The Business Owners Roundtable | Creating Thriving Workplace Culture | October 18

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Connect and Share Ideas with Local Business Owners on How To Create A Thriving Workforce Culture.

Whether you are a one-person solopreneur looking to hire your first employee, or a growing small business with 5 or more employees, creating a positive workforce culture is critical to your success and future growth. How do you go about enabling your company environment where employees love to work hard, enjoy the teamwork and stay super productive?

"Sometimes business owners concentrate so much on acquiring the next big account, they forget to actually plan to protect and nurture the company’s culture.

To optimize any expansion, it’s important to create specific plans – before the growth takes place – that focus on issues of infrastructure and personnel. Otherwise, you’re likely to look up after the dust settles and realize you’ve lost key personnel and that “special something” that helped define your company.

Warning: Chaos ahead

Business owners often mistake superficial things for culture: The foosball table in the break room or the meeting rooms named after comic book characters. But really, workforce culture is shaped by a host of organizational decisions, some related to infrastructure."1*

Business Owners Roundtable by oGoing

Main Topic for the Business Owners Roundtable

Creating Kickass Workforce Culture

Can you build the type of culture that befits your vision and mission, and the promise you’re making to customers, rather than accepting a default culture that exists in the absence of any effort?

Our guest speakers: 

Ailene Dewar guides business to implement best of class HR practices. With more than 19 years of human resources, recruiting, and workers’ compensation related experience, Ailene is adept at helping businesses to succeed by strategically managing their human capital. She is a sought after speaker on the topics of employment branding, online recruiting strategies, and pain medication intervention. She has spoken at dozen local organizations, associations and chambers of commerce. She's the Business Performance Advisor at Insperity.

Jorge Mora is an Orange County native and consults businesses to implement a proactive approach to Human Resources focusing on each company’s most valuable asset…their employees. With more than 25 years of experience in human resources, employee benefits, and sales & marketing, Jorge excels at helping businesses improve culture, processes, and helps contain costs. Jorge has traveled to several countries in his professional career giving him a unique and global perspective on business and culture. Jorge also served honorably in the Unites States Navy and is a Desert Storm Veteran. Jorge is happily married over 11 years and has two children, a son and a daughter. Jorge, an International Business graduate from CSUF, is a Business Performance Advisor for Insperity. 

Business owners will be attending the Roundtable who face culture issues, overcame challenges with their workforce culture, made culture mistakes, created stopgap solutions and learnt the hard way. Learn from these owners and business culture experts on how you can grow your business without sacrificing your culture!

Our Sub Topic

Get To Know oGoing

We will also share knowhow on local business community to promote your business, connect with over 34K prospective clients, share your story and boost SEO. oGoing is great to make new connections online.

Come prepared to network, share and learn (and have a good time)!

Thank You ROC for your hospitality!

Detailed Business Owners Roundtable Schedule

Where: Real Office Centers at the Vine OC

5151 California Ave., Suite 100, Irvine, CA 92617

6:00 to 6:40 pm - Business Networking, Pizza, Breadsticks and Coke
6:40 pm to 7:15 pm - One-minute Stories by Business Owners 
7:15 to 8:00 pm - The Roundtable Main Topic and Guest Speaker
8:00 to 8:30 pm - Networking and Close

We look forward to seeing you at our Eighth Business Owners Roundtable of 2017.

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What Do These Six Small Businesses Have In Common?

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What do these Six Small Businesses have in common?


We would like to share with you some great news in February! oGoing has started a new spotlight on you, our local small business members.

We are featuring an oGoing Member of the Day in front of the entire community!

It's our way of saying Thank You for being a valued member of our growing local business network. We love our small business community members.

How do we select our Member of the Day? It's rather simple. We pick members who are active, who are engaged, who share useful tips, and who help us grow our network.

Here are the six oGoing Members of the day that we recently highlighted. Curious to know who they are?

Meet Six oGoing Small Businesses Making A Difference

Manish Bhardia of Adeptek Consulting
     Manish works as a Principal at Adeptek Consulting. Founded in 2008, Adeptek is a fast-growing technology consulting firm based in Irvine, CA. Adeptek specializes on Microsoft solutions like SharePoint, Office 365, Custom applications and Mobile apps. Favorite quote: Focus determines performance. "Everything around you was made up by people that were no smarter than you." - Steve Jobs  Read more

JC Hernandez of New Wave Video Promotion
    JC started New Wave Video Promotion just two months ago using what he knows to promote music videos online for the musicians at a record label. His business model has evolved quite a bit with each additional customer. JC is starting to learn that being a business owner is about providing a service that is needed by the customers. Read more

Valentina Marie of The Soul Intention
     Valentina Marie was guided to start a Therapeutic Massage, Reflexology and Reiki Clinic called The Soul Intention and The Soul Intention Spiritual Fellowship in 2009 in the beautiful city of San Clemente, CA. to provide an Alternative, Holistic, and Spiritual way. "Sometimes we get stuck in the illusion of matter, and we need a little help and guidance to set our energy back into motion." Read more

Debbie Depin of Sunset Survival & First Aid
     Sunset Survival is a Certified Woman-Owned Small Business. They are an established provider of emergency, safety and disaster preparedness supplies to Government & other public entities, schools and businesses, nationwide (and beyond!). "When working on getting out a newsletter or other project  'Done is Better than Perfect.'" Read more

Dan Judge of Judge Netting
    Judge Netting is a 19-year old California family owned SBE S Corporation with an A, C-10, and C-13 licenses and Hazmat certification. They construct, maintain, engineer, and design netting structures for golf, sports, landfill, environmental, dust containment, and avian exclusion applications. Dan's Favorite quote"There’s no such thing as Business Ethics, There’s only Ethics." - John C. Maxwell  Read more

Trenton Samuel of Social Media Investors
     Trenton Samuel is Founder & CEO of SMI, a creative agency specializing in brand media strategy & integrated marketing communications. He enjoys working with small businesses because of the value he sees small business brings to US. Trenton's favorite quote "Do the things that interest you and do them with all your heart." - Eleanor Roosevelt Read more

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Introducing oGoing Small Business of the Day | Spotlight for local businesses

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Introducing oGoing Member of the Day. It's our way of saying "We Love You!"

oGoing Small Business Member of the Day

We would like to share with you some great news as you begin your new year! oGoing has started a new spotlight on you, our local small business members.

