Introducing oGoing Small Business of the Day | Spotlight for local businesses

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Introducing oGoing Member of the Day. It's our way of saying "We Love You!"

oGoing Small Business Member of the Day

We would like to share with you some great news as you begin your new year! oGoing has started a new spotlight on you, our local small business members.

Every day, we are going to spotlight an oGoing Member of the Day in front of the entire community.

It's our way of saying Thank You for being a valued member of our growing business network.

How do we select our Member of the Day? It's rather simple. We pick members who are active, who are engaged, who share useful tips, and who help us grow our network.

We have already announced the first five oGoing Members of the day. Curious to know who they are?

Ling Wong of Business Soulwork
     Ling is an Intuitive Brainiac. Through her unique blend of Business + Marketing coaching with a Mindset + Psychic Twist, she helps the ...

Steve Gambhir of Ergo21
     Ergo21's website slogan reads, “Comfort. Joy. Happiness.” It’s a fitting description for the company’s product, the Ergo21 Extreme Comfort Seat Cushion ...

Irving Katz - Author of Family Business Secrets
     Are you looking to grow and sustain your family business so that it lasts for future generations? Irving is an expert at planning for the future and teaching others how to succeed ...

Kate Ordoñez - LegalShield Independent Associate
     Kate decided to work for herself around five years ago because she wanted a professional lifestyle that involved helping others ...

Yousef Shafiee of RBN
     Yousef has been running Orange County's Relationship Business Network aka RBN for over 19 years now! RBN hosts a weekly luncheon networking meeting and major business expos.

Want to become our next Member of the Day? The first ten members who comment here "Make Me An oGoing Member of the Day" will be highlighted, compliments of oGoing.

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Seven Steps to Social Media Success for Small Business

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What are the Seven Steps to Social Media Success for Small Business?

How can a small business achieve measurable success and consistent ROI using social media marketing on a budget? oGoing founder Sanjay Dalal presents seven steps to social media success.

Small businesses are beginning to launch and grow their social media initiatives. These companies need guidance and education on how to create an effective social media strategy, navigate the social networks, manage customer interactions, analyze the results, and achieve consistent ROI.

oGoing is USA's leading local business social network. Join oGoing to get found online, share your story, promote products & services, and attract new customers. Join here.

 oGoing presents the Seven Steps to Success with Social Media Marketing for Small Business guide:

Seven Steps to Social Media Success

Social Media Success Step 1: Set social media objectives and goals

What does the business want to gain from social media marketing initiatives? What is the key objective? Is it to increase qualified leads, deliver better customer service, get more business, create a great brand, obtain better reviews or gain more trust? If the business is starting out on social media, it will take a lot of effort and time to undertake multiple objectives simultaneously. Ask the marketing manager or owner what their immediate goals are! Be very specific about the social media marketing objectives.

Social Media Success Step 2: Determine the social media channels, and create a beautiful profile or two

It's easy to fall in the trap of creating profiles on multiple social media channels, and then forgetting about them. Just having a profile is like an empty store front. No customer would dare go there. Social media is all about engagement. Each social media channel takes at least 4 to 6 hours of management every week. A business needs to be judicious of the time and resources, and start out with one or two social media channels. Creating a beautiful profile that exemplifies the business and gets customers excited is the first step.

Social Media Success Step 3: Listen and learn from the customers, partners and industry experts

Ask this question: "Who are our customers and what can we learn from what they are saying and doing?" Most of the business' customers would already be using social media. It's easy to find these customers (search for them), and see what's going on. The business also needs to think about "Who are the customers' customers?" In short, a business must take the time to learn about the customers' needs, and understand the customers' perceptions. The business should also learn how the partners are using social media, what the experts are saying and the industry trends.

Social Media Success Step 4: Make new connections with customers

It's time to connect! Once the business has determined who the customers, prospects, partners and experts are, it should begin connecting with them. Connect slowly! It may not make sense to connect with competing customers at the same time. It's best to follow a few customers, and engage well with them. Are more connections better? Just connecting with many users without real engagement does not yield promising results. Do not get caught up in the game of buying new followers or fans for the social channels - most of the paid connections are inactive users and the business will not materially benefit from them. Quality of connections matter a lot, not the quantity.

Social Media Success Step 5: Engage with customers

Promote the customers, ask customers for feedback, and provide answers to questions. Once a business begins listening and following the customers, the managers should share what their customers are saying. Promote the customers' updates. Respond to customers' messages. Get feedback about the products and services from the customers. Ask questions from customers about their updates and begin a conversation. Whenever possible, answer the customers' questions immediately and frequently. Engage with the customers! The more a business engages with their customers and prospects online, the better the ROI.

Social Media Success Step 6: Share relevant content. What would inspire and excite the customers?

