your prospective customers and fans. These conversations could be in the form of comments on your posts, direct messages received and sent, dedicated chat using messenger or chatbots, ongoing feedback, and questions about your hours, products and services. Particular attention has to be given to create content that engages your audience. Our goal is to go beyond the likes and engage your connections in meaningful conversations.

D. Customers that Convert

If social media simply becomes a medium to share boring content and amass connections that don’t engage, it quickly loses its appeal. Many small business owners keep trying to post inconsistent content without proper animations or videos with the hope that it would somehow stick. However, such content neither impresses nor engages your connections. Our focus is on helping your social media connections convert to paying customers consistently. We do this with compelling call to actions, grouping the customers into various categories, and engaging them repeatedly so that they remain eager to do business.

E. Customers that Search

Our team will help improve the SEO (search) ranking for your website so that your website gets ranked higher on Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo and major search engines. Our engaging social media content will jumpstart your organic search ranking. Stay one step ahead of your competition when your customers search for you online.

F. Get Featured on oGoing

We feature your business profile on the exclusive oGoing business community in front of over 100K local, small and growing businesses and professionals. Imagine the ongoing exposure you would have from this, the new connections you would make and the growth in your social media brand. 

G. High Value Marketing Coaching

Attend monthly coaching webinars and training sessions so that you can learn how to market and grow your business online with the latest tools, tips and hacks with high value digital and social media marketing. All webinars are conducted by marketing training experts and coaches with over 10 years experience in helping small business and startups.

H. Business Spotlight Boost

Get monthly spotlights on major social media channels through the oGoing influencer account, and increase your exposure and visibility in front of tens of thousands of consumers, professionals and decision makers, with calls to action to connect and do more business with you.


Are you ready to sign up for oGoing Social Media Pro Boost for just $599 monthly? (special offer available only for a very limited time until the first 45 customers sign up. Regularly priced at $999 per month)

Boost your business online without breaking the bank



Small Business Owners, Coaches, Professionals, Consultants, Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs and Service Providers (<$5 million in annual sales) who don’t have the time and resources to promote their business, are looking to grow their business with consistent exposure, and want a powerful social media marketing solution that is affordable and doesn’t break the bank!


Ready to GO PRO

oGoing Social Pro Marketing Boost provides over $11,900+ worth of high performance social media and SEO marketing for a very reasonable investment of $599 monthly. Get powerful, consistent, battle-tested immersive video marketing that will blow your competition away!!

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There’s One More Thing: For a limited time, we will create and publish your awesome business story and promote it in front of our entire business community at no additional cost (valued at $499.)

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“I highly recommend joining oGoing Pro. It is of great benefit to get maximum exposure online, and get you connected to much of the business community.”

Jorge Mora

Business Development, KTimeHR

How It Works

oGoing Social Media Pro Marketing Boost is the most affordable Social Media, SEO Marketing and Training for your Small Business. Get started now!

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