Become The Sales Magnet. Blast Off your Sales Now with Faye Kitariev - August 20

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Join us on August 20 and Get Inspired by Faye Kitariev

Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Diego Professionals
oGoing is hosting an exclusive Fireside Chat Dinner with an amazing speaker who will share with us "There are no limits in how well you sell, there are limits only in your beliefs!" Blast Off your Sales with Orange County's Faye Kitariev. Don't be Afraid to Go Further.
We are privileged to have Faye share her insights with us in an intimate setting. You will be able to meet her one-on-one and ask her questions. We would love to see you there. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind event.

One lucky professional will receive free one-on-one two-hour consulting session with Coach Faye, valued at $750.00, and another lucky professional will get one autographed copy of her latest book.

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          ($20.00 admission)

How Fast Do You Want to Boost Your Sales? Blast Off with Faye

About Faye
Faye Kitariev M.A. is a Performance Mastery Coach, bestselling author of “Choreography of Awakening”, entrepreneur, founder and president of Make the Impossible Possible, a success and results oriented coaching/consulting firm.
Faye’s brilliance is in inspiring and empowering people to stretch their limits beyond what they thought was possible. She instills confidence, trains commanding presence, and dissolves fears and blocks that are holding people back from reaching their sales goals. These are the very traits that allowed her athletes to dominate podiums across the World. As a young child and later an adult she was told over and over again how it wasn’t possible for her to succeed as a skater, then as a coach, then as an author and speaker. She broke through all the “no”s and became State Champion, an Olympic coach, Bestselling Author and world-class speaker. Faye will share her Secret Sales Success Formula of an Olympic Champion that every business owner must know to achieve unimaginable success!
"Faye Kitariev is a brilliant artist and coach and helped me achieve so many of my dreams and overcome multiple struggles..." ~Johnny Weir, 3 times US National Figure Skating Champion, 2-time Olympic Competitor, World Bronze Medalist, Movie and TV Star
"Faye has a gift for seeing the impossible as possible, and for creating a picture of that possibility for all of us to experience..." ~Rory Cohen, President,, the author of "Take 10: How to Achieve Your Someday Dreams in 10 Minutes a Day"

Key Benefits of attending this Fireside Chat:

1. Learn how to Set Big Sales Goals and Achieve Them
2. Learn how to Become Fearless and Expand your Thinking
3. Learn how to Transform your Customer No's into Yes's
4. Expand your Business Network with local professionals
5. Enjoy the most Delicious Food at Saagar Fine India restaurant

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         ($20.00 admission)

Saagar Fine Cuisine of India
4241 MacArthur Blvd
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Date and Time:
Wednesday, August 20, 2014
6 pm to 9:30 pm

Directions to Saagar

The Best Food

Saagar Food

Do you love delicious, mouth-watering Indian food? Come hungry... You are going to love the multi-course dinner, the service, and the place. Each Fireside Chat is limited to 50 professionals for maximum engagement. Register early!

Schedule for Exclusive Business Networking event:

6 pm to 6:30 pm
6:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Appetizers and Business Networking
7:30 pm to 8:15 pm
Sit-down Dinner, Member Intros
8:15 pm to 9:00 pm
Keynote Speaker
9:00 pm to 9:30 pm
Business Networking

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5 Success Keys from the Great Sachin Tendulkar

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Sachin Tendulkar waving the India flag upon retirement and being carried by his cricket teammates

"India's Cricket God" Sachin Tendulkar retired from cricket after playing for 24 years, amassing over 34,000 runs and breaking most conceivable batting records including 100 total centuries.  The Little Master, as he is affectionately nicknamed, is considered the most successful batsman by cricket fans, players and pundits of our times. What was the secret recipe behind his success? What can we learn from the great Sachin Tendulkar? In USA, Cal Ripken Jr. is nicknamed "The Iron Man" for having played baseball for 21 years straight. Would it be apt to call Tendulkar "The Super Man" for having played cricket for 24 years and becoming the role model and inspiration for millions of cricket fans worldwide? Tendulkar started playing cricket when he was just 16 years old.

