Deborah Clark, an expert on public speaking, shared her story and experiences in honing and perfecting her own public speaking skills, enabling her to help other business professionals perfect their own public speaking abilities. A seasoned public speaker, she has worked with a variety of organizations and groups, including Toastmasters International and Rutgers University. 

1. Can you tell us about you and your business?

As a member of  Toastmasters International. I earned my DTM, (Distinguished Toastmaster).I have several years  corporate administrative experience. I am a professional speaker and author of several motivational books.  I continue to market my books, and network with other professionals. I also mentor individuals who want to improve their Public Speaking Skills. This is not another cookie cutter, 6 to 8 week long term program. I work on what my clients need to know right now, in order to "Nail It". That presentation, networking pitch, or even a toast for a special occasion. What they need, what they want, when they need it.

2. How is your business doing?

My business is doing very well. I have several private clients that I connect with on Skype, as well as on-line with 

3. What gets you going?

I am passionate about empowering people to improve their lives and discovering their voice. The fear of public speaking is considered the number one fear for many people. I believe the more people know about what a speech is, the parts of a speech, the objective of a speech, they will have one more tool available to use.

4.What are your 2013-2014 goals?

My goal is expand my on-line coaching business, and cater to the busy schedules of my clients. I anticipate expanding my staff and launching a  marketing campaign for my new book, "No Public Speaking""

5. What are your biggest challenges?

My biggest challenge is getting my message out to my customers. I have had a lot of success with business platforms such as oGoing that have a large community and great resources. 

6. How do you find new customers, or how do new customers find you?

I get a lot of customers from networking, local chamber of commerce events, and my webpage. A lot of clients refer business to me, and I am always grateful for that.

7. Do you have any tips to share with our readers?

Don't just go to work everyday hoping things will get better. You have to make things better for your self. Take advantage of opportunities to expand your mind. Consider volunteering to discover a new passion. 

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