Every day, we are going to spotlight an oGoing Member of the Day in front of the entire community.

It's our way of saying Thank You for being a valued member of our growing business network.

How do we select our Member of the Day? It's rather simple. We pick members who are active, who are engaged, who share useful tips, and who help us grow our network.

We have already announced the first five oGoing Members of the day. Curious to know who they are?

Ling Wong of Business Soulwork
     Ling is an Intuitive Brainiac. Through her unique blend of Business + Marketing coaching with a Mindset + Psychic Twist, she helps the ...

Steve Gambhir of Ergo21
     Ergo21's website slogan reads, “Comfort. Joy. Happiness.” It’s a fitting description for the company’s product, the Ergo21 Extreme Comfort Seat Cushion ...

Irving Katz - Author of Family Business Secrets
     Are you looking to grow and sustain your family business so that it lasts for future generations? Irving is an expert at planning for the future and teaching others how to succeed ...

Kate Ordoñez - LegalShield Independent Associate
     Kate decided to work for herself around five years ago because she wanted a professional lifestyle that involved helping others ...

Yousef Shafiee of RBN
     Yousef has been running Orange County's Relationship Business Network aka RBN for over 19 years now! RBN hosts a weekly luncheon networking meeting and major business expos.

Want to become our next Member of the Day? The first ten members who comment here "Make Me An oGoing Member of the Day" will be highlighted, compliments of oGoing.

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oGoing Small Business Spotlight, Kate Ordoñez of LegalShield

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Legal Services With a Personal Touch


Kate Ordonez, oGoing Member and Legalshield associate

Kate Ordoñez is a LegalShield independent associate and active oGoing member. Kate decided to work for herself around five years ago because she wanted a professional lifestyle that involved helping others – one she couldn't find working at a traditional 9-5 job. LegalShield, whose slogan reads, “Protecting people is our business,” has proved a great fit.

Leveling the Legal Playing Field


LegalShield has been in business for 43 years and offers legal service plans to over a million members in 49 states and four Canadian provinces. The company provides access to a network of dedicated attorneys at an affordable rate in a world that often overprices the average person right out of the legal system. “We offer monthly or annual packages to help individuals, families, small businesses, and employees with everyday legal questions and identity theft protection needs,” explains Kate. “Our members can get legal counsel from qualified lawyers simply by calling a toll-free number. LegalShield customers not only get legal advice, but important peace of mind.”


Personal Development Pays Off


Kate credits much of her business success to a passionate commitment to personal development and to having amazing mentors, especially colleague C.S. Hughes, author and million-dollar LegalShield earner. “C.S. Hughes grew up with nothing and was able to live his dreams through being successful at LegalShield and by becoming a best-selling author,” says Kate. “His passion for personal development has allowed me to see myself differently and achieve much more in life.” Kate’s business philosophy is simple, but effective: Always make clients feel like family. “Your clients may not always be right,” notes Kate, “but they are always right about how they feel.”


What does Kate like most about being in business for herself? That’s easy: making her own schedule and being able to devote more time every month to causes she believes in than she could in a year be working elsewhere. “I donate my time to the USO to help provide a safe haven for military personal coming through the LA/Ontario International Airport,” says Kate. “I’m also able to give back through Operation Christmas Child, and I volunteer at my local chamber of commerce.” Kate’s next goal is to donate enough money to help Big Paws Canine purchase a service dog.


oGoing – Online and Beyond


oGoing has helped Kate’s LegalShield agency by giving her a convenient platform from which to connect with other business professionals online and build a network of referral partners. Kate encourages other oGoing businesses to make the most of their membership. “I’d like to see companies on oGoing being open to meeting other oGoing members outside of just talking online,” offers Kate. “There’s much to be gained by getting to know our colleagues beyond their profiles.”

Connect with Kate on oGoing


Story editor and writer Wendy Alexander is an oGoing small business member. 
Wendy is an award-winning Sacramento writer and principal for wendywrites Writing and Editing Services, which provides communications consulting to business, government agencies and nonprofits.

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oGoing Small Business Spotlight, Les Watrous of Cert-A-Roof

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Today’s Inspection, Tomorrow’s Protection®: Cert-a-Roof, LLC

Les Watrous - founder and CEO of Cert-A-Roof

Les Watrous, founder and CEO of Cert-A-Roof, established his company in 1993. Cert-A-Roof is an oGoing small business member. Les wanted to combine his family’s long history of construction and roofing expertise with his own sense of genuine customer service, entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the industry. Those fundamentals have served him well. The business Les created has become the industry leader in roof inspection, repair and certification.


Certifying Leak-free Roofs

Cert-a-Roof provides detailed, quality roof inspections to customers in our primary target area of Riverside, Los Angeles and Orange County,” says Les. “Our patented LeakFREE® Inspection process guarantees the condition of your roof and lets you make informed decisions on how to protect your real estate investment.”