What made Sachin Tendulkar super successful? What are his 5 keys to success?

1. Have A Great Role Model
In his interview after the last match that he played in Mumbai, Tendulkar thanked his father. "The most important person in my life, and I have missed him a lot since 1999 when he passed away. He gave me freedom at the age of 11, and told me, 'Chase your dreams, but do not take short cuts. The path might be difficult, but don't give up'. He told me to be a nice human being, which I will try my best to always do. Every time I have done something special and showed my bat, it was for my father."

In order to be great yourself, you must have a great role model. For Tendulkar, the man who inspired him was his father. The advice given by his father is something we have all heard from many before him: "Chasing your dreams and never giving up." But the key difference here is that he also talked about not taking any short cuts. This message is quite easy to forget, as most people, at one time or the other, are more than willing to take the shortest ladder to success. Tendulkar showed strong determination and poise during his 24 years, played fearlessly against the world's fastest bowlers, and always showed and shared enthusiasm for the game.

Ask anyone in the game of cricket to name that one ambassador, The gentleman that everyone would love to regard, and the name that immediately rises to the top is that of Sachin Tendulkar. He is possibly the nicest cricket player around, and a kind human being that his teammates, his adversaries, and fans would openly acknowledge. He is the good man who won everyone over with this good heart and nature. He practiced what he symbolized, what he learnt from his father! 

2. Learn the Power of Prayer
Tendulkar spoke fondly of his mother. "I don't know how she dealt with a naughty child like me... She started praying for me the day I started playing cricket. She just prayed and prayed and I think her prayers and blessings have given me the strength to go out and perform."

What is the one lasting image of Tendulkar that we will always remember as he walks out to the ground to play? He always looks up to the sky and quickly takes a bow (and does a silent prayer). His mother taught him early on the secret power of prayer, which made him ever graceful and humble throughout his career. Humility became second nature to this great cricketer in all walks of life, not just cricket. The power of prayer also gave him tremendous internal strength - when you see Tendulkar and his 5 feet 5 inch body, you can't help but think how small and thin this boy was when he started out, and not much changed in his physique even after he became a man. These external physical traits never handicapped this great batsman; he carried the heaviest bat around, and punished the fastest bowlers with aplomb. Only a prayer can give a man this advantage, this asset that makes one perform at the highest level. Some of his best cricket came after he stepped down as the captain of India's team. 

3. Have a Great Mentor
There was a special word of thanks for his brother, Ajit. "We have lived this dream together. He sacrificed his career for my cricket. He spotted the spark in me. And it all started from the age of 11 when he took me to Achrekar sir, my coach, and from there on my life changed."

A great mentor can help guide you to success, through the ups and downs of life, while keeping your goals and sense of purpose intact. Tendulkar's brother served as this great mentor for him, from the ripe young age of 11. His brother not only introduced him to a great coach, but also stayed with him and guided him to further success (especially during the youthful years when a young man would have been tempted by so many distractions). In Tendulkar's words, his brother "sacrificed" his career for his cricket. It's quite rare to find such great mentors. One must seek out mentors who can help us at every stage of our career and life. 

4. Have a Great Partner

He smiled as he spoke of how "the most beautiful thing happened to me in 1990 when I met my wife, Anjali." The crowd responded by cheering and indulging in some good-natured whistling. Then he spoke emotionally of how Anjali sacrificed her career as a doctor so that she could take the responsibility of the family. "Without that, I don't think I would have been able to play cricket freely and without stress... You are the best partnership I've had in my life."

Behind every successful man, there is a strong, wise and hardworking woman. Tendulkar found a great partner in his wife Anjali. She became the rock of the family and kept their family together, as he went out to play all over the world, and play well without any stress. His life partner took away all his worries about his family, his parents, his kids, their education, their health, his home and all family obligations. The job of a great wife is often under-noticed and under appreciated. It takes a greater man to acknowledge the value of a great life partner and ensuring family success.

