International Standard for Lean Six Sigma - Here's their small business story

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Steven Bonacorsi, entrepreneur and founder of International Standard for Lean Six Sigma, shared his amazing story with the oGoing team.

Steven is an oGoing member.

International Standard for Lean Six Sigma

1. Can you tell us about you and your business? 

The “International Standard for Lean Six Sigma (ISLSS)” is a management consulting firm that specializes in training, project coaching, deployment planning, Kaizen Events, process improvement marketing, and Lean Six Sigma certification.

2. How is your business doing? 

We are doing well, we are owner of the LinkedIn Lean Six Sigma Group that currently has 207,000 members We have over 2,000 jobs posted on our boards each week, and grow over 5,000 new members each month.

3. What gets you going? 

We love our customers and it is a value for our team to want to wow “delight” our customers every single day. We even guarantee a 4:1 Return on Investment to our customers. We can offer this because we have never delivered and ROI that low, in fact we have never delivered an ROI less than 10:1, usually our $ impact is in the 25:1 range or higher. That’s exciting to our clients as well as the Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts on our team that deliver these financial results.

4. What are your products or services, and key benefits? 

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification (2 days) – Key Benefits: Ability to participate on Lean Six Sigma Projects with hands-on skill development in executing basic project management tools and methods

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification (10 days) – Key Benefits: Ability to Lead Lean Six Sigma DMAIC Projects; Pass GB Exam; and Execute a 3-4 month business process improvement project.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification (20 days) – Key Benefits: Ability to Lead cross-functional Lean Six Sigma; Pass BB Exam; Coach GB Projects; Execute a 3-5 month business process improvement project.

Kaizen Event Certification (3 days) – Key Benefits: Ability to lead Kaizen Events(3-5 day full time team) rapid improvement continuous improvement projects.

5. Who are your customers? Can you share a brief success story?

We have led 27 Fortune 100 and over 40 Fortune 500 Company Lean Six Sigma Deployments; We also support businesses in marketing and promotion on social networks. The Process Excellence Network, a division of IQPC, has been a client of our for over 3 years, we helped the Lean Six Sigma community become aware of Events, Webinars, Case Studies, White Papers, Interviews with thought leaders, book reviews, summits, awards, videos, training, tools and templates, and book reviews. We share Announcements, Featured Topics, Group Management, Profile Enhancements, and we share content across social networking sites to reach 10’s of millions of followers.

6. How do you find new customers? Or customers find you?

Customers find us. We operate by references. Our exposure as the leader in Lean Six Sigma on the various social networking sites and through our partnerships enables new customers to find us, while our existing customers are extremely satisfied with our results and call us back for repeat business often.

7. What is your biggest challenge? What help do you need to overcome this?

We offer Open Enrollment training programs internationally, these are often 3-4 workshops that range 2-3 days each, so that when traveling Internationally we can develop students quickly on a number of business skills in a 2 week visit to that country. Each workshop needs a minimum of 15 students to run the workshop and a maximum of 30 students in order to justify the trip to that country. In a 2 week trip we can deliver 4 workshops over the 10 business days and so can develop a total of 120 professionals. These are open enrollment training workshops and could use help in filling these seats so that we can travel to more countries – growing the talent needed to execute business process improvement transformation projects.

8. What are your 2013 goals? Did you kill them? 

One of our 2013 goals was to publish a Kaizen Event book. Yes we will kill this goal. We are completing final edits in October, Book Reviews by November, Graphics by December, and Publication in Jan 2014.

9. Can you share some tips with our community?

Business Networking is not a periodic activity but a daily activity. It is important to manage ones time so as to prioritize not only business execution, business development, but also in sharing results. Business Networking allows others to see your performance, build your professional image, and create exposure of your value proposition. All three are critical to long-term strategic growth.

Warm Regards,

Steven Bonacorsi, LSS MBB
International Standard for Lean Six Sigma
603-401-7047 (mobile)

Skype: sbonacorsi 

Small Business Social Media Networking and Marketing

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Many Small Business Owners, Proprietors and Entrepreneurs are using social networking to create their social media profiles, share and promote updates about their products and services, make new online connections, get warm leads and grow their brand!

Millions, if not billions, of potential customers are using social media every day! Thus there are plenty of incentives for small businesses to jump right in...

What are some of the reasons small businesses are joining and marketing their company through social media?

