No matter what happens to us on a daily basis, we have the choice of being happy. 

Meet Irving Katz, Katz Financial, LLC

For the years before I went into business for myself as an entrepreneur, I was an Employee for three different Life Insurance companies, as an Agent, Sales Manager and Regional Sales Manager. Since I wanted to work for my clients instead of a Life Insurance Company, I needed to leave the employee world to become an Employer. I started my business in 1999.

Our Customers

Katz Financial clients are business owners. I help them by:
  • Finding working capital that they did not know about, at below-market rates
  • Reduce their tax burden to grow net profits
  • Protect their business partners, themselves and their families, so they can fully focus on growing their businesses.
  • Bring in experts to find the profit leaks in their profit and loss statements.

Biggest Challenge

My biggest challenges are to realize that I do not know everything about business, even though I have two Masters’ degrees in business. Once I accepted that I could not help clients with all their business problems, I created teams of advisors that can solve the problems that I do not have answers for.

I’m inspired by:

Esther and Abraham Hicks inspire me because they taught me to be happy and grateful.  Happiness allows me to attract like minded friends and clients.

Recent Success

One recent client had a need for $500,000 of working capital.  I was able to raise $650,000 of capital, without the client needing to pay the money back. How We Keep Going What keeps me going are my family, friends and clients. Since my business is a people business, my purpose is to help clients and their businesses become financially secure, minimize their business financial risks, help them exit their business at the highest price, and make sure taxes on the exit transaction are kept to the minimum.

Community First

We do complimentary business consultations to help guide their business toward profitable growth.

In Five Years...

In five years, I will be selling my business.  I will get there the same way I teach business owners. (Have processes for all the component parts of my business and keep growing my business profitably)

Guiding Principles

If it is to be, it is up to me and my team. We are never rejected; we are being redirected.

Advice for Entrepreneurs

Always keep your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds.
It is only by having integrity and doing the best for your customers can you do the best for your employees and your company.

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