"Minding Small Business"

oGoing members Darwin Strong and Ernie Castelo have their own TV/video/radio production business. Their “Mind the Business” podcast and radio show provides useful information to small business owners and entrepreneurs on the nuts and bolts of running a business.

A Radio Show is Born

Darwin and Ernie make a great team. Darwin has been a radio and television host and DJ for most of his career, with experience both on the microphone and behind the scenes. Ernie, who served in the U.S. Navy and was a banker before going into broadcasting, spent 15 years as a TV anchor, broadcast journalist and host. In 1997, Darwin decided the time was right for a new venture – his own media production company. He and Ernie had worked together on various video projects, and in 2010, they launched Skyline Mediacast Productions. But the two men quickly discovered how little they knew about owning a business.

Mind the Business Radio Show team having great times


We realized just how complicated it is to be on your own in business,” Darwin explains. “We thought we could share what we’d been through with an audience having the same challenges.”
That’s when the lights came on,” recalls Ernie, “and the ‘Mind the Business’ radio show was born.” Darwin’s wife, Suzanne, a journalist with a love for radio, was also recruited for the broadcast team, joining the show first as a producer and then as a co-host.


Business, Laughter & Learning

The “Mind the Business” website slogan reads “Business, Laughter & Learning.” The site is designed to help start-up, home-based and entrepreneurial companies with great articles, insightful tips and quotes from famous business leaders. The radio podcast offers even more hands-on advice. “We interview individuals with expertise in different aspects of operating a business,” explains Darwin. “Discussions have included writing a business plan, marketing, social media, cyber security, credit, financing, and crowdfunding – topics other business owners find valuable.”

Mind the Business Radio Show - Business, Laughter, Learning

Darwin and Ernie live by a basic business philosophy: they really love their jobs. “We do the type of work we’re passionate about and share it with others,” says Ernie. That passion has made “Mind the Business” a hit. The co-hosts believe that this nation’s backbone rests on small business, which has very little support out there. “I think what makes the show popular is that we connect with small business owners, and they don’t feel so alone,” notes Darwin. “We try to bring humor to the show as well as some great guests and suggestions that can help our listeners.”

Mentors, Colleagues and Success

Over the years, many business contacts have encouraged Darwin and Ernie, securing equipment the partners needed for the show and teaching them how the radio industry works. Other colleagues have been willing to share their expertise on the air. “We’ve been supported by mentors both inside and outside the broadcasting field,” says Ernie. “And most of our mentors have appeared on our radio podcast.” Both Darwin and Ernie appreciate the contributions of these “MTB” family members to the show’s success. “Other than that,” notes Darwin, “it takes a lot of faith and prayer.”

Darwin and Ernie have been active on oGoing for some time and enthusiastically endorse the benefits of oGgoing membership. “oGoing has allowed us to get our message out to a variety of businesses,” says Darwin. “We’ve even found some radio show guests among our oGoing colleagues.” Ernie recommends that other oGoing entrepreneurs use the platform for some beneficial exposure. “Keep tooting your own horn on oGoing,” he says. “It’s well worth the effort!

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Story editor and writer Wendy Alexander is an oGoing small business member. 
Wendy is an award-winning Sacramento writer and principal for wendywrites Writing and Editing Services, which provides communications consulting to business, government agencies and nonprofits.

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