Promote Your Small Business on oGoing - It's As Easy As 1-2-3

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We invite you to promote your small business on oGoing - USA's leading social media network for small business!

Thousands of small businesses, entrepreneurs, startups and SMBs have joined oGoing, connecting and networking online, sharing what's going on, and promoting their business news, events, products, services, offers and needs! And the best part: It's FREE!!

Promoting your business on oGoing is as easy as 1-2-3. It takes just 3 steps:

Step 1. Create a beautiful oGoing Profile. Go here to sign up:

    (Don't forget to confirm your email! All confirmed members are announced and shared with the oGoing community)

Gin Rummy AssociationLargest MixerIgnite B2B SolutionsPool Service and Maintenance ProfessionalsHR Solutions for LA-OCFitness Nutrition by LaneaAtlantic Publicity

PromoKing Promotional ProductsCEO Advisor, Inc.MASTER ConnectorTodd HerschbergBrightside AdvertisingMadison Debt and Tax ReliefSocial Media Consulting (S.M.C.)

Step 2. Connect with oGoing member small businesses. Go to Find Business after you login.

    Find Business is in the top header. You can find businesses by searching or browsing by categories.
    (Connect with as many businesses to get maximum exposure)

Step 3. Share what's going on! Share and Promote your offers, needs, products, services, news and events.

    When you share, remember to attach pictures, YouTube video links, website links and interesting tidbits.

That's all. Create, Connect and Share on oGoing, and you will start gaining More customers. It's as easy as 1-2-3 is the easiest social media marketing, business networking and social networking service for small business!

Integrated Marketing Solution for Small Business

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Do you need help marketing & growing your business?
A Marketing consultant
will charge you upward of $10,000 for a marketing
strategy and program that could yield ineffective results!

Do you want something compelling, proven and reasonable that works?

Ogoing provides an Integrated Marketing Solution for Small Business!

Lead Generation, SEO, Internet, E-mail and Social Media Marketing


What’s included

Marketing Consultant

Ogoing Marketing Solution



Strategy only!

Strategy + Execution


One Network

Promotion on Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+

Lead Generation

Pay By Lead

5 New Contacts Delivered Monthly


Costs Extra

Weekly marketing messages on major social networks

Marketing Reach

Few connections

Over 100K connections


Costs Extra

Monthly e-blasts for new member


Not included

Monthly Search Engine Submission on over 70 search engines

Social Bookmarks


Frequent Mentions on Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+

Profile Creation

Basic Profile Exclusive Profile

Target Markets

Not focused

Small Business | Service Providers | SMB | Your Target Market


Costs Extra

Monthly insights + analysis






$199 monthly or $1,999 annually


Highly Effective and Reasonable

Powerful Online Marketing Boost For Small Business!!

Call us: 949-829-2742 or


Ogoing Marketing Solution


Increased Lead Generation

Ogoing prides itself in creating a comprehensive integrated online marketing strategy and execution plan that will generate new leads each month!


Enhanced SEO

Ogoing has a proven online marketing engine and integrated search marketing solution that will enhance SEO ranking for company each month!

Superior Market Share

Ogoing innovative social media marketing solution is tailored to drive more business for your products and services, and increase your market share!


Greater Customer Engagement

Ogoing online marketing solutions ensure that your customers and prospects stay engaged and remain happy through our social media programs!


Higher Website Traffic

Ogoing works hard to boost your company's online visibility, and generate higher quality website traffic through various promotions!

More Business Income

Our goal at Ogoing is to grow your business! You can trust us to generate more business income for you with our powerful online marketing program!


Ogoing Marketing Benefits

Increased Lead Generation, Enhanced SEO, Superior Market Share, Higher Website Traffic, Greater Customer Engagement, More Business Income

Ready to Sign Up?

Ogoing Integrated Marketing Solution provides comprehensive marketing services for a very affordable price of $199 monthly. Get exclusive social media, SEO, e-mail and online marketing service that will blow your competition away! Sign up now:

About Ogoing: is USA’s leading social network for small business. Ogoing gives owners and entrepreneurs a powerful web social media marketing platform that promotes the business, attracts new customers, boosts online visibility, improves website traffic and accelerates sales.

Ogoing Helps Small Businesses Generate Real Leads!

Call us: 949-829-2742 or 7545 Irvine Center Dr., Suite 200, Irvine, CA 92618 Irvine Chamber

Small Business Social Media and Social Networking

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Boost your small business on Ogoing small business social network
If you own, manage or promote your small business, have you joined a social network or two? What results have you seen from joining a social network for your business? Simply put, has it been worth your while? We are talking about social networks which are external for your small business.