Ask this question: "What do your customers want to learn from you?" Are customers seeing and treating the business as the subject matter or industry expert? Does the business have something interesting, inspiring and useful to share that will get them excited? Customers do not have the time to check your business updates, stories, product briefs and services daily. Customers have their own businesses to run. Customers want something that can help them do better business, and the job of social media managers is to provide this information. This is where the rubber meets the road.

Social Media Success Step 7: Analyze and repeat

Did the business realize the aforementioned social media goals? If the business followed through on the six success steps above, it would achieve most of the said objectives. How does one achieve all the goals? It's quite simple: Do more of what's working. Correct what's not. Be nimble! Social media is a fast-changing paradigm. It pays to be creative, and if a business has to start all over again, that's fine! The best barometer for success: Are the customers engaged?

Many small business owners and entrepreneurs need help with their social media management. The experts at oGoing have created a highly affordable social media marketing program for small business that begins at only $99 a month. Learn more

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oGoing B2B Social Network - Get found online and Boost SEO

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Online Business Networking and Marketing for small business on oGoing


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Small businesses are vital to America's economic future; 28 million small business owners, service providers, entrepreneurs, startups and SMB create two-thirds of all new jobs and spend over $5 trillion annually in USA. There are over 125 million small businesses worldwide. Most small businesses have no web presence, much less social media visibility. oGoing's mission is to help promote local businesses throughout the world. oGoing provides entrepreneurs, owners and professionals a powerful social media network that promotes the business, boosts online visibility, increases website traffic, improves SEO ranking, generates warm leads and attracts new customers.


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Can you help oGoing? We need to keep going!

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oGoing® Needs Your Help! We need to keep Going.

oGoing USA B2B Social Network

I started oGoing® to provide an amazing platform and network for every small business to tell their story, connect with thousands of businesses, share their products and services, and get found online by potential customers. 

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We need to keep oGoing going, and our plans are much bigger. My mission: will connect over 1 million small businesses. 

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Sanjay B Dalal 
founder / CEO, oGoing

Why join oGoing B2B Social Network for Small Business and SMB?

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Social Media, SEO and Search Marketing - Spending too much time?

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Are you still doing marketing the old way?
1. If you build it (website), they will come (customers). No one's coming!
2. I already have a website. Isn't that marketing?
3. I paid an SEO guy ton of money, and nothing happened! No leads.
4. I have social media profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram. Still no traction?
5. I started my blog. How come no one's commenting or doing anything?

Have you experienced any of the above? Still trying ad-hoc marketing tactics? Still shooting for your target customer with your eyes closed?

Social Media is exploding worldwide. There are over 2 billion people using various social networks. You cannot afford to do marketing the old way. How does your business stand out and shine?

Social Media Explosion

Marketing in 2015 requires a paradigm shift:
1. Your website needs to be "pushed" in front of your target customers (the world has over 1 billion websites).
2. Your website is not an end-all-be-all for marketing. Although, it is an important element of your marketing mix.
3. SEO doesn't equal marketing. It's great to be ranked high on search engines. It's one piece of the marketing puzzle.
4. Socia media profiles doesn't equal all of marketing either. Social networks help you connect where your customers are.
5. Your blog allows you to share original thought-provoking content and generate further interest from your customers.

These are some of your assets in your marketing mix, and you need to be fully aware of how they fit in the overall digital marketing strategy.

Majority of small business owners and marketers are investing a minimum of four to six hours a week on social media and online marketing. Social Media and Digital Marketing requires considerable work that includes: 

1. Chalking out a cohesive marketing strategy
2. Establishing marketing channels and programs
3. Creating a robust communication and messaging platform
4. Creating, managing and posting engaging content
5. Using paid social and search advertisements
6. Connecting with new customers and influencers
7. Collaborating and having conversations with customers
8. Providing customer service through social channels
9. Sharing timely offers and new specials
10. Following up with and nurturing new leads
11. Converting warm leads to sales, and
12. Analyzing and monitoring the impact of social media and marketing campaigns.

oGoing provides highly affordable and innovative social media and digital marketing service, oGoing Max for maximum engagement with customers, increasing online exposure, improving SEO, sharing inspiring content, growing website traffic and attracting more customers. Small business owners, entrepreneurs, service providers and SMB who don't have the time and resources to do marketing themselves love the new oGoing Max service. Our approach takes the guesswork out of social marketing.

Our Digital Marketing Process

oGoing Digital Marketing Process and Plan


oGoing Max marketing services are tailored for your specific business need. We begin with complimentary digital marketing consulting to understand your current marketing effort, your target customer and available market. We then provide a proposal to jumpstart your digital marketing for maximum impact! Our proposal will include how to find and attract new customers, how to market online using all available channels, how to build a sales funnel, when to connect and engage with customers on social networks, how to nurture existing prospects, and most importantly, how to convert warm prospects into sales. Once you sign-off on the proposal, we then go and execute our tested inbound marketing programs, and deliver real results.

