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#1 Creative Economy

Entertainment (Movie and Television production), Fashion, Furniture & Decorative Arts, Visual & Performing Arts, Communication Arts, Architecture & Interior Design, Digital Media & Gaming, Printing & Publishing, and Toys

Los Angeles Business Community Sports Entertainment Downtown Hollywood Beaches

Los Angeles Area Small Businesses In Various Industries

461 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Hunting Small Business
89 Mining Small Businesses
251 Small Businesses Supporting Utilities
17,288 Construction, Developer and General Contractor Small Business
11,743 Manufacturing Small Businesses
20,716 Small Businesses in Wholesale Trade
28,122 Retail Trade and Retailer Small Businesses
8,896 Small Business in Transportation And Warehousing
13,566 Information Technology Small Businesses
13,098 Finance and Insurance Small Business Companies
17,634 Real Estate & Rental And Leasing Small Businesses
374,008 Business, Consumer, Consulting, Employment, Engineering, Entertainment, Food and Home Services

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Charisse Lewis, MBA

Owner, MJC Consulting


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