Today’s Inspection, Tomorrow’s Protection®: Cert-a-Roof, LLC

Les Watrous - founder and CEO of Cert-A-Roof

Les Watrous, founder and CEO of Cert-A-Roof, established his company in 1993. Cert-A-Roof is an oGoing small business member. Les wanted to combine his family’s long history of construction and roofing expertise with his own sense of genuine customer service, entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the industry. Those fundamentals have served him well. The business Les created has become the industry leader in roof inspection, repair and certification.


Certifying Leak-free Roofs

Cert-a-Roof provides detailed, quality roof inspections to customers in our primary target area of Riverside, Los Angeles and Orange County,” says Les. “Our patented LeakFREE® Inspection process guarantees the condition of your roof and lets you make informed decisions on how to protect your real estate investment.”

Today’s Inspection, Tomorrow’s Protection®,” the Cert-A-Roof slogan, reflects the company’s objective: to provide exceptional value in meeting homeowner roofing needs with consistent, professional and uniformly high standards of service. “Our goal was to be considered the preferred and most trusted firm in the business,” Les recalls. “We’ve become a nationally recognized roofing organization, and we’ve inspected, repaired or certified tens of thousands of roofs in over a dozen states.”


Cert-A-Roof provides professional Roof Inspection and Certification services


Providing “Roof Assurance”

A Cert-A-Roof inspection exposes potential areas that might cause a roof to leak and qualifies the roof for a LeakFREE® Certification if no problems are discovered. Either way, customers gain peace of mind after the inspection, what Les calls “roof assurance” for homeowners. “Our team at Cert-A-Roof is passionate about what we do,” Les explains. “We strive to fulfill our mission of protecting our customers by keeping their first line of defense strong: their roof.”

Les built Cert-A-Roof on an impressive list of core values: professionalism, reliability, on-time performance, superior service, pride of workmanship, excellence, respectfulness, integrity and accountability, thankfulness, and, referring to his customers, “your trust.” These words have special meaning for Les. “You’ll notice that the first letter in each of the core values spells ‘prosperity,’” he points out. “My philosophy is that unless you adhere to the core values, you’ll never obtain prosperity.”


Staying Motivated for Success

In 1995, Les founded the National Roof Certification and Inspection Association, and Cert-A-Roof now trains individuals and contractors to follow the organization’s protocols when performing inspections, issuing LeakFREE® roof certifications or making roof repairs. But expanding company services hasn’t changed the fact that Cert-A-Roof is still a family business, one that extends this appreciation of family to its technicians. “We all strive not only to improve and drive the current business, but to sustain the relationships we’ve made,” says Les. “We stay motivated because Cert-A-Roof’s success provides life’s necessities for our families and employees.”

Given the time requirements of daily operations and the challenge of personally keeping up with constant changes in social media marketing, Les appreciates the online platform and presence oGoing provides. “oGoing has helped manage all of our marketing, social media and even software needs at an affordable price,” he notes. But the bottom line issue for Les remains his customers. “Customer service is the most important element,” he says. “We’re in business to help out our customers and go the extra mile to ensure quality service.”

Check out Cert-A-Roof, the leader in professional Roof Inspection here.

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