There are many social networks to consider today of entrepreneurs! What network works best for your company? What criteria would you use, as you evaluate social networking that helps you boost your business?

Here are the top three reasons why you should get started on a social network or two for your business:

1. Get more prospects and customers
- Ask yourself, why your small business does any marketing at all? What is the primary reason for having a company website? Where do you find your prospects? How do you convert your prospects into real customers? A social network must ultimately result in driving more leads for your business. Although the lead funnel may not happen overnight, it must happen within weeks to months. There is a common misconception that when a business has more followers or fans, it will drive more sales. The quality of contacts matter the most! Your business may have thousands of followers, but very few may be interested in buying anything. How would you drive quality leads? Social Networking is not a get rich quick game. Rather, it takes time and patience to build a real following (unless you are an established brand or celebrity such as Coke or Lady Gaga). Be real on a social network! Share expert information and insights. Provide free stuff, discounts, coupons or loyalty points. Keep your readers intrigued with quality information. The more you stay true, the more prospects and customers you will garner, eventually!  

2. Increase customer loyalty
- This by far has been the biggest claim to fame for small business social networking. A social network brings you closer to your customers and gets them engaged. In some cases, your customers may get too close! On the one hand, your business can cleverly leverage social networks to provide better customer service, get proactive customer feedback, obtain recommendations, and even get customers to share great ideas. However, if you open yourself for customer service, get ready to hear an earful. Customers won't shy away from sharing their negative experiences over and over again publicly. Hear them out! Be a great listener. Apologize. And follow through by providing excellent customer service. Turn that negative customer experience into a positive one! An irate customer who gets great customer service can become a happy and loyal customer for life. Icing on the cake: Customers see that you care!

Now that your small business has opened this new social network channel for providing transparent customer service, stage two will include asking these customers for feedback on everything... for instance, a new marketing campaign and asking them to vote for the one they really like, or a new product feature or enhancement and hearing their thoughts. The loyal customers would be more than happy to share favorable recommendations and testimonials. The unhappy customers will likewise share negative views. Be ready for both! The goal for your local business is to get more positive reviews; at least four stars or better. Better the reviews and ratings, better the potential of attracting new prospects. Finally, receptive customers will likely share new ideas about your brand, current products, competition, and trends. Social Networks can act as great vehicles for increasing customer loyalty, and extracting maximum value from your customers.

3. Become The brand
- A social network is quite possibly the biggest brand equalizer. It sure is great to have the brand and following of a Nike or Starbucks; but, by the same token, a greater brand means even greater scrutiny. You are always under the microscope of corporate social responsibility, and what you think, say and do is analyzed 24/7 by the press, customers, competition and everyone at large. Say or do one bad thing, and your brand gets a huge hit! And in most cases, an irreparable one. On the other hand, if you are a small, niche brand, the social network can do wonders for your business! You can become the most relevant brand for your market by doing the things that matter most for your customers, partners, suppliers, and the community. How you become The Brand? By doing good business. By delivering quality service. By sharing profits. By helping good causes. By caring for your community. Each good action that you undertake adds to your brand value. These actions will transform your brand into the most powerful brand in the marketplace. It takes time to build that brand, and become the word-of-mouth brand that resonates with Kleenex, FedEx or WebEx. Sharing and Caring go hand in hand with Networking. Brand prominence can't happen without investing into planning, goal setting and executing, and staying the course. Hiccups will happen. However, if you follow the best practices of delighting your customers over and over again, you can establish a strong local brand presence, one that customers will remember and recommend.

What social network can do all of the above for your small business? LinkedIn is great for professionals, Twitter works for celebrities and big brands, Facebook is amazing for consumers and friends, Yelp is superb for reviews and retailers, Google Plus is great for getting that jump start, YouTube is tops for business videos and stories, Foursquare is great for checking in, Pinterest gives you an online pinboard, and the list goes on...

If you are a small business that wants it all, a great business profile, a place to promote your products and services, offer latest deals, find new customers, make new connections, and boost your brand, take a look at Ogoing.
Ogoing is the fastest growing social network for small business. Check out Ogoing today, and turbo charge your social media.

Social Media Power Boost for Small Business

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Social Media Power Boost Service for Small Business

Power Boost Your Web Site Now!
* Increase your website rank on Google and major search engines
* Grow the number of high quality visitors to your website
* Add the number of websites that reference your website
* Get more quality leads and prospects for your business

* Improve your social media ranking and engagement

What's included in the Social Media Power Package:

  1. Web Site Keyword Research
  2. 1200 Unique Social Bookmarking
  3. 4000 Directory Submissions
  4. 200 Press Release Submissions
  5. 300 Article Marketing
  6. DMOZ Submission
  7. 1 Squidoo Lens

1. Keyword Research

Organic traffic from search engines such as google and yahoo are extremely valuable because they represent highly targeted traffic looking to buy your products. Getting the keyword targeting right is extremely important for getting part of this traffic and we're here to help you do just that!

