Five social media tips to attract new customers

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Five tips to attract new customers using social media marketing and branding:

Attract Customers with Social Media on oGoing

1. Create Beautiful Profile. Edit your Social Network Profile, update your correct company information, and add your beautiful company logo (go to Settings after you login). If you are also on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube, connect these to your profiles. The more complete a profile, the better visibility it gets on Google, Yahoo and Bing and other search engines, resulting in higher SEO ranking. Don't forget to confirm your account email to get full access, receive notifications, and greater exposure.

2. Get Great Recommendations. Request your existing clients to provide you a 5 star review (tell them to go to your profile or brand page and click on Recommend - e.g. ). Great recommendations go a long way towards establishing credibility and trust. Remember, your prospects are always checking your online ratings and when they see those five stars next to your profile, they are more confident and ready to do business with you.

 So ask your best clients to recommend today.

3. Share What's going on?
Share updates about what's going on - at least once a week (and if you are on Twitter or Google+, daily!). Talk about your business, best practices, tips, industry articles, and news which are relevant for your clients. Post lots of photos, images and videos. Great visuals are more engaging. Ask questions and get feedback from clients. Post upcoming events. Create monthly offers. Provide a free download. The more updates you share, the more exposure and visibility you create online which generates free traffic.

4. Build Quality Connections.
Connect with member businesses, customers, prospects and influencers. Go to Search or Find Business and search for members based on industry / location / name / certification / activity, and after you find them, Follow them. When you follow members, they are notified about your business, and many would connect back with you. Learn more about their businesses. Find out what their needs are. Spend some time on their website. Once you follow them, you can keep up with what they are sharing.

5. Engage with Customers.
Promote members who connect with you by sharing their profile, mentioning them, asking questions, sending direct message, and responding to their conversations. The more you engage with members, the more they warm up to do business with you.

 When was the last time you liked, shared, commented or replied to a member's update? Everyone loves interaction. Next time you login, don't forget to "high five" a member's update.

Remember... social media is not about promoting yourself. It's about engaging with your connections, building trust, sharing good information, growing your online relationships, and then transforming your relationships into warm leads. It's not a one shot approach.

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oGoing Annual Membership

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oGoing is introducing monthly or annual membership subscription for all our members!

We need to grow this amazing B2B network, keep going forward, and want to simultaneously provide real value to our small business community.

oGoing Annual Membership - Social Media Marketing for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

What's included?
1. Beautiful oGoing Profile that vastly improves your SEO ranking
Many oGoing business profiles are ranked on the first page of key search engines! An oGoing profile gives your business an immediate SEO and social media marketing boost! It helps you attract even more customers. When you create your profile, oGoing indexes this and sends it off to key search engines. Further, we "manually" post your profile to 70 search engines each month to give you better SEO. Each profile has built-in messaging, so that your clients can engage with you directly. Profiles also have Recommend feature to build trust and get five star reviews. Each profile gets 25 backlinks too.

2. oGoing Live Wall for maximum engagement
and exposure
When our paid members post an update on oGoing, it is immediately shared on the oGoing Live Wall! This gives ultimate exposure in front of the entire oGoing community, grows your online visibility and generates new website traffic! Further, each update has its own unique link. These links get indexed by major search engines. More online visibility gets you even more inbound traffic! oGoing team will go one step further: each new member profile is announced on oGoing by the oGoing team to give you the ultimate attention. You will enjoy the publicity!

3. Online Business Networking that creates real leads
When you connect, promote and share with our growing small business community, you build real online relationships and trust. More than 90% small business owners are dedicating time to networking online, and more than 75% believe that business networking online is akin to networking face to face. oGoing provides the best and easiest platform for B2B online networking with around 10,000 local businesses, and transforming your warm connections into real leads.

4. Awesome Marketing on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+
oGoing integrates with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (and Google+)? Once you link these social networking accounts with oGoing, your updates from oGoing are directly shared on your connected networks with photos to give you an immediate social media marketing boost! If you choose to share an update only on Facebook, oGoing provides that option as well. You can even engage and interact directly with your Twitter and Facebook contacts from within oGoing! Integration with Google+ is coming soon.

5. Killer oGoing iPhone App and the oGoing Android App 
Did you Download the amazing oGoing iPhone or Android App yet? It's the best thing to happen to business networking, online marketing and lead generation since sliced bread. Instantly share updates on and your connected social networks anytime, anyplace. Imagine connecting with thousands of businesses at once using your App? oGoing provides you emails, names, website, phone numbers and contact info for every business! 

