The Business Owners Roundtable | Grow Your Business With Email Blasts

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Are You Using Email Blasts To Keep Your Prospects and Customers Informed, Share Insights, Offer Deals and Grow Your Business?

oGoing Invites you to our Fifth Business Owners Roundtable on June 14 evening in Irvine, Orange County.

Email Marketing Blasts - Grow Your Sales - Business Owners Roundtable

Top 5 Email Marketing Stats Your Business Simply Can't Ignore In 2017 and beyond*:

1. The number of e-mail users in the US is projected to grow to 244.5 million by the end of 2017, and to 254.7 million by 2020. What share do you have? (Source: Statista, 2016)

2. The Apple iPhone leads email client market share with 33%, followed by Gmail at 19% as of December 2016. Are you making sure your emails look great on these platforms? (Source: Litmus, 2016)

3. Segmented email campaigns have an open rate that is 14.32% higher than non-segmented campaigns. Do you know what are segmented emails? (Mailchimp, 2016)

4. The open rate for e-mails with a personalized message was 18.8%, as compared to 13.1% without any personalization in 2016. Are you personalizing your emails? (Source: Statista, 2016)

5. 49% of small business owners do not use email marketing data to assist with their email marketing campaigns because they do not know where to begin. Are you one of these businesses? (Source: Constant Contact, 2016)

One more: Triggered emails drive 624 percent higher conversion responses for the same number of sends as compared to “batch and blast” emails. This is driven by a 381 percent higher click rate, and an 180 percent higher post-click conversion rate. Do you know what are triggered emails? (Source: VentureBeat, 2016)


If you are not yet recognizing the tremendous impact email marketing blasts have on your business, your business is about to get disrupted by the ones who do.

Our Business Owners Roundtable on June 14 evening will Focus on 7 Email Marketing Essentials:

1. How and Where to get started - what platforms and why?
2. Build your email list with prospects and customers that matter
3. Create awesome emails with Subject Lines that result in most opens
4. Deliver compelling Call-to-action strategies that result in most clicks
5. Include images and videos that have the highest open rates
6. How to personalize your messages to your customers and prospects
7. Email Automation strategies and techniques on major platforms such as MailChimp and Constant Contact, and others.

Email marketing and messaging has to be one of the top three initiatives of your small business marketing plan. 

We will also discuss Top 7 Don'ts For Email Marketing.

Bring your own stories to this Roundtable, and your own favorite email marketing app to share with our business owners.

Register For The Business Owners Roundtable Here


Real Office Centers, The VineOC
5151 California Avenue #100
Irvine, CA 92617

Get To Know Your Local Business Network

We will share knowhow on local business network to share your story, promote your business, connect with over 25K prospective clients, and boost your SEO. oGoing is amazing!

Come prepared to network, share and learn (and have a good time)!

June 14 - Detailed Business Owners Roundtable Schedule

6:00 to 6:40 pm - Business Networking 
6:40 pm to 7:15 pm - One-minute Stories by Business Owners 
7:15 to 8:00 pm - The Roundtable Main Topic 
8:00 to 8:30 pm - Networking and Close

We look forward to seeing you at our Fifth Business Owners Roundtable of 2017. 

Thank You ROC for your hospitality.

Win Your Customers With Promotional Products

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Do you want to build a strong brand recognition and get ahead of your competition? Or are you looking for a creative and unique marketing channel to promote your services? If so, then you must take a look at Promoking Promotional Agency that offers a wide range of promotional products to help your business get better return on investment (ROI).

In this competitive world, every business, whether it is small, medium or large wants to achieve huge success. No matter how, they want to move from the starting point to the success point as soon as possible. And in this journey, they have to face various challenges to meet the expectations of their customers or clients. One of the biggest challenges that every business has to handle is customer promotion and marketing. These days, your customers are quite busy in their lives, and they don’t have enough time to access your services and products. Many may not even know about the existence of your company or business. Hence, it is very important for you to take advantage of the best marketing and promotion tools available in the market to reach your potential customers or existing clients.

Of course, print ads and online advertisements are tried and tested; however, there is a much more effective way to market or promote any business through Promotional Products. Promotional products and gifts are the best as they not only advertise your business or brand, but also make people enjoy useful products for free.  For example – If someone is given a golf ball set with tees with your name on it, then they need not to go outside to buy the same. They would enjoy your set immensely, and would welcome doing more business with you in the future. It is all about making sure that people are using and taking advantage of your promotional items.

