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Charisse Lewis, MBA

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Did You Know that there are over 35 million small business owners, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and growing businesses in USA and over 350 million worldwide?

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Latest Member Stories

Les Watrous | Cert-A-Roof Roof Inspector

Les Watrous | Cert-A-Roof Roof Inspector

Your roof looks after you, so look after it tooMeet Les Watrous, Cert-A-Roof Founder & Leader Today’s Inspection, Tomorrow’s Protection®: Cert-a-Roof, LLC Les Watrous, founder and CEO of Cert-A-Roof, established his company in 1993. Cert-A-Roof...

Jatinder Singh | Protecting & Empowering Your Business

Jatinder Singh | Protecting & Empowering Your Business

"You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want." - Zig Ziglar Meet Jatinder Singh, LegalShield Southern California I started marketing Legalshield about 13 years ago because I needed the...

Cheryl Honig | The Blessed Braid

Cheryl Honig | The Blessed Braid

"Imagination is Everything. It’s the Preview of Life’s Coming Attractions." - Albert Einstein Meet Cheryl Honig, Founder/Baker of The Blessed Braid I started my business to give challah eaters in Orange County better challah than what is currently...

Growing Small Business Brands With Digital Marketing

Growing Small Business Brands With Digital Marketing

"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value." - Albert Einstein Meet  Stuart Lawson, NAV Digital Marketing Firm  In 2008, I jumped from temporary part-time gigs that didn't pay very well, decided to teach myself how to code websites and...

How To Pick Small Business Retirement Plan That’s An Asset

How To Pick Small Business Retirement Plan That’s An Asset

Helping business owners in all aspects of Employer sponsored Retirement plan.  Meet Pankaj Dayal, PNR Financial Services PNR Financial Services LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor specializing in Employer sponsored Retirement Plans on a fee...

How Natural Health Centre Keeps You Healthy ~ Naturally!

How Natural Health Centre Keeps You Healthy ~ Naturally!

Keeping YOU Healthy ~ Naturally! Meet Nancey Kinney, Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist - Natural Health Centre I have a very curious and investigative personality.  I like knowing “Why” something happens ~ what causes it, since unless we know that,...

oGoing Business Events

How to Inspire 10X Innovation & Entrepreneurship In Your Business | Fireside Chat with Feyzi Fatehi

Why do some companies succeed beyond the logical boundaries and grow their marketshare 10X and beyond? What’s their secret sauce?

We are delighted to announce that Feyzi Fatehi, CEO of Corent Technology and winner of the 2019 CODiE Lifetime Achievement Award, will be joining Sanjay B Dalal, founder and CEO of oGoing, in an insightful Fireside Chat around “How to Inspire 10 Innovation and Entrepreneurship” on March 25 evening in Irvine.

Transforming Relationships To Revenue On LinkedIn

How To Leverage LinkedIn To Grow Your Business In 2020

We are excited that LinkedIn Expert Rhonda Sher will be providing us real insights on how we can take our LinkedIn presence from profile to profits, and relationships to revenue. She’s one amazing speaker, trainer and consultant! Don’t miss this opportunity to get to learn more from Rhonda’s wit and wisdom!

In this talk, you will learn how to convert your LinkedIn profile into a marketing machine that converts your connections to cash and your relationships to revenue.

Digital Marketing Drivers for Growth  | Business Owners Roundtable 

oGoing team would love to invite you to our Holiday Networking Mixer as we host the final Business Owners Roundtable on December 18th evening in Newport Beach. No 2019 finale can be without some holiday celebration though. We’re going to splurge (a lot) at Saagar Fine Cuisine of India restaurant.

We are pleased to invite Digital Marketing expert and CEO of GMR Web Team Ajay Prasad who will be sharing key digital marketing trends and tips in a fireside chat with oGoing founder & CEO Sanjay B Dalal.

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