Social Media Marketing Benefits for Business

Small Business, Non-Profit and SMB CEOs, Presidents, Founders, Owners, Entrepreneurs and Service Providers

Do you need help managing and growing your social media presence on major social networks with a social media marketing program that doesn't break the bank?

  • Most organizations spend at least 4 to 6 hours a week managing Social Media
  • According to latest research, 25% of new customers are acquired using Social Media
  • Marketing programs are 63% more effective when combined with Social Media
  • 87 percent of B2B brands use social media to engage audiences and distribute digital content
  • 74 percent of B2B companies use Twitter to distribute content
  • 65 percent of B2B customers are acquired through LinkedIn
  • 55 percent of B2B customers are acquired through company Blog
  • B2B marketers who use Twitter generate twice as many leads as those that do not
  • 43 percent of B2B customers are acquired through Facebook
  • 85 percent of B2B marketers indicate that social media marketing leads to increased exposure
  • 58 percent of B2B marketers share that social media generates leads

oGoing provides POWERFUL Social Media Management for your Business, Non-Profit and Brand!

oGoing exposes your Company, Products and Services to Thousands of Potential Customers Online!

oGoing has COMPREHENSIVE Social Media Marketing Solution for your growing Business!

oGoing creates and manages your beautiful social media profile, shares and promotes your business through timely updates, engages with your customers, responds to customer questions, asks customers for feedback, attracts prospective customers through frequent interactions, and jumpstarts new leads through social media sharing, branding, advertising, bookmarking and marketing.

oGoing guarantees real results and promises outstanding ROI on our leading social media management and marketing services. Our team has been delivering OUTSTANDING social media management and integrated marketing services, and making our customers happy for over four years now!

oGoing Social Media Management and Marketing services

"oGoing Social Media Marketing Services have greatly increased our exposure in the little time they have taken over our account. Not only has their team improved our chances of letting people know about our live events, they have taken care of situations in a very fast and timely fashion. Their very affordable fees make oGoing a very reasonable and sensible solution to the small business companies." Lily Ann Hainline, Gin Rummy Association

"It's great to have oGoing as our social media marketing partner for 2013. oGoing founder Sanjay Dalal and his team promotes TriTech Small Business Development Center on oGoing and major social media networks, enhances our brand and online presence, and attracts new entrepreneurs and business owners to our programs." - Mark Mitchell, Director, TriTech SBDC

"Our customers have increased sales by over 20% within six months"

Bottomline: oGoing works hard to promote, share and grow your business or non-profit through social media marketing. Guaranteed! 


oGoing Exclusive Social Media Management Services

What’s included in the Marketing solution:

1. Our team creates and manages your beautiful social network profile on oGoing and one major social network.

2. We promote your profiles multiple times a month to over hundred thousand contacts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. Multiple exposures deliver consistent results.

3. We share your products, events, needs, offers, news and services through frequent updates to thousands of oGoing small business community members! Great exposure in front of small biz executives and decision makers.

4. We feature your business profile on, and provide instant exposure in front of tens of thousands of online visitors multiple times a month.

5. We introduce your business to thousands of small businesses and owners through one email blast to the entire small business community.


6. We respond to customer questions, engage with customers through frequent interactions, and gather their valuable feedback.

7. We write four social media blog articles monthly about your business and value proposition, distribute it on the Ogoing blog and Ogoing small business community, and share them on Ogoing social network channels including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube.

8. We facilitate new qualified connections between your business and your prospects and customers, and jumpstart your lead generation.

9. We install the exclusive oGoing Pro membership seal on your Ogoing profile! We ask and obtain five star reviews from your customers. This creates tremendous trust and improves online engagement with your customers.

10. We submit your social media profiles weekly to over 70 search engines for better SEO ranking, building online visibility and growing website traffic.

11. We analyze the social media interactions, provide reports on social media activities, and gather insights on growing your social presence.

12. We grow your business and social network with new leads and qualified connections, and accelerate your new customer acquisition.

Who uses oGoing Exclusive Social Media Management Service?

Small Business, Non-Profit and SMB CEOs, Owners and Executives who:

a. Don't have marketing resources to promote their business 
b. Cannot
hire an expensive in-house marketing manager

c. Want to grow their business with online exposure through social media

d. Need a powerful integrated marketing program that works

e. Require an experienced partner
to help them with social media marketing

Hiring and managing a social media manager will cost the business upward of few thousand dollars a month! Most owners and executives do not have the experience, time, discipline and resources to promote their business themselves. If your organization is looking to jumpstart marketing with an innovative, high quality and affordable social media program on a budget, oGoing offers an amazing solution that won't break the bank!

Social Media Marketing ROI by oGoing

oGoing jumpstarts your social brand, exposes your business in front of Tens of Thousands of Potential Customers, and grows your business for only $499 monthly! UNBELIEVABLE BARGAIN!!

Why choose oGoing for managing your social media?

1. oGoing is the nation's leading business social network for owners. We live and breathe social media 24/7
2. oGoing has been successfully managing social media services for clients for four years
3. oGoing is a recognized leader in social media marketing solutions and consulting services
4. oGoing founder & CEO has trained and consulted over 500 business owners on social media
5. oGoing is a Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Microsoft and Apple trusted partner

Ready to Get Started?

oGoing provides innovative social media management and marketing services for your small business for a very affordable price of $499 monthly. Get powerful social media, email marketing and online marketing service that will blow your competition away!! The best part: You can cancel anytime (although we recommend staying with the service for at least three months to see real results!).

Get Going with Powerful Social Media Management for only $499 monthly:
Go Pro with Ogoing for only $99

Questions or looking for a different monthly plan?  Please contact oGoing Team at: 949-829-2742 (Monday - Friday 8 am to 5 pm PDT) or Contact us here

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"Have you ever tried a side by side comparison between oGoing and other social networks? I suggest you do it, and you'll see a huge difference in features and capability. On these criteria you'll really appreciate what oGoing is offering small business owners and entrepreneurs in a clearly superior way. And this is not a subjective "plug" for oGoing but an objective, direct comparison of features. It is simply giving credit and recognition to where it is due - and I believe oGoing deserves it!" - Alejandre Abaygar, Internet Video Communications