5. Have a Great Coach 
The boyish streak in him surfaced as he spoke of his delight that his coach, Ramakant Achrekar, had finally come to watch him play in a stadium. "In the last 29 years, Sir has never ever said 'well played' to me because he thought I would get complacent and stop working hard. Maybe he can push his luck now and say 'well done' on my career, because there are no more matches, sir, in my life."

Tendulkar's coach made sure that the Little Master would never become complacent and always keep on working hard. This reminds us of the Energizer Bunny... You Keep Going and Going. Another thing to consider is knowing the difference between a coach and a mentor. A coach focuses on the tasks at hand, is driven by short term goals and performance, and has direct involvement at all times. A mentor focuses instead on the relationships, driven by longer term development from within, and has indirect involvement. Tendulkar has indeed been lucky to have a great coach through his storied career.

Here was my post on oGoing upon Tendulkar's retirement:

24 years. Over 34,000 runs. Greatest Batsman of all time! You made Cricket exciting! We will miss you Sachin. @Sachin_rt #ThankyouSachin

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Reference: Times of India

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oGoing Interviews Mina Kuper of Madison Debt & Tax Relief

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Mina Kuper of Madison Debt & Tax Relief"Madison just rescued me from real financial disaster! My consultant was courteous, friendly, prompt, returned my calls promptly and answered my questions. She put a tremendous effort into getting the process done as fast as possible" - Joan, MDR

What's the definition of a caring entrepreneur? Meet oGoing Pro Member and hard-working small business owner, Mina Kuper of Madison Debt & Tax Relief. Mina manages multiple businesses in parallel. Mina is an honest, driven and caring business woman who wants to help her customers in the best way possible, and solve their complex tax and debt problems. I asked Mina a few questions about her business, and how's it going. Read on and learn from her insights and experiences:

1. What led you to start Madison Debt & Tax Relief? How is the progress?

I was in the mortgage business for many years.  I realized how many people were struggling with Tax matters.  After helping many people and businesses I decided to hire an attorney and pursue this as a business helping many people and businesses.

2. What are your products and services? What problems do they solve?

We do audit reviews.  We stop wage garnishments, bank levies, IRS house liens.  We also Amend returns, and file unfilled returns.  We help businesses through out the United States.

3. What is your favorite customer success story? 

We had a 48 year old man who owed the IRS $100K.   His life span was limited.  His ex-wife with whom he had a daughter with owed half that debt.  She was not aware that he had not been paying his taxes.  He did not want to die leaving her in debt with a child.  We were able to get an innocent spouse petition after long hard negotiating and she is now debt free.

4. Why do customers love Madison? What makes you different?

People love Madison Debt and Tax because of the very friendly and quick responses.  We will always call you back...  People feel like they are our only client.  With our A rating on the Better Business  Buearu and many wonderful reviews,  we feel good about the work we do.

5. How do you define success within your company?

Our success has been revealed through our fantastic settlements and negotiated offers.  We truly are the best.

Connect with Mina Kuper, Founder & President of Madison Debt & Tax Relief on oGoing today! They also have great offers for oGoing members.

Mina Kuper

Founder & President
Madison Debt & Tax Relief
Direct: 310-345-8500



oGoing Interview - Manny Lopez of Brightside Advertising

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Manny Lopez, President & Founder of Brightside AdvertisingWhat's the definition of a passionate entrepreneur? Meet Manny Lopez, Founder & CEO of Brightside Advertising. I have met Manny a few times, and every time I see him, he exudes cool confidence of a seasoned businessman, and an infectious enthusiasm about his work and life. When I introduced oGoing Pro membership for small business, Manny was the first owner that called me on the same day, and signed up as a new member! When Manny sees new opportunities for his business, he seizes them immediately! I was fortunate to catch Manny this week to answer a few questions, and he provided insightful responses. Read on...

1. What led you to start Brightside Advertising? How is the progress?

I had a background in SEO after years of promoting different forms of advertising (print, mailers, TV, radio, etc.) and what I saw most was my clients wanted more word of mouth business. It was the most profitable, and provided the best form of advertising. I saw Facebook as the perfect opportunity to help businesses capitalize on that market. Thus, Brightside Advertising was born. 

