Having A Mobile Pet Grooming Business in Orange County, California

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Mobile Pet Grooming is so convenient  

The world is going mobile. There are mobile computers, mobile video and of course, the mobile phone. But what about mobile pet grooming business? This business could end up exploding somewhere along the way. 

There are some useful platforms like oGoing to promote your mobile pet grooming start-up. It's not easy running your own business. It is good to know the requirements on license and zoning laws in your local county or city. If you are a mobile pet groomer, you will need to own a mobile grooming unit, and all of the equipment and tools associated with pet grooming. This is not an insignificant investment.

Serious about mobile pet grooming? You will need experience working with pets, get certified as a groomer, open a business as a LLC or solo owner (ask your accountant), contact the local city for any requirements, purchase business insurance and vehicle insurance, obtain mobile vehicle and equipment for grooming (this could include electrical outlets, generator, lighting, grooming tables, running water, and bathtub, besides grooming tools such as clippers, scissors, shears, shampoos, brushes, blow dryers, nail clippers, ear cleaning products, bandanas, and bows), decide where you will be offering your services, create a reasonable pricing model, and finally set aside some money for marketing. 

People are always in a hurry and they don’t want to be hassled with taking their pets to the local groomer. Grooming salons are beginning to see the crunch as sales begin to drop, even forcing possible closure. Mobile pet grooming is one of the key reasons. With a single phone call, the mobile pet groomer will arrive at a customer's doorstep to groom their pet in the comfort of their own home, or right outside. Pet owners love this because it offers:

· Convenience

· A way to combat high gas prices

· No stress from having to sit in traffic

· Less embarrassment from misbehaving pets

Need help promoting your mobile pet grooming business? Join oGoing and get found by your customers, connect, share and grow your sales.

Decide When to Thrive with NatraGood

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Decide When to Thrive with NatraGood and Karen Betts

Have you become a NatraGood member and has it changed your life? 

You decide when to thrive. 

NatraGood Members enjoy the nutritional benefits from their health products and as they experience results such as increased energy, weight loss and an overall sense of well being, sharing their stories becomes a way of life. 

Do you feel good?
NatraGood's Healthy Rewards Program is built around the philosophy of Members helping others reach their nutritional goals and feel NatraGood™. Their members have the opportunity to build their own truly successful and fulfilling home based business using their long term and loyal Customer focused model. 

Experiences that matter.
NatraGood team of Leaders understand the best way to build a solid and successful foundation for business is to focus on sharing experiences with potential customers first. Interestingly (and not surprisingly), they have a family oriented culture that crosses their entire organization and their Members share in bonus pools created by Company-wide revenue and each can benefit from Corporate Sponsored Advertising. 

Real Business Opportunity.
NatraGood is confident in this amazing Business Opportunity creating both health and wealth for all Members who take advantage of our offerings. 

Learn more about this unique business opportunity.

Contact Karen Betts if you have questions: (909) 240-2049 email: healthyrewards124@yahoo.com

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