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Meet Nancey Kinney, Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist – Natural Health Centre

I have a very curious and investigative personality.  I like knowing “Why” something happens ~ what causes it, since unless we know that, it can’t be fixed. And I have always been naturally intuitive which serves me well in my practice.

My business has had many stages.  From 1994 to 2007, I was a marriage and family counselor working with couples, individuals and neurological disorders such as ADD, ADHD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, etc. This timeframe included Neurofeedback and nutritional support for my clients as well as beginning naturopathy.  I got certified in EEG Neurofeedback and worked in a Stroke Rehab center for about a year, and later incorporated that into my business as it made it easy to help with diagnosing and treating ADD, OC, etc. 

In 1997, I started taking nutrition classes from some of the top supplement companies and finally enrolled in a program to get my Naturopathic Degree in 2001 and a Certification in Nutritional Counseling and Massage Therapy. In 1999, I purchased a German Energy machine made for measuring the conductivity of the meridians of the body (think acupuncture, but without the needles.)  By simply touching the sides of the finger and toenails, I obtain a conductivity reading on the corresponding organ system, i.e.  Lymph, Lungs, Nervous System, etc. I can even test supplements on the meridians to see which the best is to use.  Much more accurate than muscle testing and since it is true bio resonance, it can feed energy back into the body.

During this same timeframe, I added Heavy Metal Testing, Saliva Hormone Testing, Microbiome Testing and in 2007, I gave up my practice of psychotherapy altogether as I could do so much more with nutrition and supplements and my machines. 

Our Customers

Most of my clients, about 95%, are women from the ages of 20 to 85+.  Women go through so many stages in their lives from bringing up children, taking care of elderly parents and grandchildren working at home or in the business workplace, hormonal changes, pregnancies, divorce, separation ~ often all at the same time.

     Life is often stressful in many ways.

I support them in finding solutions from a wellness perspective (health & emotional).  Having a background in Counseling Psychology, Nutrition and Naturopathy as well as Energy Medicine, provides me with a full spectrum to understand the complexity of the issues and offer solutions.  My study with amino acids really helped some of my clients who had biochemical/electrical imbalances, and using bio resonance I could investigate which amino acids would help to balance them naturally. 

My Biggest Challenge

Wow, my life has been busy.  One of my challenges was raising my daughters as a single mom while moving from the Boston area to Southern California to start an engineering software company with an associate. For 20 years, I worked in engineering, designing electronics, managing a computer graphics center for Bell Labs, then moving to California to start a company selling engineering software to sell to companies like Boeing, the Navy, Hughes Aircraft, Rockwell International and many more.  That turned into a multi-million-dollar corporation until my business partner died of lung cancer.  Such an exciting time that ended sadly. I later worked as a Director of Product Marketing for a computer graphics company and left after two years to begin my journey in counseling and natural health that has now lasted for 25 years. Luckily, I had two beautiful daughters who often travelled with me.  We had lots of fun together and celebrated life. Each part of my life has a story – as do we all.  How we get through it one step at a time during challenging/ growth times and celebrating while things are going well.

Recent Success

I had an amazing client, age 80, who had a stroke 8 years prior to seeing me.  She was exhausted, walked with a limp and could not drive, and was sad and depressed. I worked with her diet and nutritional supplements to improve her memory and energy levels.  We measured her meridians and over time saw great improvements in her conductivity. What impressed me so much was that she was committed, and so positive and focused.  This provided the stimulus for her to drive again, increase her energy levels and improve her memory greatly. She was such a gift in that she walked her talk.  She worked the program we put together, and she inspired me every two weeks with her story.  One amazing woman. 

What Keeps You Going 

Well, I love what I do and I enjoy helping people, so it is a win / win.  Profits are important certainly, since I am operating a business, yet so is helping people.  Satisfied clients are my best advertisement.  I have always loved learning and consider myself the perpetual student.  This really supports me in keeping up with the changes in the natural health arena. 

Fun, exciting and time consuming, but so beneficial when I see someone attain their health goals and feel better.

Guiding Principles

My slogan is: “Keeping YOU Healthy ~ Naturally!”

“Thoughts are things and they create your reality”

“Walk in the direction you want to go, and you will get there.”

And “Always trust in yourself!”

Community First

I like to think that I am a resource for natural health in my area to support those who also believe in natural ways to stay healthy or regain their health. Well, I am busy, so I have not done a lot of volunteer work.  Being a sole proprietor, wearing many hats keeps me busy full time. I do attend some local events, yet my clients often travel from other cities to experience what I do. I have clients in many states, so that is fun as well.

In Five Years…

Still learning, investigating, purchasing equipment and learning philosophies to help my clients.  I would love to attend the European Academy next year on Energetic Medicine.  So much to always learn and I love it all. I have just started up my newsletter again and hope to attract new clients and continue to support my current client base.

I’m Inspired By

I think inspiration is part of my gene pool.  My grandfather had a design for the first airplane and met with the Wright Brothers.  Guess, they all inspired each other.  His son, my dad, was a toolmaker and designer.  He designed intricate tools to work on aircraft, and had many hobbies and was always building things, doing crafts or playing music with us. My grandmother got polio in the mid 1920’s and her older daughter, age 12 also had polio.  My mom, the next oldest had to take care of the house and her two younger brothers, while her mom and sister went through rehab. Tough on a 10-year-old girl, but she did it. My grandmother was an amazingly positive person and was always full of inspiration while I was growing up.  She lived in a wheelchair for 40 years prior to passing away.  And there was not anything this woman could not do.  My mom was amazing as well.  A good businesswoman and counselor to all my friends and a great mom.  There are so many other friends and relatives I have who have been inspirations to me as well. 

Entrepreneurs, Listen Up

Make sure that you are following your desired path; one that provides passion and continued curiosity in your life and in your business.

If you are in a service business, it is about your clients.  What do they need or want that you can help them with?  They hired you, so it is important to stay focused in being supportive with their goals. 

Offer quality in all you do.  Be enthusiastic and listen well.  Offer solutions and let them decide, then focus on helping them attain their goals.

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