Our Digital Marketing programs

Digital Marketing Services

Interested in learning more about our cutting-edge services? Contact us today for your complimentary digital marketing consulting. Our goal is to make you shine and stand out from all the noise, so that customers can find you, get to know your company, trust your brand, and open up to do business with you. Please email us at: sales at ogoing dot biz or call us at: +1-949-829-2742 is USA's leading B2B social network. oGoing gives SMB owners, service providers and entrepreneurs a powerful social media marketing platform that promotes the business, attracts new customers, boosts online visibility, improves website traffic and accelerates sales.

oGoing Helps Small and Medium Businesses Find New Customers!

Having A Mobile Pet Grooming Business in Orange County, California

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Mobile Pet Grooming is so convenient  

The world is going mobile. There are mobile computers, mobile video and of course, the mobile phone. But what about mobile pet grooming business? This business could end up exploding somewhere along the way. 

There are some useful platforms like oGoing to promote your mobile pet grooming start-up. It's not easy running your own business. It is good to know the requirements on license and zoning laws in your local county or city. If you are a mobile pet groomer, you will need to own a mobile grooming unit, and all of the equipment and tools associated with pet grooming. This is not an insignificant investment.

Serious about mobile pet grooming? You will need experience working with pets, get certified as a groomer, open a business as a LLC or solo owner (ask your accountant), contact the local city for any requirements, purchase business insurance and vehicle insurance, obtain mobile vehicle and equipment for grooming (this could include electrical outlets, generator, lighting, grooming tables, running water, and bathtub, besides grooming tools such as clippers, scissors, shears, shampoos, brushes, blow dryers, nail clippers, ear cleaning products, bandanas, and bows), decide where you will be offering your services, create a reasonable pricing model, and finally set aside some money for marketing. 

People are always in a hurry and they don’t want to be hassled with taking their pets to the local groomer. Grooming salons are beginning to see the crunch as sales begin to drop, even forcing possible closure. Mobile pet grooming is one of the key reasons. With a single phone call, the mobile pet groomer will arrive at a customer's doorstep to groom their pet in the comfort of their own home, or right outside. Pet owners love this because it offers:

· Convenience

· A way to combat high gas prices

· No stress from having to sit in traffic

· Less embarrassment from misbehaving pets

Need help promoting your mobile pet grooming business? Join oGoing and get found by your customers, connect, share and grow your sales.

50 Services Business for Consumer, Personal and Home Service in Orange County, California

clock December 6, 2014 00:02 by author Ogoing Team

Personal Services - Mobile Massage

Are you a Top Business Services Provider in Orange County California?

Do you provide business, personal, consumer, home, computer, education or event services? Are you an entrepreneur
who loves helping people or businesses by providing them timely services that make their lives or work easier,
saves them time and money, and helps them do better?

Personal Services, Consumer Services or Home Services is a Hot Business Services category. Some of these services include:

Mobile Pet Grooming - do you like to help pet owners at their homes with grooming, bathing and more? 
If you love pets, this service business is great!

Collectibles Search - do you like buying and selling collections, and making a profit?
If you can spot a great collectible and turn it around, choose this service.

Diaper Deliverydo you like to provide delivery of reusable diapers, and keep the environment clean?
If you like green, start with diapers and such.

Dry-Cleaning Pickup & Deliverydo you like to provide at home or at office dry-cleaning for busy professionals?
You don't need to own the dry-cleaning to get started.

Mobile Locksmithdo you enjoy helping folks who are locked out of their homes or cars, and need help getting in?
If you don't mind working 24/7, this service business is for you.

Graffiti Removal & Abatement - do you like to help remove graffiti, paint and stuff, and keep your local community clean?
Find work at local city centers, malls, highway bridges, public buildings and more.

Golf-Club Cleaningdo you like to play golf? Why not help golfers and golf enthusiasts by keeping their
golf clubs and drivers clean, and games sharp?

Self-Defense Instructor - do you like helping others gain more confidence, strength and readiness?
Are you a Karate or Taekwondo expert? Help them defend better.

Adventure Tours - do you like creating custom adventures and travel packages that are all-inclusive for your clients?
Include transportation, travel, hotels, food and entertainment? People only need to bring their smiles (and wallet).

Pet Sitting - do you like pets, and enjoy taking care of them while their owners are out and about?
If you don't mind having some fun time with pets, this service is for you.

Mobile Massage - do you like to provide your personal massage services at home, at work place or just about anywhere?
Entrepreneurs, this service business can be hugely profitable.

Personal Chef - do you like to cook for families who are always busy or when they have that special occasion?
If you love cooking new entrees, this service business is tops. 

Mobile Mechanic - rather than owning an expensive shop, why not provide your mechanic and auto repair services
directly to clients, where ever they are? Be the mobile automobile mechanic.

Seamstress/Tailor - do you like to stitch, and share your passion for design? Why not help with alterations, adding
embroidered logos, and creating new dresses or clothes from scratch?

Court-Paper Serving - are you persistent in making sure that notice gets served? Help local attorneys by serving
their summons and court orders to their clients' opponents, or for county courts.

