Is Social Media Big for Small Business? 

Social Media is Big for Small Business

Most of us use social media to connect with our loved ones and chat with our friends. But social media platforms like oGoing, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are also great for small business. While this might not be news to some business owners, others have yet to take advantage of these powerful tools. Today we are going to learn four reasons why every small business owner should be using social media. 

Four Reasons Why Social Media Is Powerful For Small Business

1. Social media helps you connect with your customers: One of the largest challenges small business owners face is connecting with their customer base. Often business owners feel detached from their customers and really don’t know how to connect or communicate with them. Social media allows owners to connect with their customers on a more personal level like never before. Business owners can use social media to share what's going on, ask questions, get feedback, provide online support, post specials, and invite customers to upcoming events!

2. Social media stretches your advertising dollar: A great way to add growth to your company is to advertise on social media. But most advertising sources cost lots of money. TV, print and radio ads can really put a dent in your overall budget. However, social media is very different. Often you can advertise your goods and service on social media with paying a small amount or not pay anything. If you have built a large following, a simple tweet or Facebook post can draw in hundreds of new prospects when shared at the right time.

3. Everyone is on social media: From grandmothers to small children, it seems everyone is on social media. Most importantly, your customers are on it. So why aren’t you? These online social networks will give your small business access to thousands of people all under one roof. Never before has there been so many people in one place. This will allow you to reach people far and wide, and new opportunities will always be right in front of you. Many of the people you bring in through social media probably have never shopped or used your services if not for finding you online. While brick and mortar locations are important, your online promotions and sales are just as valuable.

4. Social media gives you an online voice: Having your own business social media accounts will help you grow your online voice. Being heard online is very important and will allow you to offer your products and services. This will allow you to establish your own brand that people around the local area and the world will recognize. Social media is a great equalizer - it helps small business look really big in front of your customers. This is very powerful and highly important to the growth of your company. 

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