Meet Charisse Lewis

Systems, Leadership & Improvement Consultant

MJC Consulting

I started my business MJC Consulting in November 2017. After 20 years of corporate life already at the age of 40, I was hitting a wall. My mental health started to take a toll. When I left, I was in an Administrator-level position making six figures but was so unhappy. EAP didn’t help, HR didn’t help, Leadership did not help. So I decided that I wanted to provide those types of services to others who may be struggling in the corporate world and need new and innovative ideas to manage every day. 

I also want to provide small business tools that will help train, teach, and coach their employees in how to manage issues and barriers they may face in an office environment. 

Our Customers

MJC Consulting customers are individuals who may be struggling with their day to day in the work world and need help managing the drama, deciding on career moves, how to be self-aware.


My customers are also small to mid business owners who struggle with high turnover, have customer service issues, high sick calls.


My training and coaching will give employees the tools to solve problems quickly and also help with personal development.



My Biggest Challenge

I had to overcome self-doubt professionally.


I was a teenage Mom who took 12 years to get my MBA going to school on and off while my daughter was growing up. My whole career every goal I set I achieved. Every position or job I wanted I achieved, every time I set goals on a salary increase, I achieved, but I still didn’t believe in myself. At the end of my corporate life, I was still looking for validation of my work and knowledge from others, when I should have been validating myself, proving to myself.

Recent Success

   I recently received emails from clients I did some interviewing prep and helped update their resumes.

All clients got the jobs!

   All of them were not confident at first; they knew how to do the job. They just needed some coaching on how to present themselves.


How We Keep Going


   My Clients keep me going. When I get to experience their ah-ha moments with them its amazing. Watching them achieve their goals with a little help from me, makes me feel like I made the right decision.


Our Services

   I have affordable personal development services for individuals and small business owners who might not ever get to get services like mine.

Professional Services: Coaching, Consulting, Training, Personal Development.

Community First

Coaching can be expensive, and many employers do not pay for it. So how can someone who makes a modest income get the services that I provide? I’m trying to help my community get employed and stay employed without losing their minds or jumping from job to job. I also love teaching how to deal with these situations

In Five Years…


   I see my business in 5 years holding regular workshops and training both online and in person.

   I also see my workshops being used in bigger corporations teaching their staff how to manage office issues in a fun way!

   My version of Career Trak!!

I’m Inspired By 


My immediate family inspires me. Husband, Mom, Dad, Sisters, Brothers, they all work so hard to be the best!

Everyone tries their very best and everyone takes risks! Everyone has that entrepreneurship hustle.

I was just a little late to the game.

Entrepreneurs, Listen Up


The tough times don’t end when you become an entrepreneur, if anything it’s probably harder. You face challenges you never did in corporate life. But it’s yours! You’re working hard for you. The Reward is amazing. Just stick with it!

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