Porcelain Repair - do you like getting your hands dirty with clay and such? How about fixing those cracks in sinks
and tubs, and making them shiny again?

Cover Letter/Resume Service - can you help your clients get interviews for their dream jobs? You are their
passport to success. Help them start with an awesome cover letter and resume.

Mystery Shopping - do you love shopping till you drop? Can't live without it? Become a "mystery" shopper
and provide your review to the shop owner. Help make the shopping experience great!

Tax-Form Preparer - are you like most people who don't love preparing taxes, are scared of all the
forms, and procrastinate until almost the filing time? Help these people and business owners file their taxes
on time, reduce their stress, and better yet, help them get a refund.

Wedding-Guide Publishing - wedding bells means great business for local photographers, bakers, caterers
and florists. Can you help them by publishing a wedding guide with space for local advertisers? It's a win-win.

Smartphone and Tablet trainer - are you a power smartphone and tablet user? do you know all the ins and 
and outs. There are many older folks who are always struggling on how to use these advanced devices. 


Post your Consumer, Home and Business Services for free on - leading B2B and B2C social network.

There's no cost to join, and you get all the exposure, visibility and website traffic! Just go here to join today.

Mobile Car-Wash and Detailing - do you like washing your car? Why not make money by washing
other peoples' cars - wherever they are! Partner up with 
car dealers, rental fleet owners, shopping malls and corporations.

Used-Car Inspection - do you love used cars? Turn your hobby into money-making machine. Become an
expert on used cars, and save your clients the trouble from buying a bad used car. 

Professional Organizer - do you like cleaning up and keeping a place tidy and neat? Can't stand messy
closets and messy desks? Help organize peoples' and professionals' lives, and make them feel great, and make money in the process.

Private Tutoring - do you like to help school or college students excel and do well in reading, writing
and math, or advanced classes? Become their guide or tutor. Help them improve their grades.

Power Washing - do you like cleaning oily driveways, semi trucks or food trucks full of mud, or untidy
boats . . . help clean those tough messes for commercial and residential customers.

Windshield Repair - do you like to help your clients save money by repairing their cracked or chipped
windshields? Unlock your entrepreneurship, and find them in
local parking and used-car lots.

Minor Dent or Fender Bender Repair - do you want to help your clients save money by repairing their
minor dents or fender benders? Find the cars with dents (easy to spot) in 
local parking, grocery store parking, and used-car lots.

Private Investigation - do you like to keep a close eye on other peoples' activities? Now you can help your
lients, who may include attorneys gathering evidence for a case, or individuals seeking information about a significant other.

Packing and Unpacking Servicedo you like to help people or professionals pack up to move to a new
home or office, and unpack on the other end? This time-saving service removes the hassle from moving altogether.

Handyman Services - do you like to help home owners fix their broken windows, kitchen cabinets and
doors, install new doors, stop
 leaky pipes, jammed-up toilets, install new lighting and more? Earn a living
by being a neighborhood handyman. 

Carpet Dyeing - why replace a bad carpet that is stained or just old looking? Instead, help customers by
dyeing them and make them feel like new again. Great service for ho
tels, community centers, nursing homes and other businesses.

Home-Entertainment Installation - do you like helping consumers and businesses install their home
theaters? Do wires and connectivity get you excited? Turn your passion into profits!

Mortgage/Debt-Reduction Service - do you want to help debt-laden consumers and owners get out
of their debt? M
ortgage and debt-reduction-service professionals do just that. 

Pool Services - do you enjoy using your tools, cleaning the water with cleaning equipment and using
a water-test kit?  Help individual residences, homeowners' associations and apartment complexes keep their pools sparkling clean.

Lawn and Landscape Care - do you like to keep your lawn green and trim? If you love mowing, clipping
and fertilizing your lawn, why not do the same for office complexes and residential clients? 


Post your Consumer, Home and Business Services for free on - leading B2B and B2C social network. 

There's no cost to join, and you get all the exposure, visibility and website traffic! Just go here to join today.

Home-Inspection Service - do you enjoy spotting problems and suggesting solutions? If you have a keen eye
to finding s
tructural damage, termite and water issues, mold and mildew problems, and foundation problems,
get ready to becoming a home inspector.

House Painting - do you want to utilize your painting skills? Then just load up your pick up truck with brushes,
rollers and ladders, and get paid to paint homes, offices, buildings and more.

Local Moving Service - do you like to pick up, load and carry stuff? are you a tough guy or gal? Help people move
locally from their home to another home, office to another office, and get paid.

House-Sitting - do you like to take care of plants, pets, fish and stuff in the homes? Why not start a house-sitting
service? Start with your neighbors, and expand.

Home Decorating - do you have an eye for design and decorating? Like to make things look pretty and neat? Start
a home decoration service and make home owners feel great about their homes.