With the help of promotional products, you can easily target your prospective and current customers, and earn great reputation at only a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing and advertisement campaign. Promotional products are the perfect choice for any company or business to win the hearts and stay in the minds of your customers or clients for a long time. People enjoy getting gadgets and items that they can use daily or weekly. It will have a positive impact on your business. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Promoking Promotional Agency and select the unique promotional items to entice your customers.

oGoing 360 - 360 Degree Marketing for your Business

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oGoing 360 - 360 Degree Marketing Boost for your Business

oGoing 360 - Jumpstart Local Marketing Now!

Do you want to?

1. GET FOUND by your target customers.

2. PROMOTE your business in front of your target customers.

3. ENGAGE and UPSELL to your target customers.

4. ATTRACT new customers and GROW your business.

oGoing 360 provides 360° Marketing Boost for your Small Business! oGoing 360 is your connector to trusted customers and partners. oGoing 360 promotes your business online, makes trusted connections, and finds new customers.

"oGoing team has greatly increased our exposure in the little time they have taken over our account. Not only has the oGoing team improved our chances of letting people know about our live events, they have taken care of situations in a very fast and timely fashion. Their very affordable fees make oGoing a very reasonable and sensible solution to the small business companies." - Lily Ann Hainline, GRA, Palm Springs, CA 

Get nonstop marketing every month on oGoing for 12 months and these benefits.

oGoing 360 Key Features and Benefits

1. Business Profile on the leading business-to-business network
    Ultimate exposure in front of over 10,000 captive professionals 

Business Profile of an Ogoing customer

    "Great site for business networking! I highly recommend Ogoing for any business executive looking to extend their reach beyond their immediate group." - Todd Herschberg, SEO and Online Marketing Guru

2. Featured Listing in your business category
    Your Customers will find you front and center on your category, and on the Ogoing home page 

Featured Business Listing on Ogoing

3. Sponsored Listing when customers search
    Get preferred position when potential customers search for you. Your business will be shown to customers first!

4. Promotion of Posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+
    Ogoing Team will promote your posts in front of over 50,000 professional connections on major social networks. Tremendous Exposure!
    Your profile directly integrates with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter so that every oGoing post gets further boost on your networks.

oGoing 360 Local SEO Online Marketing - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ Boost

5. Boosting of Posts for even more visibility
    Ogoing team will share your posts with entire community to get more exposure and traffic

6. Getting Found on Google, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Twitter, local search engines
    Your qualified customers will find you FIRST when they search online or on social networks. 
    Your oGoing profile shows your location on Google Map, and includes link to your Facebook profile.

Local SEO, Local Search, Google, Bing, Yahoo

7. New Trusted Connections delivered every month
    Trusted Ogoing members connect with you. Get their name, phone and email

8. Warm Introductions made to Local Professionals
    Get warm referrals to local professionals in your industry

9. Invitation to Exclusive Business Networking Events and Webinars
    Exclusive invite to networking mixers and events to find more customers

10. Five Star Customer Review and Testimonial
    Facilitated five star review by your customer about your business on Ogoing

Five Star Review of your Business on Ogoing

11. Online Coaching on Social Media Do’s and Don’ts
    Webinars on social media and online marketing to grow your business

12. Exclusive eBook – Ten Steps to Attract Customers with Social Media
    Jumpstart your online marketing and lead generation through social media

13. Mobile and Local Marketing – Promote your business anytime, anyplace
    Download oGoing mobile apps on your iPhone or Android, and market your business 24/7/365.

Mobile and Local Marketing and Networking by Ogoing


Bonus One: Complimentary One-hour Business Coaching with a renowned Business Coach who will guide you on strategic management ($200 value)

Bonus Two: Complimentary One-hour Fitness Coaching with an expert Fitness Coach who will transform you with physical and mental toughness ($150 value)

Bonus Three: Complimentary One-hour Legal Coaching with a skilled Lawyer who will guide you on company formation, contracts and intellectual property ($200 value)

Bonus Four: Complimentary One-hour Sales Coaching with a local Direct Marketing Sales guru on how to create urgency in selling and closing ($150 value)

Bonus Five: Complimentary One-hour Success Coaching with a super Entrepreneur who will help position your products for maximum value ($200 value)  

"RBN is very appreciative of oGoing Team for their efforts in creating more exposure for RBN in recent months. Targeted online marketing and social media boost by the oGoing team on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and helped in growing our attendance at our recent event. RBN has decided to use oGoing marketing services, and we highly recommend oGoing for your company’s inbound marketing and social media marketing services." – Yousef Shafiee, Relationship Business Network

Subscribe to oGoing 360 Now

Subscribe to Ogoing 360

Why do business with oGoing?

