How To Get Found On Google | Exclusive Business Owners Roundtable

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How Google Helps Find New Customers

Business Owners Roundtable by oGoing

Are customers finding you FIRST on Google (and not your competition)?

This is the million dollar question. Do you even know how customers search for you online? Is it by specific keywords on Google, Bing or Yahoo? Or is it by a referral?

Connect and Share Ideas with Local Business Owners on How To Market and Grow Your Business Online on Google!

Learn how to promote your products and services locally and nationally using your website and quality content on Google, Bing or Yahoo. Find out how these marketing platforms work best for your business to find new customers on April 12 evening.

Our Main Topic for the Business Roundtable
Get Page One Ranking on Search Engines with Proven SEO Techniques

How are your customers finding you online? What keywords are they searching for that lead them to your website? How to make sure your website appears first on Google, Bing or Yahoo?

Did you know that high quality, original content that frequently informs your customer is the best online marketing strategy? Quality website content will not only attract new visitors, but also engage them and drive up the conversions.

So get answer to this burning question: how will your website get to first page for specific keywords on search engines?

7 Key Steps to SEO Success
We will be sharing 7 steps to SEO success that will help your page rank go way up on Google and other search engines...

How To Boost Your Local SEO

First things first: Is your website even listed on major search engines and directories that help your customers find you online? We will talk about how to get your business *properly* listed on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Next, we will share tips and ideas on how to create your strong local presence, improve your search engine ranking, and grow quality website traffic.

Successful business owners will be attending who are currently leveraging content marketing for their online marketing needs. Learn from these owners on how you can grow your business online!

We will go under the hood, and check out business websites that have a great SEO ranking, engage customers and attract new business.

Come prepared to connect, share, learn and have a great time!

Business Owners Roundtable Location

Real Office Centers, The VineOC
Large Hall In The Back
5151 California Avenue, Suite 100
Irvine, CA 92617

Date and Time
Wednesday March 8 from 6 pm to 8 pm

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Our Sub Topic for the Business Roundtable

oGoing Local Business Network

We will also share knowhow on local business network to promote your business, connect with prospective clients and boost your SEO.

Thank You ROC for your hospitality!

Detailed Business Owners Roundtable Schedule

6:00 to 6:40 pm - Business Networking
6:40 pm to 7:15 pm - One-minute Stories by Business Owners
7:15 to 8:00 pm - The Roundtable Main Topic
8:00 to 8:30 pm - Networking and Close

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Exclusive Business Owners Roundtable | Growing Your Business On Facebook

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How Facebook Helps Grow My Business | Exclusive Business Owners Roundtable

oGoing Social Media Marketing

Are you using Facebook Pages, Groups, Advertising and personal Connections to market and grow your brand and business? Who was the most recent customer that you signed up through Facebook?

Our Main Topic

How To Find Customers On Facebook

 "Businesses of every kind are marketing on Facebook to get discovered, provide information, capture attention, show off products, collect leads and boost sales, both on the desktop and mobile." - Facebook's marketing

Using Facebook Pages, Groups, Advertising and Connections, business owners can build local presence, and put their business where their local customers are. Business owners can further drive discovery, and get people exploring their products and services online or in person. Marketers can also create awareness, and find new customers by letting people know who they are and what they do.

The Big Question

Can Facebook help small businesses generate real leads, boost sales and and earn loyalty?

Marketers love Facebook, but how about Business Owners?

Get Answers to these Five Questions:

1. How do you track shares by your Fans and is this even Important?
2. How do you use Facebook to drive Referral Traffic to your Website?
3. How does a Facebook Contest get me leads?
4. How do you use Facebook to understand and service your Customers?
5. How do you use Facebook Ads to Drive Sales? (how businesses have seen over 100% ROI?)

Come to this Business Owners Roundtable on March 8 evening to learn and share best practices and tips on Facebook and Finding Real Customers.

Business owners will share their stories of what's working and what's not on Facebook.

We will go under the hood, and check out kickass Facebook Business Pages that engage customers and attract new business.

Business Owners Roundtable Location

Real Office Centers, The VineOC
Large Hall In The Back
5151 California Avenue, Suite 100
Irvine, CA 92617

Date and Time

Wednesday March 8 from 6 pm to 8 pm

Come prepared to network, share and learn (and have a good time)!

