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Join oGoing, USA's Small Business Social Network, and Jumpstart Your Social Media

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oGoing is the nation's leading small business social networking and social media marketing platform!

Richard Morse - Insurance, Retirement and Pension Planning Expert

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Richard Morse - Insurance Retirement Planning Expert

"As a financial strategist and retirement planning specialist for nearly two decades, I have been extremely passionate about helping people optimize their assets, minimize the taxes they pay and empower their true wealth. As people go through life fighting the financial battles, I have been very fortunate to discover and learn about tools and weapons that can help people and businesses." Richard Morse

Richard has helped many clients reduce their premiums, and increase their benefits. Talk to Richard about living benefits i.e. longterm care, critical or chronic illness plans, and retirement without taxes! He is an expert on these.

Check out case studies of Richard's clients, and how they achieved financial stability here

Please contact Richard Morse at 949-637-1188 for a complimentary review of your retirement, pension or insurance plan. He is available next week for a phone call or a face to face meeting.

Have you joined oGoing, USA's Small Business Social Network? Promote your products and services, express your business needs, boost online visibility, engage with new customers, and accelerate sales! Think of oGoing as the small business matchmaker!

Richard Morse

20151 SW Birch Street, Suite 100, Newport Beach, CA 92660

Business Networking Redefined - Ogoing Social Network

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Get Real Leads on Ogoing Small Business Social Network Small Business Owners understand the real value of business networking. How many networking events do owners, startups, entrepreneurs and service providers attend to generate new leads? Many go to at least one networking event a month to meet and interact with new professionals, and learn what they do. When they are at the event, owners share what they do, find common points of interest, exchange business cards, and follow up! At large networking events or mixers, a master networker can make twenty-five to fifty new connections. Within a couple of days, a personal email is sent to the new contacts, and often, followed up with phone calls asking for a face-to-face meeting. On an average, out of the fifty new prospects one makes at the networking mixer, five to ten prospects would become leads, and agree to follow up meetings. After the follow up meetings, one or two contacts will finally convert and become a new client. It could take three to four meetings before the client commits. In essense, from the fifty new contacts made at a networking event, a really good networker can generate one or two customers after active follow-up (around 2% conversion). Face-to-face business networking takes a lot of time, effort and follow-up interactions. There are no short cuts, and there are no two ways about it!

Online Business Networking

Is there an online platform available wherein small business owners can connect with thousands of new businesses, generate new prospects, and obtain qualified leads quickly? Can this online social and business network help accelerate sales and grow your business faster?

Ogoing Small Business Social Network

Ogoing, nation's leading social network for small business, offers the most innovative platform to small business owners and service providers. Ogoing powers online business networking, social networking and social media marketing. Ogoing is the best platform to market your small business, network and share with thousands of owners, and generate new qualified leads.

Beautiful Profile

How does a business go about connecting online on Ogoing, and generating real leads? Just like face-to-face networking wherein the networker puts on a great smile and shares the best elevator speech, small businesses on Ogoing should first create an attractive business profile. Think of your Ogoing profile as your online business card or your store front! It must look amazing! If you don't have time, Ogoing can help create a great profile for you.

What's going on?

After setting up a beautiful profile, next step involves sharing what's going on at your business across various categories - offers, needs, products, services, news and events! For instance, do you have a timely deal to share with the community? What is your most pressing business need? Are you launching a new product or service that you want to talk about? How about an interesting article or best practice that can benefit your customers? Finally, are you hosting or going to an event to network and connect? More "what's going on" updates an owner shares, better the visibility they get on the Ogoing social network and the Internet, and greater the interest your profile will generate from community members and prospects.

New connections

It's time now to make new connections! After setting up a great profile and sharing frequent updates, Ogoing provides you the best platform to connect with new business contacts. Just go to Find Business after you login, and begin searching for your ideal prospects or future clients. For instance, what industry category would they belong to? Are you looking for local or national contacts? Should you care whether the contacts you find are active or less active on Ogoing? Ogoing gives you all the contacts prioritized by their profile completeness, number of following users, number of followers and updates. So you can be rest assured that the contacts that Ogoing shows you first are in all likelihood the most active Ogoing members.