Today’s Inspection, Tomorrow’s Protection®,” the Cert-A-Roof slogan, reflects the company’s objective: to provide exceptional value in meeting homeowner roofing needs with consistent, professional and uniformly high standards of service. “Our goal was to be considered the preferred and most trusted firm in the business,” Les recalls. “We’ve become a nationally recognized roofing organization, and we’ve inspected, repaired or certified tens of thousands of roofs in over a dozen states.”


Cert-A-Roof provides professional Roof Inspection and Certification services


Providing “Roof Assurance”

A Cert-A-Roof inspection exposes potential areas that might cause a roof to leak and qualifies the roof for a LeakFREE® Certification if no problems are discovered. Either way, customers gain peace of mind after the inspection, what Les calls “roof assurance” for homeowners. “Our team at Cert-A-Roof is passionate about what we do,” Les explains. “We strive to fulfill our mission of protecting our customers by keeping their first line of defense strong: their roof.”

Les built Cert-A-Roof on an impressive list of core values: professionalism, reliability, on-time performance, superior service, pride of workmanship, excellence, respectfulness, integrity and accountability, thankfulness, and, referring to his customers, “your trust.” These words have special meaning for Les. “You’ll notice that the first letter in each of the core values spells ‘prosperity,’” he points out. “My philosophy is that unless you adhere to the core values, you’ll never obtain prosperity.”


Staying Motivated for Success

In 1995, Les founded the National Roof Certification and Inspection Association, and Cert-A-Roof now trains individuals and contractors to follow the organization’s protocols when performing inspections, issuing LeakFREE® roof certifications or making roof repairs. But expanding company services hasn’t changed the fact that Cert-A-Roof is still a family business, one that extends this appreciation of family to its technicians. “We all strive not only to improve and drive the current business, but to sustain the relationships we’ve made,” says Les. “We stay motivated because Cert-A-Roof’s success provides life’s necessities for our families and employees.”

Given the time requirements of daily operations and the challenge of personally keeping up with constant changes in social media marketing, Les appreciates the online platform and presence oGoing provides. “oGoing has helped manage all of our marketing, social media and even software needs at an affordable price,” he notes. But the bottom line issue for Les remains his customers. “Customer service is the most important element,” he says. “We’re in business to help out our customers and go the extra mile to ensure quality service.”

Check out Cert-A-Roof, the leader in professional Roof Inspection here.

Story editor and writer Wendy Alexander is an oGoing small business member. 
Wendy is an award-winning Sacramento writer and principal for wendywrites Writing and Editing Services, which provides communications consulting to business, government agencies and nonprofits.

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oGoing Small Business Spotlight Faye Kitariev, Performance Mastery Coach

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Empowering Life's Purpose

oGoing member Faye Kitariev is a performance mastery coach, author and speaker who encourages and empowers people in five pillars of high performance. She gives her clients a sense of clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence so they can realize their purpose and make a difference in the world. “One of my unique qualities is the ability to see the unlimited potential within each person,” says Faye. “I inspire my clients by helping them to see this truth for themselves.

Defeating a Negative Mindset

oGoing member Faye Kitariev is a performance mastery coach

Faye is a former competitive figure skater and Olympic skating coach who, as a young girl, was thrown out of her skating academy because of an abusive coach. She later met another coach who saw Faye’s potential and became a huge influence on her life. “This woman believed in me, and I wanted to do my best for her,” recalls Faye. “My new coach helped me overcome a mindset in which I saw myself as a victim.”

In part because of her mentor, Faye became a coach herself and taught skating for 25 years. Her most famous student, Sasha Cohen, won an Olympic Silver Medal in the 2006 Olympics. In 2011, Faye extended her services to “athletes” in all walks of life, or “Life Skaters,” as she calls them. Faye equates succeeding in business with winning in sports. “To be successful, you have to keep getting up even if you fall, just like an athlete,” she explains. “You just don’t quit.”

Underpromising and Overdelivering

Applying her business philosophy – underpromise and overdeliver – Faye strives to be a world-class leader in her field. As a life-long “solopreneur,” she loves that she can choose her business model and work from anywhere in the world. Faye attributes her success to being consistent, knowing what she wants, and committing 100 percent to every undertaking. “I don’t separate business from life,” she says. “My work is my lifestyle, my purpose and my mission, and I believe that I was put on this planet to serve and to teach. There’s no question in my mind that I should do anything else.”

Coach Faye Kitariev with students

Faye’s passionate approach helps her teach people not to see themselves as victims, but to find strength and empowerment within. Her passion has also impacted her business by enabling Faye to focus on her vision, meet challenges and ultimately solve problems. She doesn’t skimp on anything, but gives away her knowledge, compassion, love, and experience freely. “I love people and see the best in them!” explains Faye. “When I work with clients, I want them to go to the Olympics. Their success is my success! It’s much more personal than any money I could make.”

Giving Back on oGoing

Faye loves the unique platform that oGoing provides to businesses “oGoing is personal! It’s about people, it’s about relationships, it’s about connection,” says Faye, who encourages other entrepreneurs to nurture their oGoing colleagues. “Share your insight, give value and be grateful for the wisdom of others,” she offers. “Generosity is the name of the game. The more you empower and inspire others, the more they will follow you back.”

Learn more about the amazing Coach Faye here.

Story editor and writer Wendy Alexander is an oGoing small business member. 
Wendy is an award-winning Sacramento writer and principal for wendywrites Writing and Editing Services, which provides communications consulting to business, government agencies and nonprofits.