1. oGoing has been delivering social media, online marketing, SEO and coaching services for the past five years to over 1,000 local customers.

2. oGoing is a member of local Chamber of Commerce, Octane and TriTech SBDC

3. oGoing is a Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Salesforce, Twitter, Amazon, Apple, Cisco trusted developer and partner?

oGoing Inc. 7545 Irvine Center Dr., Suite 200, Irvine, CA 92618. Main: 949-829-2742

Mind the Business Podcast - Learn How to Navigate the World of Small Business

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Mind the Business Podcast

The Mind the Business Podcast and Radio Show is designed to help you the Startup, Small Business Owner, and Entrepreneur navigate through the tough and sometimes confusing world of Small Business ownership.

Connect with Mind the Business on oGoing


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LinkedIn Marketing Boost for Business powered by oGoing

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LinkedIn Business Marketing Boost powered by oGoing 

LinkedIn Business Marketing Boost powered by oGoing

With over 250 million professional members, LinkedIn is the most popular professional business network.
But are you really maximizing your LinkedIn marketing efforts? 

When used effectively, LinkedIn can help promote your content, grow your brand, generate warm leads,
improve sales funnel, and increase customer acquisition. 

In fact, businesses that use LinkedIn generate three times as many leads than other social networks. 

oGoing LinkedIn Marketing Boost

oGoing provides 6 months of LinkedIn Marketing Boost service for your business for only $1,999;
that's less than $350 per month.

But wait, it gets better.

Sign up today for LinkedIn Marketing Boost, and get the seventh month at no-cost. 

"Our customers have increased their sales by 20% within six months with oGoing."

A lot of B2B marketing is included in this LinkedIn Marketing Boost package: 

1. Professional Profile. Your LinkedIn profile tells a story about you and your business. Does your
profile excite your prospective customers? We will help build your professional company profile page
on LinkedIn. 

2. Engage with content. We will share original, engaging posts on your behalf on your LinkedIn
company page consistently (at least five posts every week). Our posts are designed to engage and
improve your brand and visibility. 

3. Quality leads. LinkedIn provides the world's largest contacts database. We will research LinkedIn,
find your target market, connect you with prospective customers and decision makers, and help bring
quality leads every month. 

4. Group Connect. LinkedIn provides groups to connect and share with potential customers from
your industry, geography, interests, and more. We will help share engaging content in groups and
create your own group as needed. 

5. Boost social media. We will share your LinkedIn company page in front of captive audience on
major social networks every month through our distribution channels that reach out directly to over
100,000 professional users. 

6. Grow LinkedIn following. We will help grow your number of real followers on LinkedIn with a big
focus on quality, recommendation and interaction. Real connections on LinkedIn will drive real engagement
and sales. 

7. Get found online. We will submit your LinkedIn business page to over 70 search engines each month
including Google, Bing and Yahoo, to gain even more direct exposure and SEO ranking. Imagine your
LinkedIn company profile getting shown on first page of search engines. 

8. What's oGoing on? We will create your organization's profile on - the leading business to
business social network, and feature you for six months on the key category pages of so that
you get found by even more customers. 

9. Get social smart. Every week, we schedule online coaching sessions for our business customers on
various online and social media marketing topics including how to leverage LinkedIn to your competitive
advantage. Register for these no-cost marketing workshops. 

10. Get answers now. Do you have any questions about social media, search or online marketing?
Submit your questions on, and get answers by our community experts.
No question is left unanswered. 

Why use oGoing for your LinkedIn Boost?

