oGoing Small Business Spotlight, Les Watrous of Cert-A-Roof

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Today’s Inspection, Tomorrow’s Protection®: Cert-a-Roof, LLC

Les Watrous - founder and CEO of Cert-A-Roof

Les Watrous, founder and CEO of Cert-A-Roof, established his company in 1993. Cert-A-Roof is an oGoing small business member. Les wanted to combine his family’s long history of construction and roofing expertise with his own sense of genuine customer service, entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the industry. Those fundamentals have served him well. The business Les created has become the industry leader in roof inspection, repair and certification.


Certifying Leak-free Roofs

Cert-a-Roof provides detailed, quality roof inspections to customers in our primary target area of Riverside, Los Angeles and Orange County,” says Les. “Our patented LeakFREE® Inspection process guarantees the condition of your roof and lets you make informed decisions on how to protect your real estate investment.”

Today’s Inspection, Tomorrow’s Protection®,” the Cert-A-Roof slogan, reflects the company’s objective: to provide exceptional value in meeting homeowner roofing needs with consistent, professional and uniformly high standards of service. “Our goal was to be considered the preferred and most trusted firm in the business,” Les recalls. “We’ve become a nationally recognized roofing organization, and we’ve inspected, repaired or certified tens of thousands of roofs in over a dozen states.”


Cert-A-Roof provides professional Roof Inspection and Certification services


Providing “Roof Assurance”

A Cert-A-Roof inspection exposes potential areas that might cause a roof to leak and qualifies the roof for a LeakFREE® Certification if no problems are discovered. Either way, customers gain peace of mind after the inspection, what Les calls “roof assurance” for homeowners. “Our team at Cert-A-Roof is passionate about what we do,” Les explains. “We strive to fulfill our mission of protecting our customers by keeping their first line of defense strong: their roof.”

Les built Cert-A-Roof on an impressive list of core values: professionalism, reliability, on-time performance, superior service, pride of workmanship, excellence, respectfulness, integrity and accountability, thankfulness, and, referring to his customers, “your trust.” These words have special meaning for Les. “You’ll notice that the first letter in each of the core values spells ‘prosperity,’” he points out. “My philosophy is that unless you adhere to the core values, you’ll never obtain prosperity.”


Staying Motivated for Success

In 1995, Les founded the National Roof Certification and Inspection Association, and Cert-A-Roof now trains individuals and contractors to follow the organization’s protocols when performing inspections, issuing LeakFREE® roof certifications or making roof repairs. But expanding company services hasn’t changed the fact that Cert-A-Roof is still a family business, one that extends this appreciation of family to its technicians. “We all strive not only to improve and drive the current business, but to sustain the relationships we’ve made,” says Les. “We stay motivated because Cert-A-Roof’s success provides life’s necessities for our families and employees.”

Given the time requirements of daily operations and the challenge of personally keeping up with constant changes in social media marketing, Les appreciates the online platform and presence oGoing provides. “oGoing has helped manage all of our marketing, social media and even software needs at an affordable price,” he notes. But the bottom line issue for Les remains his customers. “Customer service is the most important element,” he says. “We’re in business to help out our customers and go the extra mile to ensure quality service.”

Check out Cert-A-Roof, the leader in professional Roof Inspection here.

Story editor and writer Wendy Alexander is an oGoing small business member. 
Wendy is an award-winning Sacramento writer and principal for wendywrites Writing and Editing Services, which provides communications consulting to business, government agencies and nonprofits.

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Lower Your Electricity Bill. Go Solar Orange County, California

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Are you paying too much for electricity every month in Orange County? Do you need an affordable energy alternative which can cut your electricity bill in half or even more? The more electricity you use, the more solar energy can help you. It's time you consider installing solar panels on your roof! 

Affordable Solar Energy and Solar Panels from Aikyum Solar

Here are 9 reasons you must consider going solar in 2015:

1. Utility prices are increasing rapidly each year. Do you really want to pay higher electricity bill every month? Say Hello to Freedom from electricity bills! 