6. Weekly oGoing Marketing Webinar - Become an expert!
Attend the weekly webinar hosted by oGoing founder & CEO Sanjay Dalal on best practices, tips, tricks, do's and don'ts on social media marketing, online marketing, mobile and local marketing, email marketing, search marketing, SEO marketing and more! Drop in anytime, ask questions, and become a marketing guru. Dalal is also available through email for your questions at: ceo at ogoing dot biz

7. Latest Marketing News, Insights and Specials for Small Business Owners
Connect with - we share with our members real insights, tips, and news for small business owners on how to out-grow, out-hustle and out-grow your competition with innovative marketing and best practices. Also connect with where we share latest specials and technology offers relevant for entrepreneurs, startups and growing small businesses, many at deep discounts. 

8. Live oGoing Support - Which social network does that?

Call or email oGoing for your social media and online marketing questions? We provide live customer support during normal business hours. Just call us, and we would be happy to help on any question regarding marketing, branding, SEO, and more. Many a times, our founder Sanjay Dalal directly helps our clients. And you can even shoot him an email with your questions at: ceo at ogoing dot biz

We thank you for being our valuable member.

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Why choose oGoing for Managing your Social Media Marketing?

1. oGoing is the nation's leading small business social media network. We live and breathe social media 24/7
2. oGoing has been successfully managing social media services for small business clients for four years
3. oGoing is a recognized leader in social media marketing solutions and consulting services
4. oGoing founder & CEO has trained and consulted over 750 business owners on social media
5. oGoing is a Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Microsoft and Apple trusted partner and developer

About oGoing: is USA's leading social network for small business. Ogoing gives owners, professionals and entrepreneurs a powerful social media marketing platform that promotes the business, boosts online visibility, improves website traffic, raises SEO ranking, generates new leads and attracts new customers.

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Out-Market, Out-Grow and Out-Hustle Your Competition Now

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oGoing Max | Maximum Social Media Marketing Services for Small Business

oGoing introduces highly affordable and innovative social media marketing service, oGoing Max for maximum engagement with customers, increasing online exposure, improving SEO, sharing content, growing website traffic and attracting more customers. Small business owners, entrepreneurs, service providers and SMB, who don't have the time and resources to do social media themselves, love the new oGoing Max service for only $99 monthly price. oGoing takes the guesswork out of social media.

oGoing Max - Social Media Marketing Services for $99 monthly

  • Expose your Business to Thousands of potential customers Online

  • Increase your Website Traffic and Engage with more customers

  • Grow your Social Media Brand and Boost Your SEO Ranking

"oGoing Social Media Marketing Services have greatly increased our exposure in the little time they have taken over our account. Not only has the oGoing team improved our chances of letting people know about our live tournaments and events in Las Vegas, they have taken care of situations in a very fast and timely fashion. Their very affordable fees make oGoing a very reasonable and sensible solution to the small business companies." - Lily Ann Hainline, Gin Rummy Association

"I would like to commend Sanjay Dalal, CEO of oGoing, for his driving spirit that lead him to produce this fantastic site. oGoing is truly an innovative choice for business men and women seeking a professional but enjoyable social media platform. I have confidence that oGoing will continue to thrive with Sanjays continued direction." - Dave Linden, Largest Mixer

"Have you ever tried a side by side comparison between oGoing and other social networks? I suggest you do it, and you'll see a huge difference in features and capability. On these criteria you'll really appreciate what oGoing is offering small business owners and entrepreneurs in a clearly superior way. And this is not a subjective "plug" for oGoing but an objective, direct comparison of features. It is simply giving credit and recognition to where it is due - and I believe oGoing deserves it!" - Alejandre Abaygar, Internet Video Communications

"It's great to have oGoing as our social media marketing partner for 2013. oGoing founder Sanjay Dalal and his team promotes TriTech Small Business Development Center on oGoing and major social media networks, enhances our brand and online presence, and attracts new entrepreneurs and business owners to our programs." - Mark Mitchell, Director, TriTech SBDC

Majority of small business owners and marketers are investing a minimum of four to six hours a week on social media marketing. Social Media Marketing involves a lot of work that includes: chalking out a strategy, creating and posting engaging content, connecting with new customers and influencers, collaborating and having conversations with customers, providing customer service, sharing new offers and specials, following up with new leads, converting warm leads to sales, and checking and monitoring the impact of social media campaigns.