  • oGoing Inc. is a Microsoft BizSpark graduate partner, Google Engage partner, Cisco and channel, and Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Apple development partner,
    Octane, California Small Business, SBDC, Success Academy and Chamber of Commerce partner.
  • oGoing is the nation's leading business to business social network. We live and breathe social
    media 24/7
  • oGoing team has been successfully managing social media services for clients for five years
  • oGoing is a recognized leader in social media marketing solutions and consulting services
  • oGoing founder & CEO has trained and consulted over 1,000 businesses on social media

Are you interested in our LinkedIn Marketing Boost package? Contact us today to get started.
Call us at: 949-829-2742 or email us

Sincere regards,
Sanjay Dalal
founder / CEO, oGoing
main: 949-829-2742

Express Your Business Needs on oGoing

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Express Your Business Needs on oGoing

I am excited to share with you some changes we have made on oGoing 

Starting today, members can now share their business needs and posts in the following 7 areas on oGoing: 

1. Startups - Post any question or need about starting your business, entrepreneurs 

2. Funding - Post any question or need about funding or financing your company 

3. Marketing - Post any question or need about marketing and growing your business 

4. Technology - Post any question or need about using technology for your company 

5. News - What's going on? Post your news, events and goings at your organization 

6. Services - Post specific question or need for service providers in over 100 categories 

7. Offers - Post your time sensitive deals, promotions and specials that create traction 

Did you know that all your posts on oGoing are shared with the community on the Live oGoing wall? 

Login to oGoing today, and start expressing your specific needs now. 

BTW, the three most engaged members in December will each get a $100 Starbucks gift card (for USA members). 

Remember the First Rule of Marketing that I shared last time:

Your customers and prospects are not interested in you or your company. They are not even interested in your product. They are only interested in solving their current particular problem as they perceive it, or generally in meeting their own perceived needs towards their own felt desires." 

The key reason for making this change was this epiphany of how oGoing can help small businesses and professionals find solutions to their needs. 

As 2013 comes to a close, our thoughts gather around family, friends, and those business acquaintances that helped us along our journey every day of the year. On behalf of the oGoing team, I would like to extend heartfelt thanks to you for your support and belief over the past year. 

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! 

Sincere regards, 
Sanjay Dalal 
founder / CEO, oGoing
p.s.  check my recent interview on YouTube 



Connect with Rick Polson: Your Guide to Making a Superstar Company

clock December 9, 2013 09:42 by author Ogoing Team
Making a Superstar Company by Rick Polson

Rick Polson is a small business expert whose book, Making a Superstar Company has helped many current and aspiring small business owners become more successful in their ventures. His book offers a variety of tips and lessons that help to guide novice business owners in their efforts anad put their business strategy on the right path. Read more about his interests and efforts in the following short interview!

1. Can you tell us about you and your business?

I am an author of a book for small business owners entitled Making a Superstar Company. I have spent over 35 years helping small and medium-sized business owners grow and expand their customer bases, The purpose of my book is to share my expertise regarding the building of a business from the marketing persepctive, helping people avoid some of the novice errors. 

2. How is your business doing?

My business is growing everyday. 

3. What gets you going?

Being able to help others build their businesses. 

4. What are your 2013-2014 goals?

Expand sales and come out with a new book 

5. What are your biggest challenges? 

Getting business owners to understand the need for education 

6. How do you find new customers, or how do customers find you?

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, oGoing and e-mails. 

7. Do you have any tips to share with our readers?

Consistency is the key to growing a business. Plan, organize, and be consistent.

Connect with Rick on oGoing!

901-832-2663 (Blog)!/MakingASuperstarCompany  

And purchase his book here:

Free Download WOW Product Innovation Guide - Creating Amazing Products for your Customers NOW

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WOW Innovation Product Guide

Insights for Planning, Designing and Creating Amazing Products that WOW your Customers NOW!

Customer-focused Innovation is the key to sustainable competitive advantage and business growth. Customer Use is the starting point for creating game-changing WOW products that matter!

WOW! Product Guide provides highlights of WOW products today, what makes them Amazing, key product insights, processes for creating Great products, product and design Innovation strategy, six steps towards creating WOW products, and ten practices for Amazing your customers NOW with the Best products!

WOW Topics and Agenda:

Six WOW! Product Characteristics
WOW! Product then
WOW! Products Today
Apple iPad
Amazon Kindle
Microsoft Kinect
Toyota Prius
World of Warcraft
Cisco WebEx
Customer Use & WOW! Products
Three characteristics of WOW! Products
What makes the Apple iPad WOW!
Product Requirements Blueprint
Why iPhone? Steve Jobs himself
WOW! Innovation Success Metric
WebEx – What makes it WOW!
Six WOW! Product Questions 
Six WOW! Product Insights
Google Product Development
Failures create WOW! Products
Three Product Traps
Ten Practices to create Amazing Products NOW!

This WOW! Product Guide is delivered in presentation style!