Miniblind Cleaning - do you hate dusty and dirty miniblinds? Are you a clean freak? Put an end to dirt, and begin a
business with cleaning miniblinds at home or office

Pet-Food and Supplies Home Delivery - do you have pets? Picking up good pet food and supplies is a weekly
chore. Become a new entrepreneur and help pet owners by providing timely pet food and supplies.

Custom Closet Systems - do you keep a highly organized closet that is always clean and neat? If you can add and
rearrange shelves, create neat closet spaces, and add hooks and hangers, n
ew homeowners and most
everyone else will find you valuable. 

Window Washing - do you enjoy working with water, buckets, cleaning solutions and squeegees? You will be
well-suited for cleaning dirty windows of retail stores, businesses and residences. 

Residential Cleaning - if you like cleaning your own home, and are good at it, you could do the same for your
neighbors, and local community? Start a home or office cleaning business. Start with people you know.

Roof and Rain Gutter Cleaning - when gutters are left dirty, they directly affect the roofs and your home's external
walls. Get an experienced professional to help you clean out your gutters at least once every year.

Personal Shopping  - if you love shopping, but aren't able to go by yourself, need someone to help you pick the
best, or just need a friend to go along with to make your shopping memorable? Great service for startup entrepreneurs.

Dance Teacher and Dance Partner - want to learn how to dance? Want to brush up on a few steps and make an
impression when you meet your partner? Be a dance teacher and a dance partner. 

Post your Consumer, Home and Business Services for free on - leading B2B and B2C social network. 

There's no cost to join, and you get all the exposure, visibility and website traffic! Just go here to join today.

oGoing B2B Social Network has a New Phone Number

clock November 30, 2014 22:09 by author Ogoing Team

Please note that starting December 1, 2014 oGoing has a new main phone number:


Our old phone number 949-288-6880 or 888-856-8881 is no longer in operation.

You can call our new phone number, and leave us your detailed message and voice mail, and we will return your call within 2 business days.

Sincere regards,
Sanjay Dalal
founder / CEO, oGoing

p.s. Have you signed up yet on the nation's leading B2B Social Network Ogoing? Get found, Connect, Share and Grow your business!

Social Media Marketing in a Box for $999

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Complete Social Media Marketing Services for 2015 by oGoing

oGoing Presents Our Best Holiday Special - Social Media Marketing in a Box for $999! ($2,500 value. 60% off)

oGoing team will manage, promote and expand your social media brand and presence on

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+ and for all of 2015 including the remainder of 2014 for $999 ($2,500 value. 60% off).

oGoing Social Media Marketing in a Box for $999


Maximum exposure and visibility on major social networks.

Local and mobile online presence in front of your customers.

Social media marketing program that doesn't break the bank.

According to a major study*, small businesses find social media to be very effective in reaching their marketing goals.

Small Businesses find Social Media Marketing quite effective

Social Media is found to be highly relevant for Branding, Word-of-mouth, Content marketing and Lead Generation.

What's included in this exceptional Holiday Special:

1. Our team will share weekly posts on major social media networks. Posts will be on specific topics relevant to your business, including offers, services, products, events, tips, community, activities, customers, success stories, best practices, spotlights, and much more! Think of oGoing team as your content marketing partner. We will do the actual work of creating and sharing content on your behalf. Bottomline: We will dazzle your audience with engaging content!

2. We will feature and spotlight your business profile on in your business category, and also give exposure to your business on our distribution networks. If you to go, you will see that on the right hand column, we have featured businesses. Your business will be featured in your category. Also, we will create specific posts that highlight what you do, and share it with our member businesses on network at least once every month. See this real post of customer highlight.   

3. We will spotlight your business multiple times on our distribution networks to give you more viral visibility. Ogoing has a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ (over 100K connections). e.g.  (we have over 45 channels on Twitter). We have strong presence in Orange County on all major networks and on

4. We will help you get found online on Google, Bing, Yahoo and 70 search engines, and grow your SEO rank. Every month, we will submit your website to search engines and directories, and ensure that you are listed correctly. We will find the relevant keywords that your potential customers use to search online, and include these keywords as part of our content marketing in step 1. above. Further, we will share with you techniques and best practices on how you can raise your SEO rank organically.

5. We will interact and engage with your prospects and customers on social networks. We will message them, mention them, and provide responses to their questions. We have first-hand knowledge on making quality connections, leveraging and warming-up these connections, converting these connections to qualified leads, and growing the business or product line. 

6. We will educate you on the latest social media best practices, tips, secrets and trends through bimonthly online webinars, podcasts or webcasts.


We will increase your number of quality connections on social networks (we will establish a baseline when we start the work, and share with you progress every month). We will increase your website traffic as we ramp up our marketing programs (again, we will establish a baseline based on your current website traffic, and track this and share with you our findings). We will increase your social network interactions with a focus on achieving real results as stated in 5. above. 


Ready to Get Going?