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oGoing Small Business Spotlight, Steve Gambhir of Ergo 21

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What's So Extreme About A Seat Cushion?

Steve Gambhir of Ergo21

Ergo21's website slogan reads, “Comfort. Joy. Happiness.” It’s a fitting description for the company’s product, the Ergo21 Extreme Comfort Seat Cushion, which uses advanced LiquiCell Technology to help customers sit hours and hours without aches or soreness. Company president and oGoing member Steve Gambhir used to drive four to six hours a day in LA traffic setting up merchant credit card processing accounts. “I tried using a different cushion every month to relieve the back pain from long hours in the car,” Steve recalls. “Finally, my wife said, ‘Why don't you design your own cushion?’ so I did.”


Innovative LiquiCell Technology Improves Circulation

LiquiCell Technology strategically places low viscosity fluid inside the cushions’ ultra-thin cells to reduce discomfort associated with prolonged contact between the body and an object. The liquid stays in constant motion, letting the body glide and float. This provides instant comfort, reduces numbness and improves circulation by 150 percent. “We’ve had countless reviews on Amazon from people who sit for long periods in office chairs or wheelchairs,” explains Steve. “These customers report that their sores went away and they can now sit for hours without any discomfort.” Since LiquiCell performs better than gel, foam or air, it’s even being used in hospital beds to prevent pressure sores and skin breakdown for patients who cannot move.


One Seat Cushion Size Doesn't Fit All. Ergo21 Finds An Answer, Actually Five

Steve quickly discovered that one cushion size definitely wouldn’t fit all. Ergo21’s biggest challenge has been to accommodate all kinds of users and their different sizes, weights and needs, plus the seemingly endless variety of office and home chairs, car and truck seats, wheelchairs, patio chairs, and travel seats – all of which demand cushions of varying sizes and shapes. “We poured over thousands of marketplace reviews and cushion designs and every review we received for our own cushions,” says Steve. “I even called many Ergo21 users personally to see how we could improve our product line, and then it was back to the drawing board.”


Ergo21 Seat Cushions Provide Instant Relief from Back Pain

The result: Ergo21 now offers five cushions specifically designed for different applications. Each model reduces fatigue and helps with tail burn and buttock, hip, leg, and sciatica pain. Many of Steve’s customers have tried 10 to 12 cushions before finding a Ergo21 solution, and they’ve contacted him about their success stories. One man who had injured his tailbone seven years ago and couldn’t drive more than 10 minutes without pain called to say that the first time he tried the Sports Cushion, he drove 180 miles pain free. Ergo21 has recently introduced pillow cushion, mattress overlay and bike cushion. Another interesting fact: All Ergo21 seat cushions are proudly made in USA.

Personal Interaction With Customers

This personal interaction with consumers is a big reason why Steve joined oGoing. He appreciates the platform and exposure to 12,500 businesses offered by the network. Steve also believes that oGoing has been a big help with his company’s biggest challenge: promoting Ergo21 cushions to target markets via social media and other online channels. In fact, he’s received quite a few calls from HR managers on oGoing looking for a solution for their employees who sit all day long at their desks and or drive long distances.

However, Steve’s presence on oGoing essentially reflects his business philosophy of making sure Ergo21 provides excellent customer experience. “We want to provide our customers the comfort they are looking for,” says Steve. “We feel a deep sense of gratitude when customers call us and say that our cushions have changed their life.”

Learn more about the Extreme Comfort Ergo21 seat cushions.

Story editor and writer Wendy Alexander is an oGoing small business member. 
Wendy is an award-winning Sacramento writer and principal for wendywrites Writing and Editing Services, which provides communications consulting to business, government agencies and nonprofits.

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50 Services Business for Consumer, Personal and Home Service in Orange County, California

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Personal Services - Mobile Massage

Are you a Top Business Services Provider in Orange County California?

Do you provide business, personal, consumer, home, computer, education or event services? Are you an entrepreneur
who loves helping people or businesses by providing them timely services that make their lives or work easier,
saves them time and money, and helps them do better?

Personal Services, Consumer Services or Home Services is a Hot Business Services category. Some of these services include:

Mobile Pet Grooming - do you like to help pet owners at their homes with grooming, bathing and more? 
If you love pets, this service business is great!

Collectibles Search - do you like buying and selling collections, and making a profit?
If you can spot a great collectible and turn it around, choose this service.

Diaper Deliverydo you like to provide delivery of reusable diapers, and keep the environment clean?
If you like green, start with diapers and such.

Dry-Cleaning Pickup & Deliverydo you like to provide at home or at office dry-cleaning for busy professionals?
You don't need to own the dry-cleaning to get started.

Mobile Locksmithdo you enjoy helping folks who are locked out of their homes or cars, and need help getting in?
If you don't mind working 24/7, this service business is for you.

Graffiti Removal & Abatement - do you like to help remove graffiti, paint and stuff, and keep your local community clean?
Find work at local city centers, malls, highway bridges, public buildings and more.

Golf-Club Cleaningdo you like to play golf? Why not help golfers and golf enthusiasts by keeping their
golf clubs and drivers clean, and games sharp?

Self-Defense Instructor - do you like helping others gain more confidence, strength and readiness?
Are you a Karate or Taekwondo expert? Help them defend better.

Adventure Tours - do you like creating custom adventures and travel packages that are all-inclusive for your clients?
Include transportation, travel, hotels, food and entertainment? People only need to bring their smiles (and wallet).