Passion, Creativity and Ideas are the basis for creating amazing product and design innovations.

Who should download?
Product managers, Product directors, Product marketing managers, UI Designers, User Experience Managers, Customer Advocates, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Marketing managers, Innovation managers, Innovation executives, Innovation officers, Product executives, Business executives, Business school students, Business school faculty, Technology managers, Technology students, Technology executives, Engineering managers, Engineering students, Engineering executives

Sanjay Dalal is an innovator and entrepreneur with over twenty years of leadership experience in Silicon Valley and High Tech companies. Dalal authored and launched the Faculty eBook and Definitive Guide on Creativity and Innovation in business in 2008, used by over 1,000 leading organizations and professionals all over the world including HP, Hallmark, Cleveland Clinic, Pepsi, EDS, TATA, LG, SAP and major universities. Dalal authored the new Apple's Innovation Strategy in 2010. Dalal is the CEO & founder of oGoing :: What’s going on?, and chief innovator of InnovationMain – Creativity and Innovation driving Business. 

Pay it Forward when you download the WOW Product Innovation Guide for free ($9.95 value)! Here's our request:

1. Join oGoing, nation's leading small business social network, and promote your business or profession for free. Join here
2. Share the knowledge gained from the wisdom of these great innovators with students of all ages
3. Connect with Sanjay Dalal, founder & CEO of oGoing, and author of WOW Product Guide here

Download the WOW Product Guide 

3 Easy Steps To Engage With Customers On Social Media

clock October 30, 2013 14:10 by author Ogoing Team

The majority of professionals miss the mark when it comes to engaging with customers on social media. oGoing presents 3 Easy Steps to engage effectively with customers and generate better ROI.

3 easy steps - courtesy EditionGuard Blog

oGoing is the nation's leading small business social network. oGoing provides an amazing online business networking and social media marketing platform where small businesses, entrepreneurs, startups and owners connect and network online, express business needs, share insights, ask questions and ask for referrals. Professionals announce their news and events, promote their products and services, and post offers. oGoing has a bold mission to promote nation's 28 million small businesses and make them successful.

"Customers are continuously bombarded by non-stop social media updates from their followers. Eventually, these customers stop following you and stop listening to what you are saying. oGoing provides the best business social network for effectively engaging with your customers," Sanjay Dalal, founder / CEO, oGoing.

The majority of professionals use social media to promote what they do. They share continuous updates about their products and services, company news, offers and specials, and upcoming events. These professionals believe that their customers are eagerly consuming these updates. Unfortunately, they are dead wrong! Customers do not want to be blasted by constant promotional tweets or posts. Customers want to see something that interests them and helps them do better business.

Social media is not about self-promotion. As a matter of fact, when a company or individual promotes themselves frequently on social media, their customers become even more disenchanted and disengaged. What are then the best ways to engage with customers on social media networks? The three answers will surprise the business community.

oGoing presents three easy steps to engage more effectively with customers on social media:

Step One: Ask Questions

When a professional asks a question on social media, their customer instinctively pauses to read and answer this question. This is human nature; a person always pauses to think when someone asks them a question. If the customer has a ready answer, they will respond to this question. This is how customers start and remain engaged on social networks. When professionals phrase their status updates as questions, these initiate conversations with their customers, resulting in higher engagement.

Step Two: Answer Questions

By the same token, a professional should always be on the lookout when their customer asks questions on social media. Most professionals do not even listen to what their customers are saying or asking. When customers ask questions, professionals should answer them to the best of their knowledge as soon as possible. The more answers customers receive to their questions, the more engaged they become with the professionals.

Step Three: Promote Customer's Updates

When a professional promotes their customer's updates, three great things happen: Customer becomes excited and happy because their post received a social media boost; Customer becomes curious and begins to pay more attention to the professional's updates; Customer will return the favor in the future. There's one more thing. The social network determines that the professional is doing more than just sharing their own updates, and hence provides more visibility to this professional. A simple act of promoting a customer's update results in follow-on engagement and more exposure.

oGoing is the only business social network that provides easy tools for professionals to ask questions, provide answers and promote customers.

