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Sanjay Dalal, CEO & Founder, Ogoing Inc. introduces Ogoing Small Business Social Network.

Sanjay Dalal, CEO & Founder, Ogoing, introduces the exclusive small business social network Ogoing! Ogoing revolutionizes social media marketing for the small business.

In this video, Sanjay talks about:
1. What is Ogoing?
2. What are the challenges for a small business, entrepreneur or startup?
3. What are the key benefits of joining Ogoing?
4. How Ogoing will help my business grow?

Join Ogoing today, promote your products, find new customers, jump start sales, and grow your business with social media! Join Now: http://www.ogoing.com

Social Media Marketing for Business

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I am pleased to announce the latest social media marketing services for businesses. If you are a small business, emerging business, entrepreneur, startup or growing business, I invite you to test drive OGoing Social Media Marketing & Social Networking Services. I am confident that OGoing Social Media will help you promote your business online, find new customers and jump start your sales faster! Guaranteed!

OGOING helped my business grow 20% within six months!
Satisfied Orange County Client (our client is a business association focused on helping small businesses with new opportunities, networking and education).

Small Business Social Media Marketing - OGoing

Expand Your Reach and Increase Your Earnings With Advanced Social Media!

Online networks are rapidly supplanting face-to-face interactions, making social media expertise an absolute necessity to succeed in today’s marketplace. A recent Forrester survey found that in the U.S. alone, 55.6 million adults visit social networking sites at least once a month.* The research firm predicts that social media marketing spend will grow from $716 million to $3.1 billion in just five years, at a compound annual rate of 34%.

There is broad recognition within the business community that building social media marketing campaigns is something worth investing in heavily. Several major corporations – such as Burger King, Walmart, Starbucks and Pepsi – have had great success with their early ventures in social media, and are likely to continue to invest substantial sums in this area of Internet marketing.

Some other indications of the importance of social media marketing include:

    * In the 2010-11 edition of its Occupational Outlook Handbook, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that many public relations departments and firms will increase their use of social media specialists in the coming years, meaning many more job opportunities for those trained in the field.
    * For the first time in 23 years, Pepsi did not run a Super Bowl commercial. Instead, the company chose to invest the money they would have spent on Super Bowl airtime on an expansion of their social media marketing campaign.
    * A recent Forrester survey reported that some 95% of Internet marketers are expecting to either maintain or increase their spending on social media.
    * Recent data released by Twitter indicates that it is being used for more online searches than both Bing and Yahoo combined, and is second only to Google in terms of search volume.
    * Ben & Jerry’s recently announced that they will discontinue their email marketing in favor of an increased investment in their social media campaign.

Social Media Marketing is not just for big businesses. Ogoing wants to bring the benefits of social media to the small business!

Ogoing Social Media Marketing Services for your Small Business. A real solution for every budget!

Social Media Marketing Pro Edition
GROW your business with oGoing! Expand your contacts, brand and sales! Now! For $39 a month. Learn more

Small Business Social Media Max Edition
Social Media Marketing tailored for your small business on oGoing and major social networks! At only $99 a month. Learn more

oGoing Social Media Services for Small Business
A Suite of Services for growing small businesses and startups from $149 monthly to $449 monthly. Learn more

Social Media Professional Edition
The Works – Power your brand, Jump Start sales, and Build an engaging social media presence! Take your marketing to the next level! For $499 a month. Learn more

OGoing offers social media services for small business in all major industries.

Contact us today to get going, and drive your small business forward with social media!

OGoing Social Media Social Networking for Small Business

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