1. It's inexpensive - well, technically it's free! However, free doesn't mean the time, expertise and resources it takes to create a beautiful profile and manage it well. It can take few hours a week at a minimum if owners want social media to yield results!

2. It's easy to use - again, easy for the most part. Most businesses still don't know how to connect or follow or engage with potential customers. The easy part is creating a profile and sharing a few updates. The hard part is getting customers to notice what you are saying.

3. My customers (and competitors) use social media - go where your customers are! The key is finding the customers, connecting with them and engaging with them to establish trust and credibility. And look out for competitors as they poach the same customers.

4. It doesn't take a lot of time - This is what small businesses think as they begin their social media journey. The reality is different... managing just one social network, sharing frequent updates, promoting customers and asking questions can easily take four to six hours a week.

What are the reasons you are joining social networks? Are you seeing some traction? Have you made new connections? oGoing Small Business Social Media Network is great for small businesses to build trusted connections, promote products and services, generate website traffic, grow SEO ranking and attract new customers. Check out oGoing today!

Small Business Social Media Marketing Best Practices by oGoing

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Small Businesses and SMB are embracing social media to promote their brand, increase online visibility, build quality website traffic, provide effective customer service, generate warm leads and attract new customers. oGoing presents best practices for small business social media marketing

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) July 29, 2013

oGoing Small Business Social Network

"Social media marketing and networking helps small business owners, marketers and SMB professionals do more with their customers: connect more, engage more, service more, learn more and promote more." Sanjay Dalal, founder & CEO, oGoing. "oGoing provides an amazing social network and social media marketing platform for small business."

Many business owners, entrepreneurs and SMB need help managing their social media. The experts at oGoing have created a highly affordable social media marketing package for $99 monthly. Learn more about the oGoing Max social media solution.

How effective is social media marketing? Here are some key stats:* Most businesses are spending more than one hour a day on social media marketing. Businesses generate more than 100 percent of web traffic if they have 51 to 100 followers on Twitter than those with 25 or less. Businesses nearly doubled their online traffic after they passed 1,000 Facebook likes. LinkedIn business pages have the most number of generated customers, followed by Twitter and Facebook. Google+ is effectively used by marketers to grow their SEO ranking and increase online visibility. oGoing integrates with Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Many online users and shoppers rely on social media to make a purchasing decision, or purchase a product or service through a recommendation on social media. Majority of social media users are more likely to buy a product or pay a service from a business connected with them.

oGoing presents Seven Best Practices for Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses and Professionals:

1. Get started with one or two social network channels; preferably where the customers are, and stay with these channels for at least six months. Don't fall in the trap of starting with too many channels. Stay focused and work hard to create an engaging presence.

2. Spend some time creating a beautiful profile! First impressions matter; customers want to get excited and inspired when they connect on these social media channels. Begin sharing the channels with the customers through the website, emails, business cards, blogs and more!

3. Follow the customers, promote the customers, and reply to their updates. The best way to engage with customers is listen to what they are saying, promote their key updates, and reply to updates wherever possible.

4. Ask lots of questions. The best way to start discussions and immerse your audience is asking questions about a particular industry, new products, current trends, news and events, products and services, and more. Customers are always looking to respond to questions.

5. Share educational, valuable and inspiring content with the customers, especially when traffic is at its peak i.e. when most of the customers are online on the social networks. Be creative and edgy when sharing. Always include a call to action in the content, such as a link to a white paper, an article, invitation to an event, or something relevant.

6. Provide customer support and obtain feedback using social media. This is often the best and easiest way to get going on social media. Ask customers to share their support issues, comments and concerns on social media. Create a separate handle to deliver customer service.

7. Analyze, reflect and re-charge. Social media marketing has to yield positive results versus set goals. "How effective is the social media execution?" Analyze the results, reflect on what worked and did not work, and re-charge the batteries to do more. Be flexible and nimble.

About oGoing
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Join USA's Small Business Social Network and Jumpstart Social Media!

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Small Business Social Media Boost on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and oGoing

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oGoing Social Media Marketing Boost on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and oGoing

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Promote Your Small Business on oGoing - It's As Easy As 1-2-3

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We invite you to promote your small business on oGoing - USA's leading social media network for small business!

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Step 2. Connect with oGoing member small businesses. Go to Find Business after you login.

    Find Business is in the top header. You can find businesses by searching or browsing by categories.
    (Connect with as many businesses to get maximum exposure)

Step 3. Share what's going on! Share and Promote your offers, needs, products, services, news and events.