Sign Up for oGoing Social Media Marketing Services

Why choose oGoing for managing your social media?
1. Expose your Business to Thousands of potential customers Online
2. Increase your Website Traffic and Engage with more customers
3. Grow your Social Media Brand and Boost Your SEO Ranking 
4. Get the most affordable and effective integrated marketing solution is the nation's leading business to business social network. 
* We live and breathe social media marketing 24/7 
* oGoing team has been successfully managing social media services for clients for five years
* oGoing is a recognized leader in social media marketing solutions and consulting services
* oGoing founder & CEO has trained and consulted over 1,000 business owners on social media
* oGoing is a Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Microsoft, Salesforce and Apple trusted developer and partner.


Social Media Strategy and Execution

You can be rest assured that we will thoroughly plan, develop and execute your social media strategy.

We really dig social media. See what some of our happy customers are saying:

"I would highly recommend oGoing to any company looking to quickly and efficiently tackle their social media and online marketing needs, large or small." - Lily Otieno, Infinity Business Solutions, Brea, CA

"It's great to have oGoing help us with social media marketing for the past two years... oGoing enhances our brand and online presence, and attracts new entrepreneurs and business owners to our programs." - Mark Mitchell, Director, TriTech SBDC, Orange County, CA

"Great site for business networking! I highly recommend oGoing for any business executive looking to extend their reach beyond their immediate group." - Todd Herschberg, SEO and Online Marketing Guru, Silicon Valley, CA

"RBN is very appreciative of oGoing Team for their efforts in creating more exposure for RBN in recent months. Targeted online marketing and social media boost by the oGoing team on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and helped in growing our attendance at our recent event. RBN has decided to use oGoing marketing services, and we highly recommend OGoing for your company’s inbound marketing and social media marketing services." – Yousef Shafiee, Relationship Business Network, Orange County, CA


Sign Up for oGoing Social Media Marketing Services


questions? contact us here:

phone: 949-829-2742

oGoing Inc. 7545 Irvine Center Dr., Suite 200, Irvine, CA 92618

Become The Sales Magnet. Blast Off your Sales Now with Faye Kitariev - August 20

clock August 10, 2014 21:14 by author Ogoing Team

Join us on August 20 and Get Inspired by Faye Kitariev

Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Diego Professionals
oGoing is hosting an exclusive Fireside Chat Dinner with an amazing speaker who will share with us "There are no limits in how well you sell, there are limits only in your beliefs!" Blast Off your Sales with Orange County's Faye Kitariev. Don't be Afraid to Go Further.
We are privileged to have Faye share her insights with us in an intimate setting. You will be able to meet her one-on-one and ask her questions. We would love to see you there. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind event.

One lucky professional will receive free one-on-one two-hour consulting session with Coach Faye, valued at $750.00, and another lucky professional will get one autographed copy of her latest book.

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

          ($20.00 admission)

How Fast Do You Want to Boost Your Sales? Blast Off with Faye

About Faye
Faye Kitariev M.A. is a Performance Mastery Coach, bestselling author of “Choreography of Awakening”, entrepreneur, founder and president of Make the Impossible Possible, a success and results oriented coaching/consulting firm.
Faye’s brilliance is in inspiring and empowering people to stretch their limits beyond what they thought was possible. She instills confidence, trains commanding presence, and dissolves fears and blocks that are holding people back from reaching their sales goals. These are the very traits that allowed her athletes to dominate podiums across the World. As a young child and later an adult she was told over and over again how it wasn’t possible for her to succeed as a skater, then as a coach, then as an author and speaker. She broke through all the “no”s and became State Champion, an Olympic coach, Bestselling Author and world-class speaker. Faye will share her Secret Sales Success Formula of an Olympic Champion that every business owner must know to achieve unimaginable success!
"Faye Kitariev is a brilliant artist and coach and helped me achieve so many of my dreams and overcome multiple struggles..." ~Johnny Weir, 3 times US National Figure Skating Champion, 2-time Olympic Competitor, World Bronze Medalist, Movie and TV Star
"Faye has a gift for seeing the impossible as possible, and for creating a picture of that possibility for all of us to experience..." ~Rory Cohen, President,, the author of "Take 10: How to Achieve Your Someday Dreams in 10 Minutes a Day"

Key Benefits of attending this Fireside Chat:

1. Learn how to Set Big Sales Goals and Achieve Them
2. Learn how to Become Fearless and Expand your Thinking
3. Learn how to Transform your Customer No's into Yes's
4. Expand your Business Network with local professionals
5. Enjoy the most Delicious Food at Saagar Fine India restaurant

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!
         ($20.00 admission)

Saagar Fine Cuisine of India
4241 MacArthur Blvd
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Date and Time:
Wednesday, August 20, 2014
6 pm to 9:30 pm

Directions to Saagar

The Best Food

Saagar Food

Do you love delicious, mouth-watering Indian food? Come hungry... You are going to love the multi-course dinner, the service, and the place. Each Fireside Chat is limited to 50 professionals for maximum engagement. Register early!

