Exclusive Business Owners Roundtable | Growing Your Business On Facebook

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How Facebook Helps Grow My Business | Exclusive Business Owners Roundtable

oGoing Social Media Marketing

Are you using Facebook Pages, Groups, Advertising and personal Connections to market and grow your brand and business? Who was the most recent customer that you signed up through Facebook?

Our Main Topic

How To Find Customers On Facebook

 "Businesses of every kind are marketing on Facebook to get discovered, provide information, capture attention, show off products, collect leads and boost sales, both on the desktop and mobile." - Facebook's marketing

Using Facebook Pages, Groups, Advertising and Connections, business owners can build local presence, and put their business where their local customers are. Business owners can further drive discovery, and get people exploring their products and services online or in person. Marketers can also create awareness, and find new customers by letting people know who they are and what they do.

The Big Question

Can Facebook help small businesses generate real leads, boost sales and and earn loyalty?

Marketers love Facebook, but how about Business Owners?

Get Answers to these Five Questions:

1. How do you track shares by your Fans and is this even Important?
2. How do you use Facebook to drive Referral Traffic to your Website?
3. How does a Facebook Contest get me leads?
4. How do you use Facebook to understand and service your Customers?
5. How do you use Facebook Ads to Drive Sales? (how businesses have seen over 100% ROI?)

Come to this Business Owners Roundtable on March 8 evening to learn and share best practices and tips on Facebook and Finding Real Customers.

Business owners will share their stories of what's working and what's not on Facebook.

We will go under the hood, and check out kickass Facebook Business Pages that engage customers and attract new business.

Business Owners Roundtable Location

Real Office Centers, The VineOC
Large Hall In The Back
5151 California Avenue, Suite 100
Irvine, CA 92617

Date and Time

Wednesday March 8 from 6 pm to 8 pm

Come prepared to network, share and learn (and have a good time)!

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Our Sub Topic

Get To Know oGoing

We will also share knowhow on oGoing.com local business network to share your story, get found online, boost your SEO and attract new customers.

oGoing - What's going on?

Roundtable Schedule 

6 pm to 6:30 pm - Introductions and Networking

6:30 pm to 7:30 pm - The Roundtable

7:30 pm to 8:00 pm - Follow up and Networking

Sign Up as regular professionals and oGoing will donate $5 to Olive Crest in Orange County, helping prevent child abuse, to treating and educating at-risk children, and to preserving the family.

Thank You ROC for your hospitality!

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oGoing Interview - Manny Lopez of Brightside Advertising

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Manny Lopez, President & Founder of Brightside AdvertisingWhat's the definition of a passionate entrepreneur? Meet Manny Lopez, Founder & CEO of Brightside Advertising. I have met Manny a few times, and every time I see him, he exudes cool confidence of a seasoned businessman, and an infectious enthusiasm about his work and life. When I introduced oGoing Pro membership for small business, Manny was the first owner that called me on the same day, and signed up as a new member! When Manny sees new opportunities for his business, he seizes them immediately! I was fortunate to catch Manny this week to answer a few questions, and he provided insightful responses. Read on...

1. What led you to start Brightside Advertising? How is the progress?

I had a background in SEO after years of promoting different forms of advertising (print, mailers, TV, radio, etc.) and what I saw most was my clients wanted more word of mouth business. It was the most profitable, and provided the best form of advertising. I saw Facebook as the perfect opportunity to help businesses capitalize on that market. Thus, Brightside Advertising was born. 

2. What are your products and services? What problems do they solve?

We have many forms of online marketing which I will outline which each problem they solve:

Facebook Websites:
Our Facebook Websites allow companies to really brand themselves on the biggest website in the world where everything is connected. It's basically a website on steroids! We give you the branding and function of a normal website, with the viral marketing aspect of social media where every interaction creates a story that is shared with their network of friends to help generate more referrals and repeat business. 

Mobile Website Apps:
Our mobile website apps allow our clients to not only mobilize their website, but they are downloadable to any smartphone as an app for iPhone, Android, Windows, and Blackberry. They give our clients functions like: 1-touch click to call, maps / directions to their locations, lead capture, appointment setting, social media integration, plus dozens of other features all from a mobile device. 

Online Video Ads:
Video marketing is one of the fastest growing forms of marketing out there. With our online video ads, our clients can reach out to consumers in a short 1 minute to minute and a half video that outlines their products and services with professional voiceover, background music, animated transitions and backgrounds and full of content like text, pictures, and video clips. 

Our "Reach & Presence" program:
We have 2 different programs for online marketing with your brand, Presence & Reach. Presence allows us to get a company started online by building them a website that's SEO optimized and helping them build a brand that is unique to theirs. Our Reach program is for companies that already have an established online presence and is looking for more exposure which we help by the way of website citations and display advertising. 

Mobile Banner Ads:
Once a company has got a mobile website from us and wants to drive more traffic than is already coming, we have our mobile banners ads that can help. It's a cost per click basis which allows our clients to only have to pay for engaged users of their brand instead paying for people just to see and hope they take action. And at 1-10 cents per click, it's THE most cost effective approach to driving traffic to your business. 

