There is no sealing device more expensive than a cheap one!

Meet Dave Steadman, American Seal & Packing

I started Steadman & Associates, Inc. in 1989 from a two-bedroom apartment in Huntington Beach. Steadman & Associates, Inc. was formed as a manufacturer’s rep company, we evolved to a full fluid sealing distributorship and named it AS&P (American Seal & Packing) in 1994. We then expanded into manufacturing gaskets and seals in house to improve our service and delivery time.

Our Customers

Our customers include other distributors, end users, original equipment manufacturers, NASA and Joe the mechanic.

We offer the following products:
Rubber gasketing spiral wound gaskets, Cut Gaskets, O-rings made with Viton® elastomers, gasket materials, lip seals, mechanical, cartridge, engineered shaft pump and water pump shaft seals, PTFE machined extruded or molded. From FKM Gaskets to Grafoil® Seals, from PTFE resin O-rings to Aflas® and more.  

Biggest Challenge

I wanted to remain in the seal industry and to stay in California. Due to a reduction in force by Garlock, to accomplish those goals required that I create my own company. 31 years later, I’m still glad I did.

Recent Success

Due to the loss of a couple major offshore accounts, we needed to recreate and repair our online presence. Over the past 2 years, we have recaptured positioning and sales volume.

How We Keep Going

To provide quality products and solutions to seal problems for industry. Our customers keep us going and we keep them running.

Community First

We support the water, wastewater, power generation and other industrial facilities. We keep local municipalities running through superior service and products.

In Five Years…

We plan to continue to grow through the expansion of our web presence, and by lacing social media and e-mail marketing to complement our other target marketing. We intend to capture increased market share or become a critical addition to a larger company.

I’m Inspired By

My Dad. He taught me all I needed to run a business while enjoying life.

Entrepreneurs, Listen Up

Entrepreneurship can be a pretty long journey… it takes a lot of patience and resilience to achieve success.
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