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Our Sub Topic

Get To Know oGoing

We will also share knowhow on local business network to share your story, get found online, boost your SEO and attract new customers.

oGoing - What's going on?

Roundtable Schedule 

6 pm to 6:30 pm - Introductions and Networking

6:30 pm to 7:30 pm - The Roundtable

7:30 pm to 8:00 pm - Follow up and Networking

Sign Up as regular professionals and oGoing will donate $5 to Olive Crest in Orange County, helping prevent child abuse, to treating and educating at-risk children, and to preserving the family.

Thank You ROC for your hospitality!

Exclusive Business Owners Roundtable | Marketing And Growing Your Business On LinkedIn

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Grow Your Business and Brand on LinkedIn

How To Use LinkedIn To Grow Your Brand and Business

If you are like most people, you have a LinkedIn professional profile that's just sitting there; you occasionally check LinkedIn to accept incoming connection requests, and update your experience as you move from one position to another. We are not talking about leveraging LinkedIn for your career professional growth though. We are talking about using LinkedIn to explicitly grow your brand and business, locally and nationally, and even internationally.

Did You Know?

80% of B2B marketing leads from social media come through LinkedIn. 92% of B2B marketers use the platform over all others. Marketers say they see a 28% lower cost per lead with LinkedIn Sponsored Content than other programs. Marketers love LinkedIn, and Business Owners should too!

Exclusive Presentation by LinkedIn Trainer and Diva Rhonda Sher

LinkedIn Diva Rhonda Sher

We are excited that LinkedIn Diva Rhonda Sher will be providing us real insights on how we can take our LinkedIn presence from profile to profits, and relationships to revenue. She's one amazing speaker, trainer and consultant! Don't miss this opportunity to get to learn more from Rhonda's wit and wisdom!

Come to this Business Owners Roundtable to learn and share best practices and tips on LinkedIn and Growing Your Business.

We Will Be Going Over Seven Steps To LinkedIn Success:

1. Having A Great Profile Headshot

2. Creating A Tagline That Attracts

3. Developing Your Business Summary

4. Growing The Right Connections

5. Sharing Engaging Content That Inspires

6. Using LinkedIn Messaging To Communicate

7. Connecting LinkedIn with oGoing

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Business Owners Roundtable Location

Real Office Centers, The VineOC
5151 California Avenue, Suite 100
Irvine, CA 92617


Our Sub Topic

Get To Know oGoing

We will also share knowhow on local business network to share your story, get found online, boost your SEO and attract new customers.

Come prepared to network, share and learn (and have a good time)! Thank You ROC for your hospitality!

Event Schedule 

6 pm to 6:30 pm - Introductions and Networking

6:30 pm to 7:30 pm - The Roundtable

7:30 pm to 8:00 pm - Follow up and Networking

Thank You ROC for your hospitality!

Four Reasons Why Social Media Is Big For Small Business

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Is Social Media Big for Small Business? 

Social Media is Big for Small Business

Most of us use social media to connect with our loved ones and chat with our friends. But social media platforms like oGoing, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are also great for small business. While this might not be news to some business owners, others have yet to take advantage of these powerful tools. Today we are going to learn four reasons why every small business owner should be using social media. 

Four Reasons Why Social Media Is Powerful For Small Business

1. Social media helps you connect with your customers: One of the largest challenges small business owners face is connecting with their customer base. Often business owners feel detached from their customers and really don’t know how to connect or communicate with them. Social media allows owners to connect with their customers on a more personal level like never before. Business owners can use social media to share what's going on, ask questions, get feedback, provide online support, post specials, and invite customers to upcoming events!

2. Social media stretches your advertising dollar: A great way to add growth to your company is to advertise on social media. But most advertising sources cost lots of money. TV, print and radio ads can really put a dent in your overall budget. However, social media is very different. Often you can advertise your goods and service on social media with paying a small amount or not pay anything. If you have built a large following, a simple tweet or Facebook post can draw in hundreds of new prospects when shared at the right time.

3. Everyone is on social media: From grandmothers to small children, it seems everyone is on social media. Most importantly, your customers are on it. So why aren’t you? These online social networks will give your small business access to thousands of people all under one roof. Never before has there been so many people in one place. This will allow you to reach people far and wide, and new opportunities will always be right in front of you. Many of the people you bring in through social media probably have never shopped or used your services if not for finding you online. While brick and mortar locations are important, your online promotions and sales are just as valuable.