Schedule for Exclusive Business Networking event:

6 pm to 6:30 pm
6:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Appetizers and Business Networking
7:30 pm to 8:15 pm
Sit-down Dinner, Member Intros
8:15 pm to 9:00 pm
Keynote Speaker
9:00 pm to 9:30 pm
Business Networking

About oGoing is USA's leading social network for small business. helps small business get found online by their customers. gives owners, professionals and entrepreneurs a powerful social media marketing platform that promotes the business, boosts online visibility, improves website traffic, raises SEO ranking, generates new leads and attracts new customers. Join Now

Posting on Social Networks - An outline

clock May 14, 2014 11:09 by author Ogoing Team

Posting online on Social Networks

If you plan to make an income from the Internet, posting is one of the main ways you will gain attention. There are several ways that you can do this, but here is my solution.  One of the first things you need to do is make a commitment to post on a daily, regular basis.  I have friends, connections and followers on oGoing (700+), Facebook (450+), LinkedIn (1,025+), Twitter (740+) and others that post on anything but a regular basis. As I have said on hundreds of posts, consistency is a key to branding and business development.

You must be ready to post every day on key social networks!

Here is a habit I have developed. I try to post at least twice a day, mornings and early evenings.  These are the times to catch most people (Followers). If you can plan to do more in your day it is even better.  On days I am near my computer more often I have posted up to six times in a day, at least two hours apart. If you get really good at this you can take time on a Sunday evening or early Monday morning to find all your articles for the week that you plan to post. I am involved on over 50 pages on Facebook. When I post an article or information about my book, I post to five pages in a group and then post to another outlet like oGoing. After about 20 minutes going back and forth between Facebook and all my other sources, I have made post on all outlets, the same exact post. This gives the consistent flavor to the post time.  After all the posts have been placed, I then answer e-mail, respond to post replies and other admin duties.

Once you have established your pattern it is best to keep the same times each day.  This way you will build new followers and keep your original friends and connections.  People are creatures of habit, so they will come to expect your posts about the same time. By keeping them informed you will build trust and a more fervent follower. This is a habit that will make you grow. The whatever or whenever patter you are using now is not working. Get consistent and grow your business. 

About the Author 

Communications is an art that Rick Polson has taken to heart since high school. After helping to set up and participate in an on-campus radio station, Rick went on to study broadcast communications, receiving a Bachelor’s degree from Curry College. Since then, he has held a wide range of positions in the fields of Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations. 

Rick was an Account Executive at several broadcast facilities in Ann Arbor, Michigan; Boston, Massachusetts; and Tampa Bay, Florida – selling, writing, and producing ads for numerous industries. He also was an on-air participant in some locations. As a Public Relations Manager for an international computer product manufacturer and distributor, he was deeply involved in branding global product lines. He also has advertising agency experience, involved with all aspects of client relations and placement of marketing programs.

Rick Polson is the author of critically acclaimed Making a Superstar Company available on, iTunes and Barnes and Noble

Connect with Rick on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and oGoing

oGoing 360 - 360 Degree Marketing for your Business

clock April 25, 2014 17:09 by author Ogoing Team

oGoing 360 - 360 Degree Marketing Boost for your Business

oGoing 360 - Jumpstart Local Marketing Now!

Do you want to?

1. GET FOUND by your target customers.

2. PROMOTE your business in front of your target customers.

3. ENGAGE and UPSELL to your target customers.

4. ATTRACT new customers and GROW your business.

oGoing 360 provides 360° Marketing Boost for your Small Business! oGoing 360 is your connector to trusted customers and partners. oGoing 360 promotes your business online, makes trusted connections, and finds new customers.

"oGoing team has greatly increased our exposure in the little time they have taken over our account. Not only has the oGoing team improved our chances of letting people know about our live events, they have taken care of situations in a very fast and timely fashion. Their very affordable fees make oGoing a very reasonable and sensible solution to the small business companies." - Lily Ann Hainline, GRA, Palm Springs, CA 

Get nonstop marketing every month on oGoing for 12 months and these benefits.

oGoing 360 Key Features and Benefits

1. Business Profile on the leading business-to-business network
    Ultimate exposure in front of over 10,000 captive professionals 

Business Profile of an Ogoing customer

    "Great site for business networking! I highly recommend Ogoing for any business executive looking to extend their reach beyond their immediate group." - Todd Herschberg, SEO and Online Marketing Guru

2. Featured Listing in your business category
    Your Customers will find you front and center on your category, and on the Ogoing home page 

Featured Business Listing on Ogoing

3. Sponsored Listing when customers search
    Get preferred position when potential customers search for you. Your business will be shown to customers first!

4. Promotion of Posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+
    Ogoing Team will promote your posts in front of over 50,000 professional connections on major social networks. Tremendous Exposure!
    Your profile directly integrates with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter so that every oGoing post gets further boost on your networks.

oGoing 360 Local SEO Online Marketing - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ Boost

5. Boosting of Posts for even more visibility
    Ogoing team will share your posts with entire community to get more exposure and traffic

6. Getting Found on Google, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Twitter, local search engines
    Your qualified customers will find you FIRST when they search online or on social networks. 
    Your oGoing profile shows your location on Google Map, and includes link to your Facebook profile.