Pet Sitting - do you like pets, and enjoy taking care of them while their owners are out and about?
If you don't mind having some fun time with pets, this service is for you.

Mobile Massage - do you like to provide your personal massage services at home, at work place or just about anywhere?
Entrepreneurs, this service business can be hugely profitable.

Personal Chef - do you like to cook for families who are always busy or when they have that special occasion?
If you love cooking new entrees, this service business is tops. 

Mobile Mechanic - rather than owning an expensive shop, why not provide your mechanic and auto repair services
directly to clients, where ever they are? Be the mobile automobile mechanic.

Seamstress/Tailor - do you like to stitch, and share your passion for design? Why not help with alterations, adding
embroidered logos, and creating new dresses or clothes from scratch?

Court-Paper Serving - are you persistent in making sure that notice gets served? Help local attorneys by serving
their summons and court orders to their clients' opponents, or for county courts.

Porcelain Repair - do you like getting your hands dirty with clay and such? How about fixing those cracks in sinks
and tubs, and making them shiny again?

Cover Letter/Resume Service - can you help your clients get interviews for their dream jobs? You are their
passport to success. Help them start with an awesome cover letter and resume.

Mystery Shopping - do you love shopping till you drop? Can't live without it? Become a "mystery" shopper
and provide your review to the shop owner. Help make the shopping experience great!

Tax-Form Preparer - are you like most people who don't love preparing taxes, are scared of all the
forms, and procrastinate until almost the filing time? Help these people and business owners file their taxes
on time, reduce their stress, and better yet, help them get a refund.

Wedding-Guide Publishing - wedding bells means great business for local photographers, bakers, caterers
and florists. Can you help them by publishing a wedding guide with space for local advertisers? It's a win-win.

Smartphone and Tablet trainer - are you a power smartphone and tablet user? do you know all the ins and 
and outs. There are many older folks who are always struggling on how to use these advanced devices. 


Post your Consumer, Home and Business Services for free on - leading B2B and B2C social network.

There's no cost to join, and you get all the exposure, visibility and website traffic! Just go here to join today.

Mobile Car-Wash and Detailing - do you like washing your car? Why not make money by washing
other peoples' cars - wherever they are! Partner up with 
car dealers, rental fleet owners, shopping malls and corporations.

Used-Car Inspection - do you love used cars? Turn your hobby into money-making machine. Become an
expert on used cars, and save your clients the trouble from buying a bad used car. 

Professional Organizer - do you like cleaning up and keeping a place tidy and neat? Can't stand messy
closets and messy desks? Help organize peoples' and professionals' lives, and make them feel great, and make money in the process.

Private Tutoring - do you like to help school or college students excel and do well in reading, writing
and math, or advanced classes? Become their guide or tutor. Help them improve their grades.

Power Washing - do you like cleaning oily driveways, semi trucks or food trucks full of mud, or untidy
boats . . . help clean those tough messes for commercial and residential customers.

Windshield Repair - do you like to help your clients save money by repairing their cracked or chipped
windshields? Unlock your entrepreneurship, and find them in
local parking and used-car lots.

Minor Dent or Fender Bender Repair - do you want to help your clients save money by repairing their
minor dents or fender benders? Find the cars with dents (easy to spot) in 
local parking, grocery store parking, and used-car lots.

Private Investigation - do you like to keep a close eye on other peoples' activities? Now you can help your
lients, who may include attorneys gathering evidence for a case, or individuals seeking information about a significant other.

Packing and Unpacking Servicedo you like to help people or professionals pack up to move to a new
home or office, and unpack on the other end? This time-saving service removes the hassle from moving altogether.

Handyman Services - do you like to help home owners fix their broken windows, kitchen cabinets and
doors, install new doors, stop
 leaky pipes, jammed-up toilets, install new lighting and more? Earn a living
by being a neighborhood handyman. 

Carpet Dyeing - why replace a bad carpet that is stained or just old looking? Instead, help customers by
dyeing them and make them feel like new again. Great service for ho
tels, community centers, nursing homes and other businesses.

Home-Entertainment Installation - do you like helping consumers and businesses install their home
theaters? Do wires and connectivity get you excited? Turn your passion into profits!

Mortgage/Debt-Reduction Service - do you want to help debt-laden consumers and owners get out
of their debt? M
ortgage and debt-reduction-service professionals do just that. 

Pool Services - do you enjoy using your tools, cleaning the water with cleaning equipment and using
a water-test kit?  Help individual residences, homeowners' associations and apartment complexes keep their pools sparkling clean.

Lawn and Landscape Care - do you like to keep your lawn green and trim? If you love mowing, clipping
and fertilizing your lawn, why not do the same for office complexes and residential clients? 


Post your Consumer, Home and Business Services for free on - leading B2B and B2C social network. 

There's no cost to join, and you get all the exposure, visibility and website traffic! Just go here to join today.

Home-Inspection Service - do you enjoy spotting problems and suggesting solutions? If you have a keen eye
to finding s
tructural damage, termite and water issues, mold and mildew problems, and foundation problems,
get ready to becoming a home inspector.

House Painting - do you want to utilize your painting skills? Then just load up your pick up truck with brushes,
rollers and ladders, and get paid to paint homes, offices, buildings and more.

Local Moving Service - do you like to pick up, load and carry stuff? are you a tough guy or gal? Help people move
locally from their home to another home, office to another office, and get paid.

House-Sitting - do you like to take care of plants, pets, fish and stuff in the homes? Why not start a house-sitting
service? Start with your neighbors, and expand.

Home Decorating - do you have an eye for design and decorating? Like to make things look pretty and neat? Start
a home decoration service and make home owners feel great about their homes.