    When you share, remember to attach pictures, YouTube video links, website links and interesting tidbits.

That's all. Create, Connect and Share on oGoing, and you will start gaining More customers. It's as easy as 1-2-3 is the easiest social media marketing, business networking and social networking service for small business!

Small Business Social Media and Social Networking

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Boost your small business on Ogoing small business social network
If you own, manage or promote your small business, have you joined a social network or two? What results have you seen from joining a social network for your business? Simply put, has it been worth your while? We are talking about social networks which are external for your small business.

There are many social networks to consider today of entrepreneurs! What network works best for your company? What criteria would you use, as you evaluate social networking that helps you boost your business?

Here are the top three reasons why you should get started on a social network or two for your business:

1. Get more prospects and customers
- Ask yourself, why your small business does any marketing at all? What is the primary reason for having a company website? Where do you find your prospects? How do you convert your prospects into real customers? A social network must ultimately result in driving more leads for your business. Although the lead funnel may not happen overnight, it must happen within weeks to months. There is a common misconception that when a business has more followers or fans, it will drive more sales. The quality of contacts matter the most! Your business may have thousands of followers, but very few may be interested in buying anything. How would you drive quality leads? Social Networking is not a get rich quick game. Rather, it takes time and patience to build a real following (unless you are an established brand or celebrity such as Coke or Lady Gaga). Be real on a social network! Share expert information and insights. Provide free stuff, discounts, coupons or loyalty points. Keep your readers intrigued with quality information. The more you stay true, the more prospects and customers you will garner, eventually!  

2. Increase customer loyalty
- This by far has been the biggest claim to fame for small business social networking. A social network brings you closer to your customers and gets them engaged. In some cases, your customers may get too close! On the one hand, your business can cleverly leverage social networks to provide better customer service, get proactive customer feedback, obtain recommendations, and even get customers to share great ideas. However, if you open yourself for customer service, get ready to hear an earful. Customers won't shy away from sharing their negative experiences over and over again publicly. Hear them out! Be a great listener. Apologize. And follow through by providing excellent customer service. Turn that negative customer experience into a positive one! An irate customer who gets great customer service can become a happy and loyal customer for life. Icing on the cake: Customers see that you care!

Now that your small business has opened this new social network channel for providing transparent customer service, stage two will include asking these customers for feedback on everything... for instance, a new marketing campaign and asking them to vote for the one they really like, or a new product feature or enhancement and hearing their thoughts. The loyal customers would be more than happy to share favorable recommendations and testimonials. The unhappy customers will likewise share negative views. Be ready for both! The goal for your local business is to get more positive reviews; at least four stars or better. Better the reviews and ratings, better the potential of attracting new prospects. Finally, receptive customers will likely share new ideas about your brand, current products, competition, and trends. Social Networks can act as great vehicles for increasing customer loyalty, and extracting maximum value from your customers.

3. Become The brand
- A social network is quite possibly the biggest brand equalizer. It sure is great to have the brand and following of a Nike or Starbucks; but, by the same token, a greater brand means even greater scrutiny. You are always under the microscope of corporate social responsibility, and what you think, say and do is analyzed 24/7 by the press, customers, competition and everyone at large. Say or do one bad thing, and your brand gets a huge hit! And in most cases, an irreparable one. On the other hand, if you are a small, niche brand, the social network can do wonders for your business! You can become the most relevant brand for your market by doing the things that matter most for your customers, partners, suppliers, and the community. How you become The Brand? By doing good business. By delivering quality service. By sharing profits. By helping good causes. By caring for your community. Each good action that you undertake adds to your brand value. These actions will transform your brand into the most powerful brand in the marketplace. It takes time to build that brand, and become the word-of-mouth brand that resonates with Kleenex, FedEx or WebEx. Sharing and Caring go hand in hand with Networking. Brand prominence can't happen without investing into planning, goal setting and executing, and staying the course. Hiccups will happen. However, if you follow the best practices of delighting your customers over and over again, you can establish a strong local brand presence, one that customers will remember and recommend.

What social network can do all of the above for your small business? LinkedIn is great for professionals, Twitter works for celebrities and big brands, Facebook is amazing for consumers and friends, Yelp is superb for reviews and retailers, Google Plus is great for getting that jump start, YouTube is tops for business videos and stories, Foursquare is great for checking in, Pinterest gives you an online pinboard, and the list goes on...

