Personal Services - Mobile Massage

Are you a Top Business Services Provider in Orange County California?

Do you provide business, personal, consumer, home, computer, education or event services? Are you an entrepreneur
who loves helping people or businesses by providing them timely services that make their lives or work easier,
saves them time and money, and helps them do better?

Personal Services, Consumer Services or Home Services is a Hot Business Services category. Some of these services include:

Mobile Pet Grooming - do you like to help pet owners at their homes with grooming, bathing and more? 
If you love pets, this service business is great!

Collectibles Search - do you like buying and selling collections, and making a profit?
If you can spot a great collectible and turn it around, choose this service.

Diaper Deliverydo you like to provide delivery of reusable diapers, and keep the environment clean?
If you like green, start with diapers and such.

Dry-Cleaning Pickup & Deliverydo you like to provide at home or at office dry-cleaning for busy professionals?
You don't need to own the dry-cleaning to get started.

Mobile Locksmithdo you enjoy helping folks who are locked out of their homes or cars, and need help getting in?
If you don't mind working 24/7, this service business is for you.

Graffiti Removal & Abatement - do you like to help remove graffiti, paint and stuff, and keep your local community clean?
Find work at local city centers, malls, highway bridges, public buildings and more.

Golf-Club Cleaningdo you like to play golf? Why not help golfers and golf enthusiasts by keeping their
golf clubs and drivers clean, and games sharp?

Self-Defense Instructor - do you like helping others gain more confidence, strength and readiness?
Are you a Karate or Taekwondo expert? Help them defend better.

Adventure Tours - do you like creating custom adventures and travel packages that are all-inclusive for your clients?
Include transportation, travel, hotels, food and entertainment? People only need to bring their smiles (and wallet).

Pet Sitting - do you like pets, and enjoy taking care of them while their owners are out and about?
If you don't mind having some fun time with pets, this service is for you.

Mobile Massage - do you like to provide your personal massage services at home, at work place or just about anywhere?
Entrepreneurs, this service business can be hugely profitable.

Personal Chef - do you like to cook for families who are always busy or when they have that special occasion?
If you love cooking new entrees, this service business is tops. 

Mobile Mechanic - rather than owning an expensive shop, why not provide your mechanic and auto repair services
directly to clients, where ever they are? Be the mobile automobile mechanic.

Seamstress/Tailor - do you like to stitch, and share your passion for design? Why not help with alterations, adding
embroidered logos, and creating new dresses or clothes from scratch?

Court-Paper Serving - are you persistent in making sure that notice gets served? Help local attorneys by serving
their summons and court orders to their clients' opponents, or for county courts.

Porcelain Repair - do you like getting your hands dirty with clay and such? How about fixing those cracks in sinks
and tubs, and making them shiny again?

Cover Letter/Resume Service - can you help your clients get interviews for their dream jobs? You are their
passport to success. Help them start with an awesome cover letter and resume.

Mystery Shopping - do you love shopping till you drop? Can't live without it? Become a "mystery" shopper
and provide your review to the shop owner. Help make the shopping experience great!

Tax-Form Preparer - are you like most people who don't love preparing taxes, are scared of all the
forms, and procrastinate until almost the filing time? Help these people and business owners file their taxes
on time, reduce their stress, and better yet, help them get a refund.

Wedding-Guide Publishing - wedding bells means great business for local photographers, bakers, caterers
and florists. Can you help them by publishing a wedding guide with space for local advertisers? It's a win-win.

Smartphone and Tablet trainer - are you a power smartphone and tablet user? do you know all the ins and 
and outs. There are many older folks who are always struggling on how to use these advanced devices. 


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Mobile Car-Wash and Detailing - do you like washing your car? Why not make money by washing
other peoples' cars - wherever they are! Partner up with 
car dealers, rental fleet owners, shopping malls and corporations.

Used-Car Inspection - do you love used cars? Turn your hobby into money-making machine. Become an
expert on used cars, and save your clients the trouble from buying a bad used car. 

Professional Organizer - do you like cleaning up and keeping a place tidy and neat? Can't stand messy
closets and messy desks? Help organize peoples' and professionals' lives, and make them feel great, and make money in the process.

Private Tutoring - do you like to help school or college students excel and do well in reading, writing
and math, or advanced classes? Become their guide or tutor. Help them improve their grades.