"I just wanted to let you know. Since we changed the title, description and keyword on our front page and google reindexed it, we jumped from 25 to 6. The highest we rated to date." - Bryan Kennedy

2. Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is one of the fastest acting SEO options currently available. We submit your website to social bookmarking sites such as digg, delicious, etc., helping you spread the word about your content. You'll normally get some traffic right off the bat from people interested in your site (and a lot more if your site becomes popular on social networks). Within a week, most of these links will already start to have some effect on your rankings and within a month, very clear results can be seen from our social bookmarking service.

"My traffic has been off the charts with your service. Feel free to quote. Thanks!" - Marcus Bradley

"This page was #10 5 days ago and is now #4 on Google. Great work. Thank you!" - Allen

3. Manual Directory Submission

Directory Submission has been one of the most tried and true ways of getting your website/business out there. It involves submitting your website to yellow page like sites so that users browsing those sites can find you when they look at a certain category. This method has been worked very well for our clients and has been recommended by Google itself until recently.

Our staff takes great care in making sure your submission details are formatted to have maximum acceptance rate. We also make sure to submit to the correct categories so that your website gets the attention it deserves from the editors.

Every order comes with a report of the list of directories we submitted to, the time it was submitted, and the category we picked for that directory. We will open a new gmail account so that you don't get spammed and also click on all the confirmation links for the directories.

4. Press Release Distribution

Press Release Distribution is a great way of gaining exposure for your website as well as getting a high quality source of backlinks.

We will write a press release for you which you can review or you can use your own press release. It will then be submitted to various press release distributions websites which will syndicate your release to hundreds or thousands of places online.

Every order comes with a report of the press release websites we submitted you to as well as the pagerank of those websites.

5. Article Marketing

Article Marketing / Article Submissions has become one of the most popular ways of promoting your website. It is very whitehat, in that both you and the reader of your article benefits. Your reader gets to read informative and useful content, the website hosting the article gets a share of the revenue, and you get targeted traffic as well as some links to your website. It's win-win!

We make sure to research the subject area thoroughly before writing the articles, making sure the content is as informative and useful to the reader as possible. Additionally, we try our best to target the content to your keywords, so that not only are the links from the article more relevant, the article itself might gain some rankings and drive some targeted traffic to your website. Some of the articles we have written and submitted to drives over 100 visitors/day to our website!

"Just so you know, I already picked up a SEO sale within 48 hours of the article distribution your service did. This was a international sale that I would have never gotten exposure to. The ROI on your service so far is far better then any other service on the market." - David A. McDougal

6. Squidoo Lens / Hub Creation

Squidoo and Hubpages can be a great way of boosting your website. Both of these websites are PR8, so having a backlink from them (even on a subpage) is of immense benefit to your website. Not only will we create a professional, well researched lens/hub in your area, we will also promote it for you so that it gets the best exposure.

Every order comes with the link to your hub or lens, plus a report of how we have promoted it for you.

7. DMOZ Submission

We will help you submit your website to DMOZ in the correct category and with well written description. We will do our best to make sure your submission is correct and compliant with guidelines.

Why partner with Ogoing?

SEO Experts

Ogoing has partnered with a team of USA based Cornell engineers who build, maintain, and more importantly – promote, a portfolio of hundreds of websites in various niches and markets. We use our own SEO link building services to promote our sites. We test and monitor each service to make sure that it produces unparalleled ROI for you and for us.

US Based Timely Support

If you ever have a question about your order – just leave us a message or send us an email. Our friendly staff will get back to you within hours. Our customer service staff are American and own websites themselves – so we understand your needs.

Real-Time Tracking

Ever feel antsy if your SEO work is being done? Our team keeps you updated every step of the way:
>> Order Received >> Begin Processing >> Seeking Feedback >> Report Ready & Order Completed
Currently, most orders begin processing within 18 hours and complete within 3-4 days. We are diligently promoting your site 24/7 and are always striving to improve.

Results & Testimonials

At the end of the day, it’s the results that matter. Check out what our customers have to say and try our services for yourself.
— “My website is now #9 out of 5 million for one of the most competitive keywords online. THANK YOU!!”
— “The ROI on your service so far is better than any other service on the market.”


Are you ready to order your Ogoing Power Boost? Contact us here!


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