4. Social media gives you an online voice: Having your own business social media accounts will help you grow your online voice. Being heard online is very important and will allow you to offer your products and services. This will allow you to establish your own brand that people around the local area and the world will recognize. Social media is a great equalizer - it helps small business look really big in front of your customers. This is very powerful and highly important to the growth of your company. 

Have you joined oGoing, the Local Business Network? We invite business owners to share your story, promote your products and services, improve your SEO and attract new customers on the leading small business community, now connecting over 25,000 businesses & professionals.

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3 Big Small Business Growth Drivers In 2017

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3 Big Small Business Growth Drivers In 2017

2017 promises to be great for small business in America. There are many drivers for the rise of the small business: growing economy, housing market boom, lower gas prices, and low unemployment being the most important ones. However, the New Year under the New Administration brings fresh optimism and changes for small business. What are the 3 Big Drivers small businesses can leverage to grow in 2017?

Reduced Regulations and Lower Taxes To Jumpstart Small Business Growth

Small businesses are quite bullish about their future after Donald Trump got elected as the President of USA, and this is indirectly evident from the consumers picking up their shopping habits (albeit we are in a growing economy). e.g. "people who had put off fixing their cars have decided it was time to get them serviced" at Dean Bingham's auto shop in Greenville, SC according to this story in LA Times. Business owners are expecting lower taxes and reduced regulations in 2017, including parts of the healthcare law, under the Trump administration. Further, Donald Trump's nominee for labor secretary, Andy Puzder, the CEO of Carl's Jr., could make key changes on overtime pay and make the law more business friendly. Owners believe these new conditions will create a better operating environment for small business, leading to higher sales growth and reduced taxes in 2017.

Rise In Optimism Will Increase Small Business Spending

According to a recent Wells Fargo survey, small business optimism is at the highest point in eight years. The business owners' survey was taken shortly after the elections between November 11-17, 2016. "The overall Optimism Index score increased significantly to 80 in November, up 12 points from July and up 26 points from a year ago. This represents the highest small business owners optimism reading since January 2008, and the largest quarterly increase in a year." Small businesses have never been more confident about their future in recent times. 

Why are U.S. small business owners so optimistic? "Forty-five percent business owners expect an improving operating environment for their business in 2017. Not only that, these owners expect that their finances will markedly improve in 2017." Rise in small business optimism will lead to greater spending by these businesses, local hiring, and even plans to expand their businesses.

Easier Access To New Small Business Capital

What do small businesses need most to grow? Access to good capital. Although the Federal Reserve increased the interest rate by 0.25 percent in 2016, it was a much lower increase than previously anticipated. This is a huge boon for small business owners and new borrowers. Most importantly, there is growing confidence in the economy, especially small business performance. "According to the newly released Biz2Credit Small Business Lending Index report for November 2016, loan approval rates at both big banks and institutional lenders continued to rise, improving to new highs. Further, small banks showed an increase in small business loan approval rates." Another surprising trend: Loan approval rates at institutional lenders is going higher. Loan approvals increased to a new Index high of 63.3% in November 2016. 

Not only are the large banks and institutional lenders approving higher percentages of business loan applications, but also smaller banks granting about half of the loan requests. Easier, greater and faster access to much-needed small business capital helps owners expand their business with new products, new hiring plans, and new markets in 2017 and beyond. This is a win-win for both the economy and small business.

How did your business perform in 2016? Are you equally optimistic about your business in the new year? Please share your comments here and join the discussion.

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Introducing oGoing Small Business of the Day | Spotlight for local businesses

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Introducing oGoing Member of the Day. It's our way of saying "We Love You!"

oGoing Small Business Member of the Day

We would like to share with you some great news as you begin your new year! oGoing has started a new spotlight on you, our local small business members.

Every day, we are going to spotlight an oGoing Member of the Day in front of the entire community.

It's our way of saying Thank You for being a valued member of our growing business network.

How do we select our Member of the Day? It's rather simple. We pick members who are active, who are engaged, who share useful tips, and who help us grow our network.

We have already announced the first five oGoing Members of the day. Curious to know who they are?

Ling Wong of Business Soulwork
     Ling is an Intuitive Brainiac. Through her unique blend of Business + Marketing coaching with a Mindset + Psychic Twist, she helps the ...