Miniblind Cleaning - do you hate dusty and dirty miniblinds? Are you a clean freak? Put an end to dirt, and begin a
business with cleaning miniblinds at home or office

Pet-Food and Supplies Home Delivery - do you have pets? Picking up good pet food and supplies is a weekly
chore. Become a new entrepreneur and help pet owners by providing timely pet food and supplies.

Custom Closet Systems - do you keep a highly organized closet that is always clean and neat? If you can add and
rearrange shelves, create neat closet spaces, and add hooks and hangers, n
ew homeowners and most
everyone else will find you valuable. 

Window Washing - do you enjoy working with water, buckets, cleaning solutions and squeegees? You will be
well-suited for cleaning dirty windows of retail stores, businesses and residences. 

Residential Cleaning - if you like cleaning your own home, and are good at it, you could do the same for your
neighbors, and local community? Start a home or office cleaning business. Start with people you know.

Roof and Rain Gutter Cleaning - when gutters are left dirty, they directly affect the roofs and your home's external
walls. Get an experienced professional to help you clean out your gutters at least once every year.

Personal Shopping  - if you love shopping, but aren't able to go by yourself, need someone to help you pick the
best, or just need a friend to go along with to make your shopping memorable? Great service for startup entrepreneurs.

Dance Teacher and Dance Partner - want to learn how to dance? Want to brush up on a few steps and make an
impression when you meet your partner? Be a dance teacher and a dance partner. 

Post your Consumer, Home and Business Services for free on - leading B2B and B2C social network. 

There's no cost to join, and you get all the exposure, visibility and website traffic! Just go here to join today.

Decide When to Thrive with NatraGood

clock February 28, 2014 18:27 by author Ogoing Team

Decide When to Thrive with NatraGood and Karen Betts

Have you become a NatraGood member and has it changed your life? 

You decide when to thrive. 

NatraGood Members enjoy the nutritional benefits from their health products and as they experience results such as increased energy, weight loss and an overall sense of well being, sharing their stories becomes a way of life. 

Do you feel good?
NatraGood's Healthy Rewards Program is built around the philosophy of Members helping others reach their nutritional goals and feel NatraGood™. Their members have the opportunity to build their own truly successful and fulfilling home based business using their long term and loyal Customer focused model. 

Experiences that matter.
NatraGood team of Leaders understand the best way to build a solid and successful foundation for business is to focus on sharing experiences with potential customers first. Interestingly (and not surprisingly), they have a family oriented culture that crosses their entire organization and their Members share in bonus pools created by Company-wide revenue and each can benefit from Corporate Sponsored Advertising. 

Real Business Opportunity.
NatraGood is confident in this amazing Business Opportunity creating both health and wealth for all Members who take advantage of our offerings. 

Learn more about this unique business opportunity.

Contact Karen Betts if you have questions: (909) 240-2049 email:

Connect with Karen Betts

Express Your Business Needs on oGoing

clock December 23, 2013 05:58 by author Ogoing Team

Express Your Business Needs on oGoing

I am excited to share with you some changes we have made on oGoing 

Starting today, members can now share their business needs and posts in the following 7 areas on oGoing: 

1. Startups - Post any question or need about starting your business, entrepreneurs 

2. Funding - Post any question or need about funding or financing your company 

3. Marketing - Post any question or need about marketing and growing your business 

4. Technology - Post any question or need about using technology for your company 

5. News - What's going on? Post your news, events and goings at your organization 

6. Services - Post specific question or need for service providers in over 100 categories 

7. Offers - Post your time sensitive deals, promotions and specials that create traction 

Did you know that all your posts on oGoing are shared with the community on the Live oGoing wall? 

Login to oGoing today, and start expressing your specific needs now. 

BTW, the three most engaged members in December will each get a $100 Starbucks gift card (for USA members). 

Remember the First Rule of Marketing that I shared last time:

Your customers and prospects are not interested in you or your company. They are not even interested in your product. They are only interested in solving their current particular problem as they perceive it, or generally in meeting their own perceived needs towards their own felt desires." 

The key reason for making this change was this epiphany of how oGoing can help small businesses and professionals find solutions to their needs. 

As 2013 comes to a close, our thoughts gather around family, friends, and those business acquaintances that helped us along our journey every day of the year. On behalf of the oGoing team, I would like to extend heartfelt thanks to you for your support and belief over the past year. 

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! 

Sincere regards, 
Sanjay Dalal 
founder / CEO, oGoing
p.s.  check my recent interview on YouTube 



Connect with Rick Polson: Your Guide to Making a Superstar Company

clock December 9, 2013 09:42 by author Ogoing Team
Making a Superstar Company by Rick Polson

Rick Polson is a small business expert whose book, Making a Superstar Company has helped many current and aspiring small business owners become more successful in their ventures. His book offers a variety of tips and lessons that help to guide novice business owners in their efforts anad put their business strategy on the right path. Read more about his interests and efforts in the following short interview!

1. Can you tell us about you and your business?

I am an author of a book for small business owners entitled Making a Superstar Company. I have spent over 35 years helping small and medium-sized business owners grow and expand their customer bases, The purpose of my book is to share my expertise regarding the building of a business from the marketing persepctive, helping people avoid some of the novice errors. 

2. How is your business doing?

My business is growing everyday. 

3. What gets you going?

Being able to help others build their businesses. 

4. What are your 2013-2014 goals?

Expand sales and come out with a new book 

5. What are your biggest challenges? 

Getting business owners to understand the need for education 

6. How do you find new customers, or how do customers find you?

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, oGoing and e-mails. 