If you are a small business that wants it all, a great business profile, a place to promote your products and services, offer latest deals, find new customers, make new connections, and boost your brand, take a look at Ogoing.
Ogoing is the fastest growing social network for small business. Check out Ogoing today, and turbo charge your social media.

What is Small Business Social Media Marketing?

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What Is Small Business Social Media Marketing and How Can It Help My Company?
Small business social media marketing has emerged in recent years as a popular way for independent businesses to promote themselves without the need to spend a lot of money. Unlike traditional marketing methods, social media marketing is less about selling and more about building relationships with customers so that they’ll be more willing to deal with you. These relationships are particularly important for small businesses since winning the trust of leads is vital to converting them to customers.

Key other benefits of small business social media marketing include:
  1. Lower marketing costs compared with traditional marketing and promotion methods.
  2. Using social media marketing is more likely to deliver qualified leads to small businesses by creating a community with their customers.
  3. Small business owners can enjoy results from social media marketing with minimal time commitment. Studies have shown that entrepreneurs who commit a minimum of six hours a week to their social media marketing can already see a measurable increase of traffic to their business site.
What are some of the most popular social media sites used in small business social media marketing?
  1. Facebook. With some 150 million members in the US, creating a Facebook page is not only a great way to tell your customers about your business, but also develop connections with them. In particular, many small businesses have made effective use of the Facebook Wall to leave notices, videos and other content for their fans, as well as allowing customers to post their own content.
  2. Twitter. While more popularly associated with celebrities and politicians tweeting the latest updates about their activities and their personal lives, many businesses have also used the microblogging site to introduce new products and services as well as telling customers about upcoming promotions, events and sales.
  3. Company blogs. Although blogs may seem old-fashioned compared with newer social media sites, they continue to be an effective way for companies to deliver information to their customers. Just as importantly, blogs also allow customers to participate in the conversation by posting in the comments section of blog posts.
  4. Emerging social media services including Google+, Pinterest, Foursquare, Instagram, Yelp and many more. Google+ is poised to make the most significant impact since it is being integrated with Google search and key Google services such as Google Places. Google+ now has over 100 million users.

One small business social media site you should be aware of, however, is oGoing, an exclusive small business social network. Although a relative newcomer in the social media field, oGoing has already made quite an impact among small businesses looking to connect locally with their customers. And oGoing is deeply integrated with Facebook and Twitter, allowing you to use all three social media sites together as part of an integrated social media marketing strategy. Apart from connecting with existing clients, oGoing is also a great way to find new customers. Check out the fastest growing social network for small business today: Join Now


Social Media Marketing for Small Business

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Social Media Marketing is an important aspect of running a business that should never be overlooked. A product should be hyped up in order for it to be visible to consumers and end users. Products in the market today that have benefited from outstanding marketing hypes usually tend to do better as opposed to products that have been released with little to no fanfare. For example, Apple and the new iPhone 4S and iPad 2 products that were announced in 2011. Both the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2 are upgrades from their predecessors, the iPhone 4 and the iPad respectively. Although in terms of look and feel, the difference between the two sets of devices is not revolutionary (except of course the cool white iPhone 4S and the white iPad 2), because of the marketing hype generated by Apple, Steve Jobs launch presentation of the iPad 2, and timely online marketing through blogs and review sites, when the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 were released, they were selling like hotcakes.

Apple is a huge company, and its marketing and hype generating machinery is a behemoth compared to what most small and medium sized businesses have. So how do small businesses compete against large corporations? The answer: Through Internet marketing and social media marketing. The growth of social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and others has also leveled the playing field for small businesses. Social Networking for small business websites including are capitalizing on this trend and have opened up a whole new platform for small businesses to succeed in this economy.

So why is social networking for small business or businesses important? And why should small businesses use social media marketing as a venue to market or promote their products or services. The scope and coverage of social media is far-reaching and it covers all demographics, in particular local markets. There is no shortage of people to market and promote a small business’ products to. And by the same token, there is no shortage of publicity and visibility for a product if it is featured on a relevant social network.

There have been a lot of good products that have gone the way of the dodo just because they weren’t marketed well. The competition nowadays isn’t about what features differentiate the product from others. Companies are now competing on ways to promote the product and to show off the product's strengths. Social networking for small business or business to business is important because it empowers small businesses to take a huge step forward in terms of marketing their products and services. Social networking for small business website including is leading the charge in that area.

