“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” – Albert Einstein

Meet  Stuart Lawson, NAV Digital Marketing Firm 

In 2008, I jumped from temporary part-time gigs that didn’t pay very well, decided to teach myself how to code websites and started a company that would help entrepreneurs with similar goals. Shortly thereafter, I  started Sundial to help small businesses with marketing, websites and branding. Now in 2020, Sundial has become NAV Firm.

Our Ideal Customers

Our customers are typically small businesses, startups, or entrepreneurs in the early stages of their business, just as I was before, or small business owners looking to expand with a new project. Instead of hiring many freelancers or experts in each different area, you could hire NAV Firm to complete all the digital marketing related tasks. I see a lot of customers trying to get by who don’t have critical marketing assets when they really should have them. NAV Firm focuses on a cohesive brand identity in all aspects of marketing.

 Biggest Challenge

In 2018, I had serious clinical depression and severe anxiety. This was definitely the most difficult period I’ve ever experienced. I sought medical attention and obtained the help I needed to get through it. I recommend anyone going through depression and anxiety to talk to your doctor about it as soon as possible because they can help.

Recent Success

Princeton SSD wanted to expand their marketing and contacted me; they were looking to showcase their Industrial Solid-State Drive technology and I helped design and implement their website. Since I worked with them, they’ve added a lot more to their catalog and their business has grown further.

How We Keep Going

I love the idea of helping a project become a success and providing value; no matter how small or how big the project is, I get highly invested. The key purpose of NAV Firm is to help bring a project direction and cohesion when orchestrating a marketing campaign.

Community First

Besides helping with local event marketing, I believe that small businesses and entrepreneurs are a highly valuable aspect of the local community. In helping them with marketing I believe I can further help the local community thrive.

In Five Years…

I think NAV Firm will cruise along. I don’t expect rapid growth, but I do expect it to expand slowly over the next five years. I hope we can bring on board more clients and help them navigate the world of online marketing.

We’re Inspired By

I am inspired most by social entrepreneurs and people like Manoj Bhargava. I definitely recommend watching this film: Billions in Change where he took a small product and marketed it well, then used the money to further help communities in great but unexpected ways. 

Entrepreneurs, Listen Up

Always try to find ways to be helpful and provide value to others, while taking care of yourself.

Special Offer

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