Get Your Business Online - Live Workshops on March 25 and March 26

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oGoing is partnering with Google to help local small businesses get online
through two live educational workshops.

Sugar Plums Photobooth

Sugar Plums Photobooth experiences 50% growth since getting online.
Our website has had a tremendous impact on our bottom line. We’ve been able to expand our
reach to markets around the country.
" Sugar Plums

Learn with Google

oGoing is hosting two live workshops on Tuesday March 25 and
Wednesday March 26, 2014 at our office in Irvine.

The workshops will be delivered live by educators from Google.

The workshops are limited to 10 participants only.

RSVP early 

(please mention: "Get Your Business Online" under comments) and let
us know who will be attending from your company.

Details of the workshop:

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Build a free website and website best practices.

10:00AM pacific to 12:00PM pacific 2 hours

The web is where we go to find things, so it is more important than ever 
that every local business have an online presence. Building a website can
be fast, easy and free for a year. Learn how to get online and make sure
your website can be found by customers.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Get online. Get on the map. Get help for your business.

10:00AM pacific to 12:00PM pacific 2 hours

Make sure your business can be found on the web, in Search and Maps,
with a free business listing on Google. Use Helpouts by Google to connect
with industry experts who provide real-time help across topics from
technology to small business.

RSVP today for these workshops

(please mention: "Get Your Business Online" under comments).

We have room for only 10 participants.

Location for both workshops:

oGoing offices
7545 Irvine Center Dr., Suite 200
Irvine, CA 92618
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Free Download WOW Product Innovation Guide - Creating Amazing Products for your Customers NOW

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WOW Innovation Product Guide

Insights for Planning, Designing and Creating Amazing Products that WOW your Customers NOW!

Customer-focused Innovation is the key to sustainable competitive advantage and business growth. Customer Use is the starting point for creating game-changing WOW products that matter!

WOW! Product Guide provides highlights of WOW products today, what makes them Amazing, key product insights, processes for creating Great products, product and design Innovation strategy, six steps towards creating WOW products, and ten practices for Amazing your customers NOW with the Best products!

WOW Topics and Agenda:

Six WOW! Product Characteristics
WOW! Product then
WOW! Products Today
Apple iPad
Amazon Kindle
Microsoft Kinect
Toyota Prius
World of Warcraft
Cisco WebEx
Customer Use & WOW! Products
Three characteristics of WOW! Products
What makes the Apple iPad WOW!
Product Requirements Blueprint
Why iPhone? Steve Jobs himself
WOW! Innovation Success Metric
WebEx – What makes it WOW!
Six WOW! Product Questions 
Six WOW! Product Insights
Google Product Development
Failures create WOW! Products
Three Product Traps
Ten Practices to create Amazing Products NOW!

This WOW! Product Guide is delivered in presentation style!

Passion, Creativity and Ideas are the basis for creating amazing product and design innovations.

Who should download?
Product managers, Product directors, Product marketing managers, UI Designers, User Experience Managers, Customer Advocates, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Marketing managers, Innovation managers, Innovation executives, Innovation officers, Product executives, Business executives, Business school students, Business school faculty, Technology managers, Technology students, Technology executives, Engineering managers, Engineering students, Engineering executives

Sanjay Dalal is an innovator and entrepreneur with over twenty years of leadership experience in Silicon Valley and High Tech companies. Dalal authored and launched the Faculty eBook and Definitive Guide on Creativity and Innovation in business in 2008, used by over 1,000 leading organizations and professionals all over the world including HP, Hallmark, Cleveland Clinic, Pepsi, EDS, TATA, LG, SAP and major universities. Dalal authored the new Apple's Innovation Strategy in 2010. Dalal is the CEO & founder of oGoing :: What’s going on?, and chief innovator of InnovationMain – Creativity and Innovation driving Business. 

Pay it Forward when you download the WOW Product Innovation Guide for free ($9.95 value)! Here's our request:

1. Join oGoing, nation's leading small business social network, and promote your business or profession for free. Join here
2. Share the knowledge gained from the wisdom of these great innovators with students of all ages
3. Connect with Sanjay Dalal, founder & CEO of oGoing, and author of WOW Product Guide here

Download the WOW Product Guide 

Vote for oGoing in Chase $250K Small Business Grant

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Chase $250K Small Business Grant - Vote for oGoing Now

Chase is giving $3 million to help 12 small businesses make it BIG 

oGoing wants to make it BIG and promote our small business community. We are passionate about business owners and entrepreneurs achieving their full potential and becoming successful! 