Social Media Bootcamp on Feb 16 in Orange County

clock January 30, 2012 10:27 by author Ogoing Team

Ogoing invites you to Social Media Marketing boot camp workshop for small businesses, entrepreneurs, startups, owners and SMB on Feb 16 in Orange County.

Ogoing will help you become a social media expert, and share tools and best practices that will help accelerate your sales and boost your business. Ogoing is an exclusive small business social network that helps small businesses efficiently expand their local customer contacts through an easy to use social networking platform. Ogoing has trained over 100 Southern California businesses through the social media bootcamp. Social Media Bootcamp


Learn More and Register

Ogoing Small Business Social Network - Join Now

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Sanjay Dalal, CEO & Founder, Ogoing Inc. introduces Ogoing Small Business Social Network.

Sanjay Dalal, CEO & Founder, Ogoing, introduces the exclusive small business social network Ogoing! Ogoing revolutionizes social media marketing for the small business.

In this video, Sanjay talks about:
1. What is Ogoing?
2. What are the challenges for a small business, entrepreneur or startup?
3. What are the key benefits of joining Ogoing?
4. How Ogoing will help my business grow?

Join Ogoing today, promote your products, find new customers, jump start sales, and grow your business with social media! Join Now:

Social Media Marketing for Business

clock April 25, 2011 11:38 by author

I am pleased to announce the latest social media marketing services for businesses. If you are a small business, emerging business, entrepreneur, startup or growing business, I invite you to test drive OGoing Social Media Marketing & Social Networking Services. I am confident that OGoing Social Media will help you promote your business online, find new customers and jump start your sales faster! Guaranteed!

OGOING helped my business grow 20% within six months!
Satisfied Orange County Client (our client is a business association focused on helping small businesses with new opportunities, networking and education).

Small Business Social Media Marketing - OGoing

Expand Your Reach and Increase Your Earnings With Advanced Social Media!

Online networks are rapidly supplanting face-to-face interactions, making social media expertise an absolute necessity to succeed in today’s marketplace. A recent Forrester survey found that in the U.S. alone, 55.6 million adults visit social networking sites at least once a month.* The research firm predicts that social media marketing spend will grow from $716 million to $3.1 billion in just five years, at a compound annual rate of 34%.

There is broad recognition within the business community that building social media marketing campaigns is something worth investing in heavily. Several major corporations – such as Burger King, Walmart, Starbucks and Pepsi – have had great success with their early ventures in social media, and are likely to continue to invest substantial sums in this area of Internet marketing.

Some other indications of the importance of social media marketing include:

    * In the 2010-11 edition of its Occupational Outlook Handbook, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that many public relations departments and firms will increase their use of social media specialists in the coming years, meaning many more job opportunities for those trained in the field.
    * For the first time in 23 years, Pepsi did not run a Super Bowl commercial. Instead, the company chose to invest the money they would have spent on Super Bowl airtime on an expansion of their social media marketing campaign.
    * A recent Forrester survey reported that some 95% of Internet marketers are expecting to either maintain or increase their spending on social media.
    * Recent data released by Twitter indicates that it is being used for more online searches than both Bing and Yahoo combined, and is second only to Google in terms of search volume.
    * Ben & Jerry’s recently announced that they will discontinue their email marketing in favor of an increased investment in their social media campaign.

Social Media Marketing is not just for big businesses. Ogoing wants to bring the benefits of social media to the small business!

Ogoing Social Media Marketing Services for your Small Business. A real solution for every budget!

Social Media Marketing Pro Edition
GROW your business with oGoing! Expand your contacts, brand and sales! Now! For $39 a month. Learn more

Small Business Social Media Max Edition
Social Media Marketing tailored for your small business on oGoing and major social networks! At only $99 a month. Learn more

oGoing Social Media Services for Small Business
A Suite of Services for growing small businesses and startups from $149 monthly to $449 monthly. Learn more

Social Media Professional Edition
The Works – Power your brand, Jump Start sales, and Build an engaging social media presence! Take your marketing to the next level! For $499 a month. Learn more

OGoing offers social media services for small business in all major industries.

Contact us today to get going, and drive your small business forward with social media!

OGoing Social Media Social Networking for Small Business

Main Phone: 1-949-288-6880

Connect with me:
Sanjay Dalal
CEO / Founder OGoing Inc.
Small Business Social Network


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