Why choose oGoing Max Social Media Services?

1. Get more online visibility

Higher online visibility on search engines means more and more potential customers see what you are doing, and find and connect with you! Get more visibility.

2. Generate more website traffic

Higher website traffic means more quality prospects visit your website and social network profiles, and do business with you! Get more traffic.

3. Grow your SEO ranking

Higher SEO rank means your website and social network profiles are found on the first pages of major search engines when customers search for you! Get SEO Boost.

4. Gain more warm leads

When your business gains more online visibility, exposure, traffic and SEO boost, you will begin to obtain higher number of prospective clients! Get more leads.

5. Gather more customers

This is the ultimate business goal! Attract and obtain more customers. As your social media brand grows, your business will get more quality customers.

"Our customers have increased their sales by 20% within six months." - Satisfied oGoing Max Business

Interested in Out-Marketing, Out-Growing and Out-Hustling Your Competition? 

oGoing Max is an Affordable and High Quality Social Media Marketing Online Solution for your Small Business for a nominal cost of only $99 a month!

An inexperienced intern can cost your business $500 a month. oGoing Max costs less than fifth of hiring an intern. And most importantly, your business benefits from oGoing's market leading expertise and experience.

What's included in this Excellent social media networking service that will Jumpstart your sales:

1. oGoing team creates, manages and markets your beautiful oGoing profile. When a new oGoing profile is created, your profile gets automatic 25 new connections and backlinks from reputed oGoing members.

2. We promote your oGoing profile multiple times a month to potential customers on oGoing, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter. Continuous marketing exposure delivers consistent results.

3. We share your key updates on the entire oGoing small business community multiple times a month! Great exposure in front of an engaged community.

4. We feature your business profile on website, and give you instant visibility in front of potential customers multiple times a month.

5. We introduce your business to the entire oGoing small business community through one sponsored email blast (when we begin the engagement).

6. We write pertinent articles about your business and value proposition every month (one story per month), and distribute it on the high-PR oGoing blog, and share it on the oGoing small business community.

7. We facilitate new qualified connections between your business, and your prospects and customers and help attract warm leads.

8. We tell the world that you are on oGoing Max Business. This creates tremendous trust and improves online engagement with your customers.

9. We invite you to our weekly Social Media Best Practices and Tips webinar every Wednesday at 12 pm PDT. Engage and Learn from oGoing founder & CEO Sanjay Dalal, who has trained over 1,000 owners on social media marketing, on how to navigate and win with social media.

10. Bonus: We will give you an exclusive copy of the Social Media eBook for Small Business - Seven steps to success with social media now!

oGoing Exposes your Business in front of Thousands of potential Customers for only $99 monthly! UNBELIEVABLE!!

Who uses oGoing Max?

Small Business Owners, SMB, Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Service Providers who don't have the time and resources to promote their business, are looking to grow their business with more leads, and want a powerful  marketing solution that is affordable and doesn't break the bank! Our satisfied customers and partners include PromoKing, GRA, Madison, Gene Morris, CEO Advisor, JanMart USA, TriTech SBDC, Shaun Hurley, RBN Relationship Building Network, Largest Mixer, Brightside, Stephen Gregg, Orange County SBDC, Irvine Chamber to name a few.

Ready to Get Started?

oGoing provides over $2,500+ worth of integrated online marketing and social media services for a very reasonable price of $99 monthly. Get powerful social media, email marketing and online marketing service that will blow your competition away!! We recommend that you stay with oGoing Max for at least six months to see real results. Your business may cancel any time.

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Why choose oGoing for Managing your Social Media Marketing?

1. oGoing is the nation's leading business social network for owners. We live and breathe social media 24/7
2. oGoing has been successfully managing social media services for clients for four years
3. oGoing is a recognized leader in social media marketing solutions and consulting services
4. oGoing founder & CEO has trained and consulted over 500 business owners on social media
5. oGoing is a Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Microsoft and Apple trusted partner and developer

About oGoing: is USA's leading social network for small business. Ogoing gives owners and entrepreneurs a powerful web social media marketing platform that promotes the business, attracts new customers, boosts online visibility, improves website traffic and accelerates sales.

Call us: 949-829-2742 or online at:


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