About oGoing: 

oGoing launched, USA's leading social network for small business. oGoing provides owners, service providers and entrepreneurs a powerful social media marketing platform that promotes the business, attracts new customers, boosts online visibility, improves website traffic and accelerates sales.

oGoing Helps Small Businesses Find New Customers! Join oGoing Now

Connect with Dennis Smith - Copywriter, Writer, Editor, Content Manager, Marketer

clock October 15, 2013 08:52 by author Ogoing Team

Connect with Dennis Smith - Freelance copywriter, writer and editor

Dennis Smith is a passionate marketer, content manager and copywriter for small businesses and startups. Smith is an American Expat who is helping clients online from Panama. He loves what he does (isn't it obvious from this photo), and shared his journey with the oGoing team.

1. Can you tell us about you and your business?

I make my living as a freelance copywriter, writer-editor & content manager. I also help startups with business plans and initial ramp up marketing consulting. Finally, I help people develop effective Linkedin profiles. I have been in the writing business for 20+ years including online and 'real copy' projects. I am an American Expat and have lived in Panama for the last 18 years.

2. How is your business doing?

Though sporadic, I am doing better than most in same service fields.

3. What gets you going?

Whether it's articles, business plans or others, you have to be able to access the goals of the client and what their target user wants from them. Then, find a way to successfully merge the two. I really love it when I get a new, interesting and worthy project. In fact I won't take something on if it doesn't match these criteria or if I don't feel I am right for the job. After all, money isn't everything.

4. What are your products or services, and key benefits?

•Copywriting, Writing & Editing

•Online Content Creation & Management

•Panama & Business in Panama

•Business Plans & Development for Small Business & Startups •Social Media & Inbound Internet Marketing

•Linkedin & Linkedin Profiles

I am here to help you say what you really want to say *effectively*.

5. Who are your customers? Can you share a brief success story?

I have had literally hundreds of clients over the years. Some recent representative examples are PanamaSimple and Panama Escape Artist (tourism & Expat articles), The Bulletin (news) Vista Group – Panama (promotional website), Banner Panama Realty (business plan and business development), Arosemena, Noriega & Contreras (legal copy writing), 300Watches (content management) and Jose Goldner (profile on Linkedin). In the past, clients have included Time-Life Japan, The Visitor & Panama Investors Monthly (managing editor) and NHK Television (director-writer), among others. I should include that I have been a C-level executive for two multi million dollar Panama-based businesses that we took from startup. Though I live in Panama, I have customers all over the world.

In terms of a success story, I have become positioned as an expert for investors, businesses, tourists and Expats who are interested in knowing more about Panama and its possibilities. I am proud to be able to be of assistance and to help someone find out what the 'real deal' is as opposed to promotional hype.

6. How do you find new customers? Or customers find you?

I market solely through Social Media and word of mouth. My primary SM tool is Linkedin and I have a group there named BOOM Panama. To a lesser degree I use Pinterest, Slideshare and Google+.

7. What is your biggest challenge? What help do you need to overcome this?

The challenge is finding ongoing clients that are truly dedicated to getting things done – and who will pay at least something up front! To do this I need services like oGoing to help me find targeted and serious leads.

8. What are your 2013 goals? Did you kill them?

See # 7 above. I am satisfied with the outcome this year but hope to do better in 2014. After all, I have a wife, daughter, grandmother and dog to support. As a freelancer this is not always easy.

9. Can you share some tips with our small business community?

In terms of writing, the days of telling how great you are (and using useless adjectives) are over. Today you have to effectively explain to someone how you can help them – in under a minute or so. SM and the Internet have seen to that. In terms of starting a business, the odds are against you. But if you have the dedication required, go for your dream. In terms of relocating to another country as an Expat, don't be afraid. Only you can take control of you life!

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Vote for oGoing in Chase $250K Small Business Grant

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International Standard for Lean Six Sigma - Here's their small business story

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Steven Bonacorsi, entrepreneur and founder of International Standard for Lean Six Sigma, shared his amazing story with the oGoing team.

Steven is an oGoing member.

International Standard for Lean Six Sigma

1. Can you tell us about you and your business? 

The “International Standard for Lean Six Sigma (ISLSS)” is a management consulting firm that specializes in training, project coaching, deployment planning, Kaizen Events, process improvement marketing, and Lean Six Sigma certification.

2. How is your business doing? 

We are doing well, we are owner of the LinkedIn Lean Six Sigma Group that currently has 207,000 members We have over 2,000 jobs posted on our boards each week, and grow over 5,000 new members each month.