7. Do you have any tips to share with our readers?

Consistency is the key to growing a business. Plan, organize, and be consistent.

Connect with Rick on oGoing!

901-832-2663 (Blog)!/MakingASuperstarCompany  

And purchase his book here:

Orange County Holiday Mixer on Thu, Dec 12 at 6 pm

clock December 2, 2013 08:00 by author Ogoing Team

Orange County Holiday Mixer

oGoing, USA's leading small business social media marketing network, invites local business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals to the annual Orange County Holiday Mixer on Thursday, December 12 at 6 pm in Newport Beach, CA.

The Orange County Holiday Mixer will include fun intros, plenty of laughs, charity raffle, speed networking and mingling.

"Do you love delicious, mouth-watering, hot Indian entrees? Come hungry! You are going to love the food and the place. I invite all local Southern California professionals to attend our annual holiday mixer and celebrate the holidays." Sanjay Dalal, founder / CEO, oGoing

25% of the proceeds will be donated to Olive Crest Foundation in Orange County, helping abused, neglected and at-risk children, and Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts.

What: Orange County Holiday Mixer
When: Thursday, December 12 at 6 pm
Where: Saagar Fine Cuisine of India
4241 MacArthur Boulevard
Newport Beach, CA 92660

About oGoing: is USA's leading small business social media marketing network. oGoing gives owners, service providers and entrepreneurs a powerful social media marketing platform that promotes the business, attracts new customers, boosts online visibility, improves website traffic and accelerates sales.
oGoing Helps Small Businesses Find New Customers! Join oGoing and Boost Your Business.

A Business Success Story: Fayaz Karim

clock November 4, 2013 13:12 by author Ogoing Team

 Meet Fayaz Karim Expert franchise evaluator Fayaz Karim has helped many aspiring business owners with their Subway franchises, and has helped to make all of his clients' businesses more profitable and successful. Read about his determination and drive that helped him become immensely successful.  

 1. Can you tell us about your business?

  I help people buy a business, evaluate it, and also help people sell a business. 

 2. How is your business doing?

  Business is picking up after a hit from the recession.

 3. What gets you going?

  The sense of satisfaction of having helped another buyer along his journey into the business world or a seller into his retirement or orderly exit to other ventures.

 4. What are your products and services, and key benefits?

  Buyer advice-cash flows, valuation, buying strategy, seller advice-valuation, selling strategy, buyer questions. Sometimes I represent both sides for a win-win and educate both sides individually to reduce any disagreements. 

 5. Who are your customers?

  Currently many Subway franchise buyers and sellers.

 6. Can you share a brief success story?

  A client with two Subway stores got into a disagreement with Subway at a local level. He went into arbitration and would have lost both stores. I rescued him by guiding buyers through the approval process with several mishaps. The result was a salvaged $800,000.

  Another client in South Carolina was going through nasty a divorce. His wife’s valuation representative said their businesses were worth $80,000, however I said they were worth $1.5 million less the bank loan owed. The perplexed judge asked his own valuation representative what the value was. The result: $1.2 million. Vindication.

 7. How do you find new customers, or how do new customers find you? 

  Mostly by word of mouth and from my website.

 8. What is your business challenge? What do you need to overcome this?

  Getting fully paid by buyers for valuable advice I give them. They are the clients, and they need buyer education (why should a seller pay for buyer education via commission?). In order to overcome this, all parties would need more education about the buy/sell process and my role in this process.

 9. What are your 2013-2014 goals? Did you achieve them?

  To open a business or franchise buyer school. This is currently on hold.

 10. Can you share some tips with our community?

  1) Never argue about price at the first meeting between buyer and seller. 2) Make sure there is a valid reason for the sale of the business, like retirement, burnout after 20 years, divorce, partnership split, etc. 3) Get a second opinion and debate the pros and cons of the deal, deal structure, your goals and a valuation. 4) Sellers need to be realistic on price, terms and need to be transparent throughout the deal.

Connect with Fayaz Karim on oGoing here:

Want to go Pro? Learn how your company can become an oGoing Pro business

Meet Geoffrey Hassan - The Franchising Expert

clock October 15, 2013 13:20 by author Ogoing Team

Are you looking to expand your business from one location to multiple locations around the state or even the entire nation? One highly profitable way to grow would be to franchise your business. Do you need help in analyzing whether your business is ideal for franchising? Meet Geoffrey Hassan, an oGoing member, and the Franchising expert.

1. Can you tell us about you and your business?

Franchise Development Group is unique in that we help successful businesses go through the entire franchise process: from the initial business expansion consultation to see if franchising makes sense for your business model through all the legal requirements which we help you meet, documentation of your business model with operations and marketing manuals so that your business may be successfully duplicated, marketing of your business opportunity to potential buyers and the follow through to franchisee sales. Once you have started the process, we give you the tools to grow and manage your franchise system. We know from our clients that just the process of franchising in analyzing your systems and documenting your business model will make your existing business even stronger!
Franchise Development & Marketing Group is unique in the franchise consultation business because we become your partner throughout the entire franchise process. Our fee structure is based on the philosophy that by taking qualified franchise clients, and investing our time and talents at the outset, we will make money when you make money (when franchises are sold), which is the way it should be. That is why our initial fee is a fraction of the cost of traditional franchise consulting and legal fees.

