Five social media tips to attract new customers

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Five tips to attract new customers using social media marketing and branding:

Attract Customers with Social Media on oGoing

1. Create Beautiful Profile. Edit your Social Network Profile, update your correct company information, and add your beautiful company logo (go to Settings after you login). If you are also on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube, connect these to your profiles. The more complete a profile, the better visibility it gets on Google, Yahoo and Bing and other search engines, resulting in higher SEO ranking. Don't forget to confirm your account email to get full access, receive notifications, and greater exposure.

2. Get Great Recommendations. Request your existing clients to provide you a 5 star review (tell them to go to your profile or brand page and click on Recommend - e.g. ). Great recommendations go a long way towards establishing credibility and trust. Remember, your prospects are always checking your online ratings and when they see those five stars next to your profile, they are more confident and ready to do business with you.

 So ask your best clients to recommend today.

3. Share What's going on?
Share updates about what's going on - at least once a week (and if you are on Twitter or Google+, daily!). Talk about your business, best practices, tips, industry articles, and news which are relevant for your clients. Post lots of photos, images and videos. Great visuals are more engaging. Ask questions and get feedback from clients. Post upcoming events. Create monthly offers. Provide a free download. The more updates you share, the more exposure and visibility you create online which generates free traffic.

4. Build Quality Connections.
Connect with member businesses, customers, prospects and influencers. Go to Search or Find Business and search for members based on industry / location / name / certification / activity, and after you find them, Follow them. When you follow members, they are notified about your business, and many would connect back with you. Learn more about their businesses. Find out what their needs are. Spend some time on their website. Once you follow them, you can keep up with what they are sharing.

5. Engage with Customers.
Promote members who connect with you by sharing their profile, mentioning them, asking questions, sending direct message, and responding to their conversations. The more you engage with members, the more they warm up to do business with you.

 When was the last time you liked, shared, commented or replied to a member's update? Everyone loves interaction. Next time you login, don't forget to "high five" a member's update.

Remember... social media is not about promoting yourself. It's about engaging with your connections, building trust, sharing good information, growing your online relationships, and then transforming your relationships into warm leads. It's not a one shot approach.

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oGoing Interviews Mark Hartsell of CEO Advisor

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Mark Hartsell, CEO & President of CEO Advisor

How do you make the Owner, President or CEO of a company better?

More often than not, the entrepreneur has too much on his or her plate, is wearing multiple hats and working 24/7. How can someone help this entrepreneur focus and do more? That is a tall order indeed. Meet oGoing Pro Member Mark Hartsell, the CEO and President of CEO Advisor. He is on a mission to grow the CEOs, Owners and Presidents of young and emerging small businesses and startups in Orange County and Southern California. Mark helped me earlier this year on the oGoing business, marketing and financial plans, and getting them ready for potential investors or partners. I had the opportunity to ask Mark a few questions about his company, and what's going on. Here are the five answers that can help you grow your business:

1. What led you to start CEO Advisor? How is the progress?
Prior to selling my software company to Digital River, I focused on what my post-sale career would look like.  It was clear to me that I wanted to spend the rest of my career as a small business advisor helping entrepreneurs grow to the next level toward a successful exit of their own.  CEO Advisor has grown every year since its inception in 2004 and I really enjoy engaging with and helping CEOs tackle their many challenges.

2. What are your key services? What problems do they solve?
CEO Advisor focuses on the challenges and opportunities that every CEO and small business owner encounters.  These issues span across the entire business, including preparation for fund raising, fund raising, accounting, operations, sales, marketing, mergers and acquisitions, and my services solve problems in all of these areas.

3. What is your favorite customer success story?
I have many customer success stories, but I most like seeing my clients grow and prosper, as in two clients that are currently on the Orange County Business Journal - Fastest Growing Companies list out this week.

4. Why do customers love CEO Advisor? What makes you different?
My clients value my services due to my broad range of business expertise, and one-to-one meetings with a hands-on approach ensuring progress on a weekly basis.  I am also goal and accountability driven and my clients like this, as well.  My biggest differentiator is my hands-on approach to producing work and deliverables for clients each week versus the verbal coaching that I see in this field.

5. How do you define success within your company?
I measure the success of my company by the success of my clients.  When my clients are motivated, happy and seeing results this is very gratifying to me for my efforts.  Additionally, I enjoy what I do to such a high degree that it simply does not seem like work.  That is real success.

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Mark A. Hartsell, MBA, CEO/Pres. 
CEO Advisor, Inc. 
 (949) 759-8676

Integrated Marketing Solution for Small Business

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