Connections to Leads

Once you research and find the perfect business contacts, you must begin following them. Connect with as few or as many businesses you want. Ogoing does not restrict as to how many businesses you connect to. Once you connect, go ahead and mention these businesses on Ogoing. Learn more about them, and Promote them to the community and on various social networks! In essence, engage with your potential contacts. The more you engage with them, the more they would be interested in what's going on with you, and connect back with you. When the contacts you follow on Ogoing connect back with you, that's when you have a qualified lead! Now, it's your turn to goad this contact into a face-to-face or an online meeting. Did you know that Ogoing provides a built-in messaging system wherein you can send short emails to your contacts? Not only that, Ogoing provides email address of every member! Just go to the member profile page and click on View email address. Ogoing makes it very easy for you to add real business contacts to your database, and help them convert to qualified leads.

Did you know that many active Ogoing small business profiles get first page ranking on Google, Bing, Yahoo and major search engines? 

In summary, Ogoing is the most innovative online platform for:

1. Small business marketing
2. Small business networking and 
3. Small business lead generation


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Ogoing Pro Membership - Powerful Social Media Marketing Boost for Small Business

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Social Media Marketing with Ogoing - USA's leading social network for small business

POWERFUL SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING ONLINE for your Business for only $39!

EXPOSE your Business to TENS of THOUSANDS of Potential Customers Online!

MAKE Connections with NEW Prospects and GET New Leads each month!

"OGoing Social Media Marketing Services have greatly increased our exposure in the little time they have taken over our account. Not only has Sanjay improved our chances of letting people know about our live events in Las Vegas, he has taken care of situations in a very fast and timely fashion. His very affordable fees make OGoing a very reasonable and sensible solution to the small business companies." Lily Ann Hainline

Ogoing provides the MOST COMPREHENSIVE Social Media Online Marketing Solution for your Small Business for a VERY AFFORDABLE cost of only $39 a month. Yes, for only $39 a month!!

What’s included in the Ogoing Pro Membership - Powerful Social Media Marketing Boost that will jumpstart your sales:


1. Ogoing promotes your profile fifty times a year to over fifty thousand contacts on key social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. Multiple exposure in front of over 2.5 million potential customers delivers consistent results. 

2. Ogoing promotes your sales updates to thousands of Ogoing small business community members multiple times a month! Great exposure in front of engaged community. 

3. Ogoing makes you a featured business, and advertises your business profile on, which gives you instant exposure in front of tens of thousands of online visitors multiple times a year.

4. Ogoing introduces your business to thousands of small businesses and owners through an email blast to the entire small business community.

5. Ogoing writes six social media articles about your business and value proposition, and distributes it on the Ogoing blog and the Ogoing small business community.

6. Ogoing facilitates new qualified connections between your business and your prospects and customers and improves your online social visibility.

7. Ogoing installs the exclusive Ogoing Pro seal on your Ogoing profile! This creates tremendous trust and improves online engagement with your customers.

Ogoing Exposes your Business in front of Tens of Thousands of Customers for only $39 monthly! UNBELIEVABLE!!

Benefits of your Ogoing Pro membership:

There are many Key Benefits for becoming an exclusive Ogoing Pro member: Increased Lead Generation, Superior Market Share, Better SEO, Higher Website Traffic, Greater Customer Engagement, Social Media Marketing, More Business Income

Who uses Ogoing Pro?

Small Business Owners and Service Providers who don't have the time and resources to promote their business, are looking to grow their business with more leads, and want a high quality marketing program that is affordable and doesn't break the bank!

Ready to Go Pro?
Ogoing Pro membership provides over $1,500+ worth of integrated online marketing services for a very affordable price of $39 monthly. Get exclusive social media, business networking and online marketing service that will blow your competition away!!