3. What is your favorite customer success story? 

We've helped over 250 businesses develop true online branding with our products and services over the past 2 years and we've had tons of success stories between that time, but if I was to choose one that really stood out, I would have to say 7 Day Dental. When they started with us, they had nothing on social media or mobile as a way of marketing their brand. We helped grow all 4 of their Southern California locations with Facebook Websites and Mobile Apps. We taught them how to ask for recommendations and referrals from their existing clients and have grown their business extensively over the past year and half they have been with us. They are constantly getting new likes and referrals along with daily recommendations on their Facebook pages without having to spend any money in Facebook Ads to help drive new traffic. 

We started asking for recommendations this year, and check-ins and so far, they've had anywhere between 400-500 check-ins on each of their Facebook pages along with close to 500 likes in each page as well. Without spending $1 in advertising, that is a great success. 

4. Why do customers love Brightside? What makes you different?

Customers love Brightside because in everything we do, we make the customer satisfaction our #1 priority. Everything we do is on a month to month basis, we don't lock anyone into a long term contract. So each month, we have to prove to you why we earned your business and I think that is the only way we can make sure we see 100% effort in anything we do. I come from a background where customer service is the key to success and if you are just there to make the quick buck, you'll always lose.

What makes us different is not only our pricing, but the level of customer support they receive for the price they pay. My customers always tell me how we should be charging more than what we do for what they get. A lot of people are suprised at how low we charge. I also give my direct cell phone number to each of my clients so they have multiple ways to get in touch with me should they ever have any questions about utilizing our services. 

5. How do you define success within your company?

I define success with my company not by the amount of clients we sign up or how much money we make, but by how many of our clients stick with us for the long haul. Most of our products come with a monthly service fee to cover updates, training, and monthly service and my goal is to maintain at least a 95% retention rate with my customers. Currently, we are at 92%. Some may see that as success but I will always strive to do better then yesterday. Once we hit 95%, I will keep raising the bar. Brightside Advertising will become a household name. That's the ultimate goal and we will always strive to give additional value to the customers we have now and the future. 

Connect with Brightside Advertising on oGoing today! They also have great offers for oGoing members.

Brightside logo

Manny Lopez

Founder & CEO
Brightside Advertising
Direct: 714-603-1114

Using Social Networking for Marketing Your Small Business

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By now, you must be familiar with the many benefits of online social networking for small business marketing. But if this is your first time to venture into the world of social media marketing, here are some suggestions to effectively harness social networking sites to build your brand and promote your business.

  1. Use social networking sites to familiarize people with your area of expertise and create interest in your business. For example, if you are starting a software company, you can post videos on your Facebook wall offering tips and troubleshooting advice on commonly-encountered PC problems.
  2. Build relationships with your customers by maintaining conversations with them. One of the most essential social networking for business marketing techniques is engaging with your customers, and one of the ways you can do that is by using your Facebook wall or Twitter account to solicit feedback from them about your products or customer service, and then responding promptly and directly to any concerns that may be raised.
  3. Use social media to target a specific customer base. Sites such as Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn allow you to create ads that are targeted to particular user groups, i.e. college students or business professionals, based on their profiles. You can use this social networking for small business strategy to boost sales by promoting your services to people who are genuinely interested in availing of them.
  4. Use social networking sites to run promotions that will not only get new customers to sample your products but also reward loyal customers by giving them discounts. For example, you can use your Facebook Fan page to offer printable coupons that can be redeemed for discounts or Tweet your followers about an upcoming sale.
  5. Use your Facebook and Google+ pages to make customers more connected to the company by posting greetings and company updates directly from you. Customers will appreciate hearing from you about what the company is doing to improve its products as well as the latest updates on its activities.

If you have not yet established a presence in a social networking site, why not start by signing up for an account with oGoing? oGoing is an easy-to-use social networking site that allows you to build a unique online profile for your small business, as well as establish links, not only with your customers but also with employees, colleagues and other oGoing community members. And if you already have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can easily incorporate your oGoing account into your overall social networking for business strategy since oGoing fully integrates with these sites. oGoing promotes your products and services for free, finds new customers and accelerates online sales. Get your business going on oGoing today! Join now

Interview with Sanjay Dalal, CEO of Ogoing : Young Entrepreneur

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Sanjay Dalal, June 2011What’s the definition of a serial entrepreneur? If you look it up in the dictionary you might just see a picture of Sanjay Dalal, the subject of today’s interview. Sanjay is the founder and CEO of Ogoing, a social network exclusively for businesses.

Prior to starting his current venture, Sanjay founded the India Business Network, a network dedicated to helping companies in India do business around the world. He also founded Bharat Market, an online shopping network for Indian made goods. On top of all that, Sanjay has a consulting services company, called InnovationMain.com, and he’s authored more than 350 articles on the state of innovation in business as well as an eBook on innovation that has been used by more than 650 corporations and organizations worldwide. Some of the companies that have implemented his recommendations are HP, Pepsi, Hallmark, Best Buy, UC Irvine, Nokia, and more.

With a plate as full as Sanjay’s, we were lucky to catch him long enough to answer a few interview questions, and the interview is below. Enjoy!

Complete Interview

Ogoing Social Media Services

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Ogoing.com is an exclusive small business social network. We help promote your business, build online visibility, attract new customers and jump start sales. Go here to sign-up on Ogoing : Join Now

Ogoing offers three service plans to get your business going:
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