Steve Gambhir of Ergo21
     Ergo21's website slogan reads, “Comfort. Joy. Happiness.” It’s a fitting description for the company’s product, the Ergo21 Extreme Comfort Seat Cushion ...

Irving Katz - Author of Family Business Secrets
     Are you looking to grow and sustain your family business so that it lasts for future generations? Irving is an expert at planning for the future and teaching others how to succeed ...

Kate Ordoñez - LegalShield Independent Associate
     Kate decided to work for herself around five years ago because she wanted a professional lifestyle that involved helping others ...

Yousef Shafiee of RBN
     Yousef has been running Orange County's Relationship Business Network aka RBN for over 19 years now! RBN hosts a weekly luncheon networking meeting and major business expos.

Want to become our next Member of the Day? The first ten members who comment here "Make Me An oGoing Member of the Day" will be highlighted, compliments of oGoing.

Have you joined oGoing yet? 

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oGoing Small Business Spotlight, Darwin Strong and Ernie Castelo of Mind the Business

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"Minding Small Business"

oGoing members Darwin Strong and Ernie Castelo have their own TV/video/radio production business. Their “Mind the Business” podcast and radio show provides useful information to small business owners and entrepreneurs on the nuts and bolts of running a business.

A Radio Show is Born

Darwin and Ernie make a great team. Darwin has been a radio and television host and DJ for most of his career, with experience both on the microphone and behind the scenes. Ernie, who served in the U.S. Navy and was a banker before going into broadcasting, spent 15 years as a TV anchor, broadcast journalist and host. In 1997, Darwin decided the time was right for a new venture – his own media production company. He and Ernie had worked together on various video projects, and in 2010, they launched Skyline Mediacast Productions. But the two men quickly discovered how little they knew about owning a business.

Mind the Business Radio Show team having great times


We realized just how complicated it is to be on your own in business,” Darwin explains. “We thought we could share what we’d been through with an audience having the same challenges.”
That’s when the lights came on,” recalls Ernie, “and the ‘Mind the Business’ radio show was born.” Darwin’s wife, Suzanne, a journalist with a love for radio, was also recruited for the broadcast team, joining the show first as a producer and then as a co-host.


Business, Laughter & Learning

The “Mind the Business” website slogan reads “Business, Laughter & Learning.” The site is designed to help start-up, home-based and entrepreneurial companies with great articles, insightful tips and quotes from famous business leaders. The radio podcast offers even more hands-on advice. “We interview individuals with expertise in different aspects of operating a business,” explains Darwin. “Discussions have included writing a business plan, marketing, social media, cyber security, credit, financing, and crowdfunding – topics other business owners find valuable.”

Mind the Business Radio Show - Business, Laughter, Learning

Darwin and Ernie live by a basic business philosophy: they really love their jobs. “We do the type of work we’re passionate about and share it with others,” says Ernie. That passion has made “Mind the Business” a hit. The co-hosts believe that this nation’s backbone rests on small business, which has very little support out there. “I think what makes the show popular is that we connect with small business owners, and they don’t feel so alone,” notes Darwin. “We try to bring humor to the show as well as some great guests and suggestions that can help our listeners.”

Mentors, Colleagues and Success

Over the years, many business contacts have encouraged Darwin and Ernie, securing equipment the partners needed for the show and teaching them how the radio industry works. Other colleagues have been willing to share their expertise on the air. “We’ve been supported by mentors both inside and outside the broadcasting field,” says Ernie. “And most of our mentors have appeared on our radio podcast.” Both Darwin and Ernie appreciate the contributions of these “MTB” family members to the show’s success. “Other than that,” notes Darwin, “it takes a lot of faith and prayer.”

Darwin and Ernie have been active on oGoing for some time and enthusiastically endorse the benefits of oGgoing membership. “oGoing has allowed us to get our message out to a variety of businesses,” says Darwin. “We’ve even found some radio show guests among our oGoing colleagues.” Ernie recommends that other oGoing entrepreneurs use the platform for some beneficial exposure. “Keep tooting your own horn on oGoing,” he says. “It’s well worth the effort!

Check out Mind the Business Radio Show here

Story editor and writer Wendy Alexander is an oGoing small business member. 
Wendy is an award-winning Sacramento writer and principal for wendywrites Writing and Editing Services, which provides communications consulting to business, government agencies and nonprofits.

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