Get Going with your Ogoing Pro membership today. Subscribe Monthly for only $39:


Save 20% when you pay one time (annual Ogoing Pro membership for only $374):


About Ogoing: is USA’s leading social network for small business. Ogoing gives owners and entrepreneurs a powerful web social media marketing platform that promotes the business, attracts new customers, boosts online visibility, improves website traffic and accelerates sales.

Ogoing Helps Small Businesses Generate Real Leads!

Call us: 949-829-2742 or 7545 Irvine Center Dr., Suite 200, Irvine, CA 92618
Ogoing is an Irvine Chamber of Commerce Member and California Small Business.

Social Media Marketing Workshop for Small Business

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Social Media Marketing - Learn How To Grow Your Business Now!

What? Ogoing invites you to online Social Media Marketing boot camp workshop for small businesses, entrepreneurs, startups, owners and SMBs. Ogoing will share tools and best practices that will accelerate your sales and boost your business with the latest social media. Ogoing will help you become a social media expert! Ogoing is an exclusive small business social network that helps small businesses efficiently expand their local customer contacts through cutting-edge social media.

The Social Media Bootcamp is an online workshop on WebEx! You only need computer with speakers to join. Or you can call in and listen to the audio via teleconference. The workshop is offered every Wednesday and Friday from 2 pm to 5 pm Pacific time (except holidays!)

     "I definitely learned a lot and it got me motivated to have a larger presence online and oGoing!" - Paul Imhoff, Director, Newmark Knight Frank

Why? While the social media market is exploding with dozens of leading social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus and more, Ogoing remains focused on utilizing key tools that small businesses need in order to rapidly grow their social media marketing presence. Business owners, entrepreneurs and startups do not always have the time, knowledge, resources and money to boost their brand and obtain new leads using social media. This is where Ogoing helps! Think of Ogoing as the business matchmaker.

"Sanjay was awesome! Very informative presentation...not just useful for social media but great marketing tips as well." Julian Reyes, Director, The N.E.W. Program, Inc.

Key Benefits why YOU should attend this bootcamp:

  • Learn the importance of social media today in growing your business now
  • Leverage social media to promote your brand, products, services, news and events
  • Connect with businesses and professionals using social media, and expand your social network
  • Jumpstart your online sales using the latest social media promotion tools and best practices
  • Facilitate five star customer feedback and recommendations, and improve customer loyalty
  • Provide excellent customer service using social media, and make your customers happy
  • Learn how to boost social presence on oGoing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, blogs...

"I got solid answers to many of my social media questions and concerns. He truly is a master in his field. It was the best education I have ever received." - Christina Vendley, Affiliate Manager, Free Blog Factory

Who? CEO and Founder of Ogoing, Sanjay Dalal will educate about the importance of social media today in local marketing, business networking, and customer feedback, and share insights on how social media will drive more business. Ogoing is Sanjay's 7th small business startup since he moved to California in 1997. Sanjay is an accomplished social media entrepreneur, innovation author, speaker, innovator, and community leader. Sanjay has trained over 200 small business owners and entrepreneurs through the social media bootcamp.

Paid attendance includes social media bootcamp presentation materials

* Sanjay Dalal is an inspiring speaker, and has presented at many business associations including Asian Business Association, SABAN, Irvine Chamber of Commerce, Indian-American Business Federation, UC Irvine, Rotary Club, Indian Medical Association, WebEx, Dassault Systemes and many more.

Los Angeles Largest Mixer - Meet Ogoing Team

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Ogoing is exhibiting at Los Angeles Largest Mixer!

Visit us, and sign up for the Social Media Bootcamp.