2. Solar equipment prices are falling each year. This means the cost of installing solar panels on your roof is dropping. Now is the time to get you ready with solar.

3. Solar energy is renewable, and we are indeed blessed with abundant sunlight in Southern California. As a matter of fact with global warming, we are seeing even more sunny and warm days in Orange County, California. 

4. California Solar Initiative offers rebate programs for the state and the city. In addition, you receive 30% Income Tax Credit and MACRS depreciation from the Federal and State Government. For example, currently, Anaheim, Laguna Niguel, Riverside and Moreno Valley are offering additional incentives for residents to go solar in 2015. But hurry, these incentives are going away next year. 

Solar Energy for home

5. Your bills are net-metered, whereby, you receive retail credit for the energy your system generates. In short, the utility company pays you what they charge you! In the case where you using less energy than what the solar system generates, you end up getting credit from the utility company. 

6. The commercial solar system installation process is seamless. Aikyum Solar, an Irvine business, will provide free consultation, design an optimal system, install and maintain the system. You don't have to worry about a single thing!

7. The best part: You actually own the solar power system! Isn't that amazing? The system will keep generating power for 25 plus years. 

8. Solar panels come with a 25 year manufacturer warranty, and they may last even longer: 35-40 years. So you need not worry about the panels.

9. Utilities are subject to inflation, and dependency on fossil fuels for energy generation. There is no guarantee how much the Utility companies will raise their rates. Your solar power system is inflation proof! Once you purchase the system, you are done!

It is easy — and even fun — to empower your life with clean, green solar power from Aikyum Solar. Give Aikyum Solar, your highly trusted solar company, a call today at: 1-888-9898-SUN. Go here to get a free quote. Connect with Aikyum Solar.

Having A Mobile Pet Grooming Business in Orange County, California

clock January 29, 2015 17:40 by author Ogoing Team

Mobile Pet Grooming is so convenient  

The world is going mobile. There are mobile computers, mobile video and of course, the mobile phone. But what about mobile pet grooming business? This business could end up exploding somewhere along the way. 

There are some useful platforms like oGoing to promote your mobile pet grooming start-up. It's not easy running your own business. It is good to know the requirements on license and zoning laws in your local county or city. If you are a mobile pet groomer, you will need to own a mobile grooming unit, and all of the equipment and tools associated with pet grooming. This is not an insignificant investment.

Serious about mobile pet grooming? You will need experience working with pets, get certified as a groomer, open a business as a LLC or solo owner (ask your accountant), contact the local city for any requirements, purchase business insurance and vehicle insurance, obtain mobile vehicle and equipment for grooming (this could include electrical outlets, generator, lighting, grooming tables, running water, and bathtub, besides grooming tools such as clippers, scissors, shears, shampoos, brushes, blow dryers, nail clippers, ear cleaning products, bandanas, and bows), decide where you will be offering your services, create a reasonable pricing model, and finally set aside some money for marketing. 

People are always in a hurry and they don’t want to be hassled with taking their pets to the local groomer. Grooming salons are beginning to see the crunch as sales begin to drop, even forcing possible closure. Mobile pet grooming is one of the key reasons. With a single phone call, the mobile pet groomer will arrive at a customer's doorstep to groom their pet in the comfort of their own home, or right outside. Pet owners love this because it offers:

· Convenience

· A way to combat high gas prices

· No stress from having to sit in traffic

· Less embarrassment from misbehaving pets

Need help promoting your mobile pet grooming business? Join oGoing and get found by your customers, connect, share and grow your sales.

Become The Sales Magnet. Blast Off your Sales Now with Faye Kitariev - August 20

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Join us on August 20 and Get Inspired by Faye Kitariev

Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Diego Professionals
oGoing is hosting an exclusive Fireside Chat Dinner with an amazing speaker who will share with us "There are no limits in how well you sell, there are limits only in your beliefs!" Blast Off your Sales with Orange County's Faye Kitariev. Don't be Afraid to Go Further.
We are privileged to have Faye share her insights with us in an intimate setting. You will be able to meet her one-on-one and ask her questions. We would love to see you there. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind event.