3. What gets you going? 

We love our customers and it is a value for our team to want to wow “delight” our customers every single day. We even guarantee a 4:1 Return on Investment to our customers. We can offer this because we have never delivered and ROI that low, in fact we have never delivered an ROI less than 10:1, usually our $ impact is in the 25:1 range or higher. That’s exciting to our clients as well as the Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts on our team that deliver these financial results.

4. What are your products or services, and key benefits? 

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification (2 days) – Key Benefits: Ability to participate on Lean Six Sigma Projects with hands-on skill development in executing basic project management tools and methods

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification (10 days) – Key Benefits: Ability to Lead Lean Six Sigma DMAIC Projects; Pass GB Exam; and Execute a 3-4 month business process improvement project.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification (20 days) – Key Benefits: Ability to Lead cross-functional Lean Six Sigma; Pass BB Exam; Coach GB Projects; Execute a 3-5 month business process improvement project.

Kaizen Event Certification (3 days) – Key Benefits: Ability to lead Kaizen Events(3-5 day full time team) rapid improvement continuous improvement projects.

5. Who are your customers? Can you share a brief success story?

We have led 27 Fortune 100 and over 40 Fortune 500 Company Lean Six Sigma Deployments; We also support businesses in marketing and promotion on social networks. The Process Excellence Network, a division of IQPC, has been a client of our for over 3 years, we helped the Lean Six Sigma community become aware of Events, Webinars, Case Studies, White Papers, Interviews with thought leaders, book reviews, summits, awards, videos, training, tools and templates, and book reviews. We share Announcements, Featured Topics, Group Management, Profile Enhancements, and we share content across social networking sites to reach 10’s of millions of followers.

6. How do you find new customers? Or customers find you?

Customers find us. We operate by references. Our exposure as the leader in Lean Six Sigma on the various social networking sites and through our partnerships enables new customers to find us, while our existing customers are extremely satisfied with our results and call us back for repeat business often.

7. What is your biggest challenge? What help do you need to overcome this?

We offer Open Enrollment training programs internationally, these are often 3-4 workshops that range 2-3 days each, so that when traveling Internationally we can develop students quickly on a number of business skills in a 2 week visit to that country. Each workshop needs a minimum of 15 students to run the workshop and a maximum of 30 students in order to justify the trip to that country. In a 2 week trip we can deliver 4 workshops over the 10 business days and so can develop a total of 120 professionals. These are open enrollment training workshops and could use help in filling these seats so that we can travel to more countries – growing the talent needed to execute business process improvement transformation projects.

8. What are your 2013 goals? Did you kill them? 

One of our 2013 goals was to publish a Kaizen Event book. Yes we will kill this goal. We are completing final edits in October, Book Reviews by November, Graphics by December, and Publication in Jan 2014.

9. Can you share some tips with our community?

Business Networking is not a periodic activity but a daily activity. It is important to manage ones time so as to prioritize not only business execution, business development, but also in sharing results. Business Networking allows others to see your performance, build your professional image, and create exposure of your value proposition. All three are critical to long-term strategic growth.

Warm Regards,

Steven Bonacorsi, LSS MBB
International Standard for Lean Six Sigma
603-401-7047 (mobile)

Skype: sbonacorsi 

Small Business Social Media Networking and Marketing

clock August 10, 2013 09:14 by author Ogoing Team

Many Small Business Owners, Proprietors and Entrepreneurs are using social networking to create their social media profiles, share and promote updates about their products and services, make new online connections, get warm leads and grow their brand!

Millions, if not billions, of potential customers are using social media every day! Thus there are plenty of incentives for small businesses to jump right in...

What are some of the reasons small businesses are joining and marketing their company through social media?

1. It's inexpensive - well, technically it's free! However, free doesn't mean the time, expertise and resources it takes to create a beautiful profile and manage it well. It can take few hours a week at a minimum if owners want social media to yield results!

2. It's easy to use - again, easy for the most part. Most businesses still don't know how to connect or follow or engage with potential customers. The easy part is creating a profile and sharing a few updates. The hard part is getting customers to notice what you are saying.

3. My customers (and competitors) use social media - go where your customers are! The key is finding the customers, connecting with them and engaging with them to establish trust and credibility. And look out for competitors as they poach the same customers.

4. It doesn't take a lot of time - This is what small businesses think as they begin their social media journey. The reality is different... managing just one social network, sharing frequent updates, promoting customers and asking questions can easily take four to six hours a week.