Have you joined Ogoing yet, and begun promoting your business?
Ogoing business community has grown to over 1,500 businesses.
It takes less than five minutes to get started, and you will be glad you did.
Just go here to join the leading small business social network:

Sincere regards,
Sanjay Dalal
CEO / Founder Ogoing

LA Largest Mixer - Los Angeles

Interview with Sanjay Dalal, CEO of Ogoing : Young Entrepreneur

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Sanjay Dalal, June 2011What’s the definition of a serial entrepreneur? If you look it up in the dictionary you might just see a picture of Sanjay Dalal, the subject of today’s interview. Sanjay is the founder and CEO of Ogoing, a social network exclusively for businesses.

Prior to starting his current venture, Sanjay founded the India Business Network, a network dedicated to helping companies in India do business around the world. He also founded Bharat Market, an online shopping network for Indian made goods. On top of all that, Sanjay has a consulting services company, called, and he’s authored more than 350 articles on the state of innovation in business as well as an eBook on innovation that has been used by more than 650 corporations and organizations worldwide. Some of the companies that have implemented his recommendations are HP, Pepsi, Hallmark, Best Buy, UC Irvine, Nokia, and more.

With a plate as full as Sanjay’s, we were lucky to catch him long enough to answer a few interview questions, and the interview is below. Enjoy!

Complete Interview

Ogoing Social Media Services

clock June 20, 2011 08:36 by author is an exclusive small business social network. We help promote your business, build online visibility, attract new customers and jump start sales. Go here to sign-up on Ogoing : Join Now

Ogoing offers three service plans to get your business going:
Ogoing Social Media Free Edition:
1. Your business sets up a profile on without any cost
2. You promote your business to Ogoing community
3. You make new connections and find local clients

Get started by joining Ogoing:

Ogoing Social Media Starter Edition:

1. Ogoing sets up your complete business profile on  e.g.
   Relevant updates, photos, testimonials, products / services are shared by Ogoing team
   2. Ogoing promotes your products and services on Ogoing community and Twitter (on your behalf) every week
          Ogoing has about 10,000 followers on Twitter 
3. Ogoing provides Search Engine Submission / SEO of your profile to over 70 search engines every month (this will drive more quality traffic to your website) 
Ogoing Social Media Starter Edition is only $49 monthly! And you can cancel any time. 
If you are interested in signing up, just go here: Sign up for Ogoing Starter Edition

Ogoing Social Media Community Edition:

1. Ogoing sets up your complete business profile on  e.g.
   Relevant updates, photos, testimonials, products / services, deals, news, events by Ogoing team
   2. Ogoing promotes your products and services on community, Twitter and Facebook (on your behalf) every day
          Ogoing has about 10,000 followers on Twitter 
3. Ogoing provides Search Engine Submission / SEO of your profile to over 70 search engines every week (this will drive more quality traffic to your website) 
  4. Ogoing will find you more followers on, Twitter and Facebook
5. Ogoing provides a monthly report on social media activities and promotions

Ogoing Social Media Community Edition is only $99 monthly! And you can cancel any time. 
If you are interested in signing up, just go here: Sign up for Ogoing Community Edition

ABAOC and US Bank Present Strategies to Grow Your Business with Social Media

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Are you having a tough time understanding social media? Want to expand your media ventures beyond Facebook and Twitter? And want to learn how social media can boost your business?

So tomorrow, Thursday, June 16th 2011, US Bank, ABAOC and entrepreneur Sanjay Dalal will be hosting an event for the Asian Business Association of Orange County called Small Business Development Day. The event will discuss about how to manage your business, secure your loans, get financial advice, and of course, promote your business all through social media! So come, bring yourselves, your business cards, and get ready to power your business even more after this event! Today is the last day to pre-register, so act now!

Click here to RSVP

Two Southwest Airlines Ticket will be given at the drawing tomorrow even to ABAOC members.

The event will take place at the Fountain Valley US Bank Branch located on 17150 Magnolia Street in Fountain Valley, CA 92708 from 6pm to 9pm.

Come and listen to ways you can expand your business. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

For more information visit :

Asian Business Association of Orange County
Phone: (949) 222-2291


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