One lucky professional will receive free one-on-one two-hour consulting session with Coach Faye, valued at $750.00, and another lucky professional will get one autographed copy of her latest book.

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          ($20.00 admission)

How Fast Do You Want to Boost Your Sales? Blast Off with Faye

About Faye
Faye Kitariev M.A. is a Performance Mastery Coach, bestselling author of “Choreography of Awakening”, entrepreneur, founder and president of Make the Impossible Possible, a success and results oriented coaching/consulting firm.
Faye’s brilliance is in inspiring and empowering people to stretch their limits beyond what they thought was possible. She instills confidence, trains commanding presence, and dissolves fears and blocks that are holding people back from reaching their sales goals. These are the very traits that allowed her athletes to dominate podiums across the World. As a young child and later an adult she was told over and over again how it wasn’t possible for her to succeed as a skater, then as a coach, then as an author and speaker. She broke through all the “no”s and became State Champion, an Olympic coach, Bestselling Author and world-class speaker. Faye will share her Secret Sales Success Formula of an Olympic Champion that every business owner must know to achieve unimaginable success!
"Faye Kitariev is a brilliant artist and coach and helped me achieve so many of my dreams and overcome multiple struggles..." ~Johnny Weir, 3 times US National Figure Skating Champion, 2-time Olympic Competitor, World Bronze Medalist, Movie and TV Star
"Faye has a gift for seeing the impossible as possible, and for creating a picture of that possibility for all of us to experience..." ~Rory Cohen, President, take10now.com, the author of "Take 10: How to Achieve Your Someday Dreams in 10 Minutes a Day"

Key Benefits of attending this Fireside Chat:

1. Learn how to Set Big Sales Goals and Achieve Them
2. Learn how to Become Fearless and Expand your Thinking
3. Learn how to Transform your Customer No's into Yes's
4. Expand your Business Network with local professionals
5. Enjoy the most Delicious Food at Saagar Fine India restaurant

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Saagar Fine Cuisine of India
4241 MacArthur Blvd
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Date and Time:
Wednesday, August 20, 2014
6 pm to 9:30 pm

Directions to Saagar

The Best Food

Saagar Food

Do you love delicious, mouth-watering Indian food? Come hungry... You are going to love the multi-course dinner, the service, and the place. Each Fireside Chat is limited to 50 professionals for maximum engagement. Register early!

Schedule for Exclusive Business Networking event:

6 pm to 6:30 pm
6:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Appetizers and Business Networking
7:30 pm to 8:15 pm
Sit-down Dinner, Member Intros
8:15 pm to 9:00 pm
Keynote Speaker
9:00 pm to 9:30 pm
Business Networking

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Orange County Holiday Mixer on Thu, Dec 12 at 6 pm

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Orange County Holiday Mixer

oGoing, USA's leading small business social media marketing network, invites local business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals to the annual Orange County Holiday Mixer on Thursday, December 12 at 6 pm in Newport Beach, CA.

The Orange County Holiday Mixer will include fun intros, plenty of laughs, charity raffle, speed networking and mingling.

"Do you love delicious, mouth-watering, hot Indian entrees? Come hungry! You are going to love the food and the place. I invite all local Southern California professionals to attend our annual holiday mixer and celebrate the holidays." Sanjay Dalal, founder / CEO, oGoing

25% of the proceeds will be donated to Olive Crest Foundation in Orange County, helping abused, neglected and at-risk children, and Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts.

What: Orange County Holiday Mixer
When: Thursday, December 12 at 6 pm
Where: Saagar Fine Cuisine of India
4241 MacArthur Boulevard
Newport Beach, CA 92660

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