Gin Rummy Association : Live Gin Rummy Tournaments

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Gin Rummy Association

How do you bring back a classic and make it better?

Gin Rummy, or simply gin, is a multi player card game created in 1909 by Elwood T. Baker and his son C. Graham Baker. Gin was a wildly popular game in the U.S., and is now coming back! Key reason for the revival has to do with the vision and hard work of John Hainline, and his wife and partner Lily Ann. John is considered as one of the best Gin Rummy players of all time! Gin Rummy Association is an Ogoing Pro member small business! I had the opportunity to interview John and Lily Ann about their amazing journey together:

1. What led you to start Gin Rummy Association? How is the progress?
Prior to starting the Gin Rummy Association, John played in most all of the Gin Rummy Tournaments across the country. In 1999 he gave an interview that was published in the Cigar Aficionado: The Gin Mill | Good Life Guide | Cigar Aficionado  Winner of more than 20 tournaments, and consistently in the top 10 of most events. John, with his wife and partner Lily Ann, decided to dedicate themselves to creating a new level of tournament excellence. Now with gin rummy being played on the Internet, and more and more players getting introduced to the game, John and Lily Ann felt the time was right to bring to the game and gin rummy tournaments a new era of excellence. The World Series of Gin Rummy™ has been approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office to Lily Ann and John Hainline.

2. What are your key products and services? What are the benefits?
We launched the live Gin Rummy Tournaments. The format for the tournaments allows participants to compete in partnership and singles events. A player can choose either or both venues depending on their preference. There also are clear directions for making the finals. In the partnership tournament, a team must win 4 or 5 games to be in the finals. For the Singles Tournament, a person must win 10 out of the 16 games to make the finals.
3. Why do customers love Gin Rummy? Can you share a customer story?
Most gin rummy players have been playing for years and starting when they were quite young. The game was a favorite being played around the kitchen table with parents and grandparents. Gin Rummy is very popular in that it requires some skill and knowledge. According to Steve Cloud, a gin rummy player, unlike poker, a hand of gin can start out with 10 unrelated cards and in the course of drawing and discarding, one can manage to make a gin hand. The beauty lies in the strategy.

4. What are the values that drive your business forward?
John, with his wife and partner Lily Ann, decided to dedicate themselves to creating a new level of tournament excellence.

5. How do you define success within your company?
Success is measured by the number of Gin Rummy tournaments continuing to be held in Las Vegas.
What three tips would you like to offer entrepreneurs and owners?
1. Be consistent with Procedures in running tournaments.
2. Listen to comments from members of the Association.
3. Always consider what the majority of participants request.
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The Annual Holiday Classic Gin Rummy tournament is coming up on November 11 at Bally's Las Vegas. Interested in going? Go here to learn more

Lily Ann and John Hainline
The Gin Rummy Association
78204 Brookhaven Lane
Palm Desert , CA 92211
Tel: 760-200-9932
Toll Free: 1-888-786-6910
Web Site:

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