Local SEO, Local Search, Google, Bing, Yahoo

7. New Trusted Connections delivered every month
    Trusted Ogoing members connect with you. Get their name, phone and email

8. Warm Introductions made to Local Professionals
    Get warm referrals to local professionals in your industry

9. Invitation to Exclusive Business Networking Events and Webinars
    Exclusive invite to networking mixers and events to find more customers

10. Five Star Customer Review and Testimonial
    Facilitated five star review by your customer about your business on Ogoing

Five Star Review of your Business on Ogoing

11. Online Coaching on Social Media Do’s and Don’ts
    Webinars on social media and online marketing to grow your business

12. Exclusive eBook – Ten Steps to Attract Customers with Social Media
    Jumpstart your online marketing and lead generation through social media

13. Mobile and Local Marketing – Promote your business anytime, anyplace
    Download oGoing mobile apps on your iPhone or Android, and market your business 24/7/365.

Mobile and Local Marketing and Networking by Ogoing


Bonus One: Complimentary One-hour Business Coaching with a renowned Business Coach who will guide you on strategic management ($200 value)

Bonus Two: Complimentary One-hour Fitness Coaching with an expert Fitness Coach who will transform you with physical and mental toughness ($150 value)

Bonus Three: Complimentary One-hour Legal Coaching with a skilled Lawyer who will guide you on company formation, contracts and intellectual property ($200 value)

Bonus Four: Complimentary One-hour Sales Coaching with a local Direct Marketing Sales guru on how to create urgency in selling and closing ($150 value)

Bonus Five: Complimentary One-hour Success Coaching with a super Entrepreneur who will help position your products for maximum value ($200 value)  

"RBN is very appreciative of oGoing Team for their efforts in creating more exposure for RBN in recent months. Targeted online marketing and social media boost by the oGoing team on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and helped in growing our attendance at our recent event. RBN has decided to use oGoing marketing services, and we highly recommend oGoing for your company’s inbound marketing and social media marketing services." – Yousef Shafiee, Relationship Business Network

Subscribe to oGoing 360 Now

Subscribe to Ogoing 360

Why do business with oGoing?

1. oGoing has been delivering social media, online marketing, SEO and coaching services for the past five years to over 1,000 local customers.

2. oGoing is a member of local Chamber of Commerce, Octane and TriTech SBDC

3. oGoing is a Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Salesforce, Twitter, Amazon, Apple, Cisco trusted developer and partner?

oGoing Inc. 7545 Irvine Center Dr., Suite 200, Irvine, CA 92618. Main: 949-829-2742

Download Ten Social Media Tips for Small Business to Attract Customers

clock April 7, 2014 08:24 by author Ogoing Team

Small Business Owners, SMB and Entrepreneurs are always juggling their time and resources managing, running and growing their business.

Social Media Marketing requires extra time, resources and expertise... companies end up spending 4 to 6 hours a week to manage their social media activities. The benefits of effective social media are tangible; consistent online exposure, increased website traffic, sharing of knowledge, better lead generation, improved search ranking (SEO), direct customer feedback, customer service, learning, and engagement with customers.

We invite to create your business profile on oGoing and get found online by your prospective customers? oGoing is USA's leading social network for small business. Over ten thousand small businesses are using oGoing to get found, connect, share, network, promote and grow their business using the latest social media. Join oGoing today and Jumpstart your online marketing, SEO and leads!

Ten Social Media Tips to Attract Customers

oGoing presents 10 Social Media Tips for Small Business

1. Create a social media plan

Many business owners think social media means creating a new profile on Facebook or Twitter, and perhaps sharing couple of updates... Worse yet, they do the same thing on multiple social media network channels and expect the same results. "If you build it, they will come!" Not quite. Social media is not a field of dreams on autopilot.

Download here => Ten Social Media Tips

Many small business owners, entrepreneurs and SMB need help managing their social media. The experts at oGoing have created highly affordable social media marketing solution starting at $99 monthly. Learn more about the innovative oGoing social media and inbound marketing services that generate warm leads:

Learn more => oGoing Marketing Services

"RBN is very appreciative of oGoing Team and CEO Sanjay Dalal for their efforts in creating more exposure for RBN in recent months. Targeted online marketing and social media boost by the oGoing team on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and helped in growing our attendance at our recent event. RBN has decided to use oGoing marketing services, and we highly recommend oGoing for your company;s inbound marketing and social media marketing services." – Relationship Business Network

oGoing is a Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Twitter, Apple, Salesforce, Amazon and Cisco developer & partner.

Direct download:

Ten-Social-Media-Marketing-Tips-May-oGoing.pdf (2.17 mb)


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