2. What are your products and services? What problems do they solve?

We have many forms of online marketing which I will outline which each problem they solve:

Facebook Websites:
Our Facebook Websites allow companies to really brand themselves on the biggest website in the world where everything is connected. It's basically a website on steroids! We give you the branding and function of a normal website, with the viral marketing aspect of social media where every interaction creates a story that is shared with their network of friends to help generate more referrals and repeat business. 

Mobile Website Apps:
Our mobile website apps allow our clients to not only mobilize their website, but they are downloadable to any smartphone as an app for iPhone, Android, Windows, and Blackberry. They give our clients functions like: 1-touch click to call, maps / directions to their locations, lead capture, appointment setting, social media integration, plus dozens of other features all from a mobile device. 

Online Video Ads:
Video marketing is one of the fastest growing forms of marketing out there. With our online video ads, our clients can reach out to consumers in a short 1 minute to minute and a half video that outlines their products and services with professional voiceover, background music, animated transitions and backgrounds and full of content like text, pictures, and video clips. 

Our "Reach & Presence" program:
We have 2 different programs for online marketing with your brand, Presence & Reach. Presence allows us to get a company started online by building them a website that's SEO optimized and helping them build a brand that is unique to theirs. Our Reach program is for companies that already have an established online presence and is looking for more exposure which we help by the way of website citations and display advertising. 

Mobile Banner Ads:
Once a company has got a mobile website from us and wants to drive more traffic than is already coming, we have our mobile banners ads that can help. It's a cost per click basis which allows our clients to only have to pay for engaged users of their brand instead paying for people just to see and hope they take action. And at 1-10 cents per click, it's THE most cost effective approach to driving traffic to your business. 

3. What is your favorite customer success story? 

We've helped over 250 businesses develop true online branding with our products and services over the past 2 years and we've had tons of success stories between that time, but if I was to choose one that really stood out, I would have to say 7 Day Dental. When they started with us, they had nothing on social media or mobile as a way of marketing their brand. We helped grow all 4 of their Southern California locations with Facebook Websites and Mobile Apps. We taught them how to ask for recommendations and referrals from their existing clients and have grown their business extensively over the past year and half they have been with us. They are constantly getting new likes and referrals along with daily recommendations on their Facebook pages without having to spend any money in Facebook Ads to help drive new traffic. 

We started asking for recommendations this year, and check-ins and so far, they've had anywhere between 400-500 check-ins on each of their Facebook pages along with close to 500 likes in each page as well. Without spending $1 in advertising, that is a great success. 

4. Why do customers love Brightside? What makes you different?

Customers love Brightside because in everything we do, we make the customer satisfaction our #1 priority. Everything we do is on a month to month basis, we don't lock anyone into a long term contract. So each month, we have to prove to you why we earned your business and I think that is the only way we can make sure we see 100% effort in anything we do. I come from a background where customer service is the key to success and if you are just there to make the quick buck, you'll always lose.

What makes us different is not only our pricing, but the level of customer support they receive for the price they pay. My customers always tell me how we should be charging more than what we do for what they get. A lot of people are suprised at how low we charge. I also give my direct cell phone number to each of my clients so they have multiple ways to get in touch with me should they ever have any questions about utilizing our services. 

5. How do you define success within your company?

I define success with my company not by the amount of clients we sign up or how much money we make, but by how many of our clients stick with us for the long haul. Most of our products come with a monthly service fee to cover updates, training, and monthly service and my goal is to maintain at least a 95% retention rate with my customers. Currently, we are at 92%. Some may see that as success but I will always strive to do better then yesterday. Once we hit 95%, I will keep raising the bar. Brightside Advertising will become a household name. That's the ultimate goal and we will always strive to give additional value to the customers we have now and the future. 

Connect with Brightside Advertising on oGoing today! They also have great offers for oGoing members.

Brightside logo

Manny Lopez

Founder & CEO
Brightside Advertising
Direct: 714-603-1114


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