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Jim Froling is President of (949) Local, an Orange County-based business that is committed to helping local businesses and professionals successful in building a strong online presence. His commitment to helping other professionals utilize the Internet in order to market themselves in more successful ways.

1. Can you tell us about you and your business?

(949) Local is an online marketing agency that helps small and medium businesses maximize their visibility in local search.  This entails both local organic, "on the map" of a search engine result for relevant queries from users looking for the services of our clients as well as "Sponsored Links", or Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to gain them visibility outside of their immediate area and/or in searches where they normally do not get first page ranking for a variety of reasons.  We also manage client's online reputation by procuring positive reviews from satisfied customers and effectively deal with the occasional dissatisfied customer.

2. How is your business doing? 

Our business has grown significantly, especially in the past year.  Most of our new business now comes from the referrals from satisfied clients, which is a source of great appreciation for us.  It tells us that we must be doing something right.

3. What gets you going?

Our client's progress and success.  The fruits of our efforts can take time to ripen but to see steady progress in their organic search ranking is a "rush".  To hear them tell us that they have new customers from our efforts is a thrill.  Knowing that we are improving their business, enhancing their lives and those of their families and employees is very gratifying.

4. What are your 2013-2014 goals? Did you kill them?

As our business and client count has increased, the demands upon our company infrastructure have increased as well.  We need to add dedicated and determined teammates to help provide our clients with the service that they expect and deserve.

5. What are your biggest challenges?

This past year has, and continues to present significant changes in the way Internet search engines (and Google in particular) deal with local businesses.  This isn't your older brother's Internet anymore.  Staying abreast of the constant changes, opportunities and pitfalls is very time consuming and sometimes frustrating.

6. How do you find new customers, or how do customers find you?

We find new clients primarily through offline networking events in the area.  New clients find us through referrals from present clients and our online networking, including our participation in the oGoing communities.

7. Do you have any tips to share with our readers?

The days of "gaming" or tricking search engines are over.  Now the secret to high ranking in search is all about creating a positive experience for the customer.  On your website and in your daily interaction with customers.  Content and quality are the key drivers.  So, the best advice for improving your ranking and your business overall is to strive to provide your customer with the best possible experience.  Engage with them.  Share with them.  Listen and respond to them.  Do this with genuine regard for them and your success will be a natural byproduct. 

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oGoing Interview - Manny Lopez of Brightside Advertising

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Manny Lopez, President & Founder of Brightside AdvertisingWhat's the definition of a passionate entrepreneur? Meet Manny Lopez, Founder & CEO of Brightside Advertising. I have met Manny a few times, and every time I see him, he exudes cool confidence of a seasoned businessman, and an infectious enthusiasm about his work and life. When I introduced oGoing Pro membership for small business, Manny was the first owner that called me on the same day, and signed up as a new member! When Manny sees new opportunities for his business, he seizes them immediately! I was fortunate to catch Manny this week to answer a few questions, and he provided insightful responses. Read on...

1. What led you to start Brightside Advertising? How is the progress?

I had a background in SEO after years of promoting different forms of advertising (print, mailers, TV, radio, etc.) and what I saw most was my clients wanted more word of mouth business. It was the most profitable, and provided the best form of advertising. I saw Facebook as the perfect opportunity to help businesses capitalize on that market. Thus, Brightside Advertising was born. 

2. What are your products and services? What problems do they solve?

We have many forms of online marketing which I will outline which each problem they solve:

Facebook Websites:
Our Facebook Websites allow companies to really brand themselves on the biggest website in the world where everything is connected. It's basically a website on steroids! We give you the branding and function of a normal website, with the viral marketing aspect of social media where every interaction creates a story that is shared with their network of friends to help generate more referrals and repeat business. 

Mobile Website Apps:
Our mobile website apps allow our clients to not only mobilize their website, but they are downloadable to any smartphone as an app for iPhone, Android, Windows, and Blackberry. They give our clients functions like: 1-touch click to call, maps / directions to their locations, lead capture, appointment setting, social media integration, plus dozens of other features all from a mobile device. 

Online Video Ads:
Video marketing is one of the fastest growing forms of marketing out there. With our online video ads, our clients can reach out to consumers in a short 1 minute to minute and a half video that outlines their products and services with professional voiceover, background music, animated transitions and backgrounds and full of content like text, pictures, and video clips. 

Our "Reach & Presence" program:
We have 2 different programs for online marketing with your brand, Presence & Reach. Presence allows us to get a company started online by building them a website that's SEO optimized and helping them build a brand that is unique to theirs. Our Reach program is for companies that already have an established online presence and is looking for more exposure which we help by the way of website citations and display advertising. 

Mobile Banner Ads:
Once a company has got a mobile website from us and wants to drive more traffic than is already coming, we have our mobile banners ads that can help. It's a cost per click basis which allows our clients to only have to pay for engaged users of their brand instead paying for people just to see and hope they take action. And at 1-10 cents per click, it's THE most cost effective approach to driving traffic to your business. 

3. What is your favorite customer success story? 

We've helped over 250 businesses develop true online branding with our products and services over the past 2 years and we've had tons of success stories between that time, but if I was to choose one that really stood out, I would have to say 7 Day Dental. When they started with us, they had nothing on social media or mobile as a way of marketing their brand. We helped grow all 4 of their Southern California locations with Facebook Websites and Mobile Apps. We taught them how to ask for recommendations and referrals from their existing clients and have grown their business extensively over the past year and half they have been with us. They are constantly getting new likes and referrals along with daily recommendations on their Facebook pages without having to spend any money in Facebook Ads to help drive new traffic. 

We started asking for recommendations this year, and check-ins and so far, they've had anywhere between 400-500 check-ins on each of their Facebook pages along with close to 500 likes in each page as well. Without spending $1 in advertising, that is a great success. 

4. Why do customers love Brightside? What makes you different?

Customers love Brightside because in everything we do, we make the customer satisfaction our #1 priority. Everything we do is on a month to month basis, we don't lock anyone into a long term contract. So each month, we have to prove to you why we earned your business and I think that is the only way we can make sure we see 100% effort in anything we do. I come from a background where customer service is the key to success and if you are just there to make the quick buck, you'll always lose.

What makes us different is not only our pricing, but the level of customer support they receive for the price they pay. My customers always tell me how we should be charging more than what we do for what they get. A lot of people are suprised at how low we charge. I also give my direct cell phone number to each of my clients so they have multiple ways to get in touch with me should they ever have any questions about utilizing our services. 

5. How do you define success within your company?

I define success with my company not by the amount of clients we sign up or how much money we make, but by how many of our clients stick with us for the long haul. Most of our products come with a monthly service fee to cover updates, training, and monthly service and my goal is to maintain at least a 95% retention rate with my customers. Currently, we are at 92%. Some may see that as success but I will always strive to do better then yesterday. Once we hit 95%, I will keep raising the bar. Brightside Advertising will become a household name. That's the ultimate goal and we will always strive to give additional value to the customers we have now and the future. 

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Brightside Advertising
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