Sanjay Dalal, June 2011What’s the definition of a serial entrepreneur? If you look it up in the dictionary you might just see a picture of Sanjay Dalal, the subject of today’s interview. Sanjay is the founder and CEO of Ogoing, a social network exclusively for businesses.

Prior to starting his current venture, Sanjay founded the India Business Network, a network dedicated to helping companies in India do business around the world. He also founded Bharat Market, an online shopping network for Indian made goods. On top of all that, Sanjay has a consulting services company, called, and he’s authored more than 350 articles on the state of innovation in business as well as an eBook on innovation that has been used by more than 650 corporations and organizations worldwide. Some of the companies that have implemented his recommendations are HP, Pepsi, Hallmark, Best Buy, UC Irvine, Nokia, and more.

With a plate as full as Sanjay’s, we were lucky to catch him long enough to answer a few interview questions, and the interview is below. Enjoy!

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