2. How is your business doing? 

FDG is expanding through franchising across the US with offices now in more than 10 states in just 2 years. Our recent successes have included client franchise offerings in food, retail, service businesses, home based businesses. We recently had 3 client concepts that made it to Shark Tank finals with the franchise offering, one funded $650K, all doing incredibly well selling master franchises, area developer agreements and individual franchisees as well. Our 2013 revenue has far exceeded original projections and is putting us on a very fast growth path.

3. What gets you going?

We are always enthusiastic to sign a unique business model that is first to market as a franchise offering.

4. What are your products or services, and key benefits? 

We provide legal, documentation, marketing and sales services to our franchise clients. We are a professional group of businessmen, business owners, franchise attorneys, business and franchise brokers, financial advisors, marketing and advertising advisors, digital media experts, sales people, real estate brokers and more--every franchise resource. We have brought all this together to help businesses expand through what we believe is the best method of business expansion--franchising.

5. Who are your customers? 

We have successfully franchised home based businesses, restaurants, retail businesses, service businesses, professional and internet based services. Many different concepts and business models lend themselves well to expansion through franchising.

My local office in Anaheim, CA enables me to meet and work with you on a personal level, discussing your business growth plans and determining with you if franchising is a desirable method of expansion for your business. My philosophy is that of creating an "atmosphere of partnership" with our selected clients so that as our clients grow, their success becomes our success. And if you are not in the California area, we have over 10 offices across the country to serve your needs!

6. How do you find new customers? Or customers find you?

Our customers usually come to us by referral from current clients, professional service providers or franchise brokers.

7. What is your biggest challenge? What help do you need to overcome this?

Our biggest challenge is finding the perfect candidates for our clients to award franchises to. There is a lot of buyer interest out there – but not everyone with check in hand is the right candidate for our clients.

8. What are your 2013 goals? Did you kill them? 

Our 2013 goals are to franchise a real game changing business that will represent a paradigm shift in consumer habits. We are working on one now!

9. Can you share some tips with our community?

Franchising is often overlooked as growth strategy as many business owners are led to believe that franchising requires multiple current units or high initial costs but both are incorrect. A successful business model may lend itself well to franchising if it is duplicatable, marketable and affordable among other criteria. In particular low start up cost, low overhead, high profit margin businesses are particularly good candidates.  

Connect with Dennis Smith - Copywriter, Writer, Editor, Content Manager, Marketer

clock October 15, 2013 08:52 by author Ogoing Team

Connect with Dennis Smith - Freelance copywriter, writer and editor

Dennis Smith is a passionate marketer, content manager and copywriter for small businesses and startups. Smith is an American Expat who is helping clients online from Panama. He loves what he does (isn't it obvious from this photo), and shared his journey with the oGoing team.

1. Can you tell us about you and your business?

I make my living as a freelance copywriter, writer-editor & content manager. I also help startups with business plans and initial ramp up marketing consulting. Finally, I help people develop effective Linkedin profiles. I have been in the writing business for 20+ years including online and 'real copy' projects. I am an American Expat and have lived in Panama for the last 18 years.

2. How is your business doing?

Though sporadic, I am doing better than most in same service fields.

3. What gets you going?

Whether it's articles, business plans or others, you have to be able to access the goals of the client and what their target user wants from them. Then, find a way to successfully merge the two. I really love it when I get a new, interesting and worthy project. In fact I won't take something on if it doesn't match these criteria or if I don't feel I am right for the job. After all, money isn't everything.

4. What are your products or services, and key benefits?

•Copywriting, Writing & Editing

•Online Content Creation & Management

•Panama & Business in Panama

•Business Plans & Development for Small Business & Startups •Social Media & Inbound Internet Marketing

•Linkedin & Linkedin Profiles

I am here to help you say what you really want to say *effectively*.

5. Who are your customers? Can you share a brief success story?

I have had literally hundreds of clients over the years. Some recent representative examples are PanamaSimple and Panama Escape Artist (tourism & Expat articles), The Bulletin (news) Vista Group – Panama (promotional website), Banner Panama Realty (business plan and business development), Arosemena, Noriega & Contreras (legal copy writing), 300Watches (content management) and Jose Goldner (profile on Linkedin). In the past, clients have included Time-Life Japan, The Visitor & Panama Investors Monthly (managing editor) and NHK Television (director-writer), among others. I should include that I have been a C-level executive for two multi million dollar Panama-based businesses that we took from startup. Though I live in Panama, I have customers all over the world.

In terms of a success story, I have become positioned as an expert for investors, businesses, tourists and Expats who are interested in knowing more about Panama and its possibilities. I am proud to be able to be of assistance and to help someone find out what the 'real deal' is as opposed to promotional hype.

6. How do you find new customers? Or customers find you?

I market solely through Social Media and word of mouth. My primary SM tool is Linkedin and I have a group there named BOOM Panama. To a lesser degree I use Pinterest, Slideshare and Google+.

7. What is your biggest challenge? What help do you need to overcome this?

The challenge is finding ongoing clients that are truly dedicated to getting things done – and who will pay at least something up front! To do this I need services like oGoing to help me find targeted and serious leads.

8. What are your 2013 goals? Did you kill them?

See # 7 above. I am satisfied with the outcome this year but hope to do better in 2014. After all, I have a wife, daughter, grandmother and dog to support. As a freelancer this is not always easy.

9. Can you share some tips with our small business community?

In terms of writing, the days of telling how great you are (and using useless adjectives) are over. Today you have to effectively explain to someone how you can help them – in under a minute or so. SM and the Internet have seen to that. In terms of starting a business, the odds are against you. But if you have the dedication required, go for your dream. In terms of relocating to another country as an Expat, don't be afraid. Only you can take control of you life!

Connect with Dennis Smith



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