What are the reasons you are joining social networks? Are you seeing some traction? Have you made new connections? oGoing Small Business Social Media Network is great for small businesses to build trusted connections, promote products and services, generate website traffic, grow SEO ranking and attract new customers. Check out oGoing today!

Best Time to Post to Social Media Networks

clock July 31, 2013 17:18 by author Ogoing Team

Question: What is the Best Time to Post on Social Networks?

Answer: It depends on when your customers are frequenting the social networks. (this requires some research and learning)

Anecdotal Rule of Thumb: Mornings before 10 am. Afternoons between 1 to 3 pm. And Evening times depend on what network.

However, your customers may be the late night audience, and are only logging in after 9 pm. In that case, you better have your posts pre-scheduled to show up after 9 pm... Or stay up and post them yourself.

Here is further evidence that could dispute what I just said earlier:

Facebook: Traffic is highest between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. ET.

Best time: Between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. ET
Worst time: 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. ET
Pinterest: Saturday morning is the best time to post.
Best time: 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. ET or 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. ET
Worst time: 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. ET
LinkedIn: Post before or after business hours.
Best time: 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. ET or 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. ET
Worst time: 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. ET
Twitter: Post all the time (really... every hour if you really want to grab attention)
Best time: 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. ET

Worst time: 8 p.m. to 9 a.m. ET

Google+: Traffic is highest between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET.
Best time: 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. ET
Worst time: 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. ET
oGoingTraffic is highest between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. PT.
Best time: 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. PT
Worst time: After 8 p.m. PT 

Sources and Cool infographic here:

Small Business Social Media Marketing Best Practices by oGoing

clock July 29, 2013 07:16 by author Ogoing Team

Small Businesses and SMB are embracing social media to promote their brand, increase online visibility, build quality website traffic, provide effective customer service, generate warm leads and attract new customers. oGoing presents best practices for small business social media marketing

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) July 29, 2013

oGoing Small Business Social Network

"Social media marketing and networking helps small business owners, marketers and SMB professionals do more with their customers: connect more, engage more, service more, learn more and promote more." Sanjay Dalal, founder & CEO, oGoing. "oGoing provides an amazing social network and social media marketing platform for small business."

Many business owners, entrepreneurs and SMB need help managing their social media. The experts at oGoing have created a highly affordable social media marketing package for $99 monthly. Learn more about the oGoing Max social media solution.

How effective is social media marketing? Here are some key stats:* Most businesses are spending more than one hour a day on social media marketing. Businesses generate more than 100 percent of web traffic if they have 51 to 100 followers on Twitter than those with 25 or less. Businesses nearly doubled their online traffic after they passed 1,000 Facebook likes. LinkedIn business pages have the most number of generated customers, followed by Twitter and Facebook. Google+ is effectively used by marketers to grow their SEO ranking and increase online visibility. oGoing integrates with Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Many online users and shoppers rely on social media to make a purchasing decision, or purchase a product or service through a recommendation on social media. Majority of social media users are more likely to buy a product or pay a service from a business connected with them.

oGoing presents Seven Best Practices for Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses and Professionals:

1. Get started with one or two social network channels; preferably where the customers are, and stay with these channels for at least six months. Don't fall in the trap of starting with too many channels. Stay focused and work hard to create an engaging presence.

2. Spend some time creating a beautiful profile! First impressions matter; customers want to get excited and inspired when they connect on these social media channels. Begin sharing the channels with the customers through the website, emails, business cards, blogs and more!

3. Follow the customers, promote the customers, and reply to their updates. The best way to engage with customers is listen to what they are saying, promote their key updates, and reply to updates wherever possible.

4. Ask lots of questions. The best way to start discussions and immerse your audience is asking questions about a particular industry, new products, current trends, news and events, products and services, and more. Customers are always looking to respond to questions.

5. Share educational, valuable and inspiring content with the customers, especially when traffic is at its peak i.e. when most of the customers are online on the social networks. Be creative and edgy when sharing. Always include a call to action in the content, such as a link to a white paper, an article, invitation to an event, or something relevant.

6. Provide customer support and obtain feedback using social media. This is often the best and easiest way to get going on social media. Ask customers to share their support issues, comments and concerns on social media. Create a separate handle to deliver customer service.

7. Analyze, reflect and re-charge. Social media marketing has to yield positive results versus set goals. "How effective is the social media execution?" Analyze the results, reflect on what worked and did not work, and re-charge the batteries to do more. Be flexible and nimble.

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