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Business Networking Redefined - Ogoing Social Network

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Get Real Leads on Ogoing Small Business Social Network Small Business Owners understand the real value of business networking. How many networking events do owners, startups, entrepreneurs and service providers attend to generate new leads? Many go to at least one networking event a month to meet and interact with new professionals, and learn what they do. When they are at the event, owners share what they do, find common points of interest, exchange business cards, and follow up! At large networking events or mixers, a master networker can make twenty-five to fifty new connections. Within a couple of days, a personal email is sent to the new contacts, and often, followed up with phone calls asking for a face-to-face meeting. On an average, out of the fifty new prospects one makes at the networking mixer, five to ten prospects would become leads, and agree to follow up meetings. After the follow up meetings, one or two contacts will finally convert and become a new client. It could take three to four meetings before the client commits. In essense, from the fifty new contacts made at a networking event, a really good networker can generate one or two customers after active follow-up (around 2% conversion). Face-to-face business networking takes a lot of time, effort and follow-up interactions. There are no short cuts, and there are no two ways about it!

Online Business Networking

Is there an online platform available wherein small business owners can connect with thousands of new businesses, generate new prospects, and obtain qualified leads quickly? Can this online social and business network help accelerate sales and grow your business faster?

Ogoing Small Business Social Network

Ogoing, nation's leading social network for small business, offers the most innovative platform to small business owners and service providers. Ogoing powers online business networking, social networking and social media marketing. Ogoing is the best platform to market your small business, network and share with thousands of owners, and generate new qualified leads.

Beautiful Profile

How does a business go about connecting online on Ogoing, and generating real leads? Just like face-to-face networking wherein the networker puts on a great smile and shares the best elevator speech, small businesses on Ogoing should first create an attractive business profile. Think of your Ogoing profile as your online business card or your store front! It must look amazing! If you don't have time, Ogoing can help create a great profile for you.

What's going on?

After setting up a beautiful profile, next step involves sharing what's going on at your business across various categories - offers, needs, products, services, news and events! For instance, do you have a timely deal to share with the community? What is your most pressing business need? Are you launching a new product or service that you want to talk about? How about an interesting article or best practice that can benefit your customers? Finally, are you hosting or going to an event to network and connect? More "what's going on" updates an owner shares, better the visibility they get on the Ogoing social network and the Internet, and greater the interest your profile will generate from community members and prospects.

New connections

It's time now to make new connections! After setting up a great profile and sharing frequent updates, Ogoing provides you the best platform to connect with new business contacts. Just go to Find Business after you login, and begin searching for your ideal prospects or future clients. For instance, what industry category would they belong to? Are you looking for local or national contacts? Should you care whether the contacts you find are active or less active on Ogoing? Ogoing gives you all the contacts prioritized by their profile completeness, number of following users, number of followers and updates. So you can be rest assured that the contacts that Ogoing shows you first are in all likelihood the most active Ogoing members.

Connections to Leads

Once you research and find the perfect business contacts, you must begin following them. Connect with as few or as many businesses you want. Ogoing does not restrict as to how many businesses you connect to. Once you connect, go ahead and mention these businesses on Ogoing. Learn more about them, and Promote them to the community and on various social networks! In essence, engage with your potential contacts. The more you engage with them, the more they would be interested in what's going on with you, and connect back with you. When the contacts you follow on Ogoing connect back with you, that's when you have a qualified lead! Now, it's your turn to goad this contact into a face-to-face or an online meeting. Did you know that Ogoing provides a built-in messaging system wherein you can send short emails to your contacts? Not only that, Ogoing provides email address of every member! Just go to the member profile page and click on View email address. Ogoing makes it very easy for you to add real business contacts to your database, and help them convert to qualified leads.

Did you know that many active Ogoing small business profiles get first page ranking on Google, Bing, Yahoo and major search engines? 

In summary, Ogoing is the most innovative online platform for:

1. Small business marketing
2. Small business networking and 
3. Small business lead generation


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