Power Washing - do you like cleaning oily driveways, semi trucks or food trucks full of mud, or untidy
boats . . . help clean those tough messes for commercial and residential customers.

Windshield Repair - do you like to help your clients save money by repairing their cracked or chipped
windshields? Unlock your entrepreneurship, and find them in
local parking and used-car lots.

Minor Dent or Fender Bender Repair - do you want to help your clients save money by repairing their
minor dents or fender benders? Find the cars with dents (easy to spot) in 
local parking, grocery store parking, and used-car lots.

Private Investigation - do you like to keep a close eye on other peoples' activities? Now you can help your
lients, who may include attorneys gathering evidence for a case, or individuals seeking information about a significant other.

Packing and Unpacking Servicedo you like to help people or professionals pack up to move to a new
home or office, and unpack on the other end? This time-saving service removes the hassle from moving altogether.

Handyman Services - do you like to help home owners fix their broken windows, kitchen cabinets and
doors, install new doors, stop
 leaky pipes, jammed-up toilets, install new lighting and more? Earn a living
by being a neighborhood handyman. 

Carpet Dyeing - why replace a bad carpet that is stained or just old looking? Instead, help customers by
dyeing them and make them feel like new again. Great service for ho
tels, community centers, nursing homes and other businesses.

Home-Entertainment Installation - do you like helping consumers and businesses install their home
theaters? Do wires and connectivity get you excited? Turn your passion into profits!

Mortgage/Debt-Reduction Service - do you want to help debt-laden consumers and owners get out
of their debt? M
ortgage and debt-reduction-service professionals do just that. 

Pool Services - do you enjoy using your tools, cleaning the water with cleaning equipment and using
a water-test kit?  Help individual residences, homeowners' associations and apartment complexes keep their pools sparkling clean.

Lawn and Landscape Care - do you like to keep your lawn green and trim? If you love mowing, clipping
and fertilizing your lawn, why not do the same for office complexes and residential clients? 


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Home-Inspection Service - do you enjoy spotting problems and suggesting solutions? If you have a keen eye
to finding s
tructural damage, termite and water issues, mold and mildew problems, and foundation problems,
get ready to becoming a home inspector.

House Painting - do you want to utilize your painting skills? Then just load up your pick up truck with brushes,
rollers and ladders, and get paid to paint homes, offices, buildings and more.

Local Moving Service - do you like to pick up, load and carry stuff? are you a tough guy or gal? Help people move
locally from their home to another home, office to another office, and get paid.

House-Sitting - do you like to take care of plants, pets, fish and stuff in the homes? Why not start a house-sitting
service? Start with your neighbors, and expand.

Home Decorating - do you have an eye for design and decorating? Like to make things look pretty and neat? Start
a home decoration service and make home owners feel great about their homes.

Miniblind Cleaning - do you hate dusty and dirty miniblinds? Are you a clean freak? Put an end to dirt, and begin a
business with cleaning miniblinds at home or office

Pet-Food and Supplies Home Delivery - do you have pets? Picking up good pet food and supplies is a weekly
chore. Become a new entrepreneur and help pet owners by providing timely pet food and supplies.

Custom Closet Systems - do you keep a highly organized closet that is always clean and neat? If you can add and
rearrange shelves, create neat closet spaces, and add hooks and hangers, n
ew homeowners and most
everyone else will find you valuable. 

Window Washing - do you enjoy working with water, buckets, cleaning solutions and squeegees? You will be
well-suited for cleaning dirty windows of retail stores, businesses and residences. 

Residential Cleaning - if you like cleaning your own home, and are good at it, you could do the same for your
neighbors, and local community? Start a home or office cleaning business. Start with people you know.

Roof and Rain Gutter Cleaning - when gutters are left dirty, they directly affect the roofs and your home's external
walls. Get an experienced professional to help you clean out your gutters at least once every year.

Personal Shopping  - if you love shopping, but aren't able to go by yourself, need someone to help you pick the
best, or just need a friend to go along with to make your shopping memorable? Great service for startup entrepreneurs.

Dance Teacher and Dance Partner - want to learn how to dance? Want to brush up on a few steps and make an
impression when you meet your partner? Be a dance teacher and a dance partner. 

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